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Doyle deserves sheriff vote

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Hello, this is past Lake County Sheriff/Coroner Bill Baron and I am writing this letter in strong support of Jay Doyle for Lake County Sheriff/Coroner. 

During my long law enforcement career I have met and worked with many outstanding men and women. In the 14 years I have known and worked with Doyle, he has proven himself to be one of the most outstanding.

Doyle is an honest, dedicated, hard-working officer that truly cares about the residents of Lake County. 

We have candidates running that didn’t know Lake County is a Sheriff Office, not a Sheriff Department, nor did they know the differences between the two. 

It is imperative that your sheriff completely understands the office, the power and the responsibility that comes with it. This is not an “I” office, this is a “we” office and it’s “the people’s” office. Doyle is the only candidate that understands this. 

He worked under three sheriffs and one chief of police. He learned things in the four differing leadership styles that will assist him in his leadership as your next sheriff, and he is the only Republican candidate that is a certified coroner. 

I was your Sheriff/Coroner for two terms. I know how difficult this position is, and how important it is to put the right individual in this office. We had some of the biggest cases in Lake County and Doyle led many of them himself or was an active part of the command staff in others. When I gave him a job to do, I knew I could count on him to get it done and get it done right. Doyle is the right man for Lake County Sheriff. 

Doyle was born here, lived most of his life here, raised his family here, has a long career of professional service in the Sheriff Office, and has a one-, five-, and ten-year plan for the office. 

Your interaction with the Sheriff Office could affect the rest of your families’ lives. We want a sheriff with experience, common sense and compassion. 

William D. Barron


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