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Stop pointing fingers over oil spill

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I’m writing a parable. The setting is a press conference in the White House.

A questioner asks, “Mr. President, we are hearing all manner of reactions to the oil spill in the gulf. There is finger pointing in every direction. Your administration is being accused of this and that. People are in fear of losing their livelihoods in the New Orleans area.  Many experts’ accusations of bungling seem endless. Why isn’t something effective being done? Where is the leadership in all this? What have you to say?”

The president responds:

“I fully appreciate everyone’s concerns, and I too feel the great frustration everyone is experiencing. As your president, I consider it my duty to be able to lead from strength rather than fear. This means a leadership able to address the overall root causes of our problems, be they oil spills, bail outs or immigration problems, and address them while at the same time dealing energetically and thoughtfully with every issue which presents itself.

“The reason I ran for this office was because I want to be a catalyst for change in the attitudes and motivations which presently drive our nation. We are a nation obsessed with greed, fear, and selfishness. This must change.

“Regarding the oil spill, just look at the finger pointing, the revelations, the hearings, the cover-ups, the lies and the occasional admissions of guilt. The basic problem is clearly defined. What is the solution? Is it a mystery? Does it take some legislative action? How do you legislate honesty, integrity, working with, listening to and caring for others?

“So, in answer to your question, each of us must look within. Look within, America, at your own attitudes and what motivates you, what your beliefs are, what you are teaching your children. It is only through a change in attitudes and motivations that our problems will be solved, personally or nationally. Otherwise, greed, fear and anger will simply continue to produce problems in other forms down the road.”

Bob McClellan


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