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Farm programs are federal

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Here’s the rest of the story:

If you go to the federal website you will see that the owner of Twin Creek Ranch lives in Lake County. Many of our friends and neighbors own businesses and property in places other than Lake County. I have owned property here since 1981, and I live here.

If you go to that website you’ll see that Twin Creek Ranch received money for disaster subsidies. It doesn’t mention that the disaster insurance paid by the ranch was far more than money received. Over the last 14 years half of the money the ranch received was from CRP, the conservation reserve program.

Farm and ranch business is often difficult for city dwellers to understand. Please call me at 849-6096, or any of your friends or family in agriculture, and ask them.

Is the implication in last week’s letter to the editor that I would vote for self-interest? I never have and never will. The farm programs are federal. Contact Senators Baucus and Tester. They not only vote for the programs, but their families have agriculture in Montana.

Janna Taylor


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