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Faces may change, but the Valley Journal will carry on

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Change happens, whether you plan for it or not.

And I never thought I’d be planning around this kind of change.

At the end of June, I’ll be leaving the Valley Journal. It’s not going to be a joyful occasion for me. As a matter of fact, my last day at work might be the roughest I’ve known. But I believe it’s best for me and for the newspaper.

Gearing up for a final editorial is not an enjoyable process. I’d actually prefer to slip quietly into oblivion. But I’ve come to realize that would lead to some wrong impressions and innumerable rumors that have little to do with fact. 

I’d like to avoid both.

I haven’t been pushed out or ticked off or worn out or fed up. The reason I am leaving is because I believe it’s simply the right thing to do. 

Summer and Boone Goddard have been wonderful partners to build a business with, but we simply have different philosophies on how to run the business. Though everyone learns to compromise in a partnership, I believe equal partners need to agree on fundamental core issues. They need to have the same vision for success and agree on how to get there. Otherwise, the business heads in a direction that isn’t fully supported.

That’s where I’ve found myself and that’s why I’ve decided it’s best for all concerned if I move on. 

That doesn’t mean, however, that I care any less for the remaining partners or the staff of the Journal. In fact, the wonderful relationships we’ve enjoyed at the Journal will remain the most prominent, cherished memory I will take with me. 

It’s not easy to leave a group of caring, passionate and committed people like we have at the Journal. The people at the Journal aren’t just coworkers and partners, they’re second family to me. So it is especially difficult to imagine not working side by side with them every day. 

But leaving the Journal is the right thing for me and, I believe, for the newspaper. And, clearly, the Valley Journal has a bright future ahead of it, regardless of whether I’m a part of it. 

Some people wrongly believe that I am the Valley Journal or give me way too much credit for its success. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am certainly one of the contributors at the Journal, but our success has always been a team effort, one that unfortunately cannot be fully appreciated outside of our building. 

What personal success I have achieved is dwarfed by the honorable, committed and passionate effort put forth by the members of our Valley Journal family day in and day out. Their accomplishments — consistently driven by significant pressure of deadline — mark the true success of our newspaper.

Change doesn’t have to be a bad thing, either. I trust Summer and Boone are searching far and wide to find just the right person to come in and fill the role of editor, someone who can match the benchmark of dedication and professionalism that this staff has set and you, as readers, richly deserve. I hope you will join me in continuing to read and support the Valley Journal as the staff continues to do their very best to provide our valley quality community journalism in a newspaper we can all be proud of. 

Though I’m not sure what my next job will be, I don’t intend on going anywhere. I’ll still be a neighbor and school board member and volunteer firefighter. I might even get a chance to catch up on some of those long-overdue chores or take a few swings with the golf club. A trip to visit my beautiful grandsons is also on the to-do list. 

But I can assure you that I am not retiring. 

I honestly thought I would finish my working career as this newspaper’s editor. It didn’t work out that way, but it sure doesn’t take away any of the fun I’ve had along the way.

I can honestly say I woke up every morning over the past six years excited about coming to work. I loved being a part of this newspaper and especially connecting with our community every single day. 

And I’m looking forward to finding another opportunity that will be just as rewarding.

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