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Brower is best candidate

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I’m writing in regards to Ann Smith Brower. I have had the honor to work with Brower for several years now in Search and Rescue, Project Kid Care and grant writing. I am truly impressed with her level of professionalism that she has brought to the table during this campaign and with all her endeavors. When dealing with the public and holding a public office I believe this is a very important trait to carry. 

She is straightforward, answers questions people have and if she doesn’t have the answer she searches and checks resources until she finds the answer.

I feel that Ann will be the candidate that is best suited for the Lake County Commissioner position. She is factual and truly has Lake County’s best interests at heart. 

Ann is interested in all areas of the County and not one ticket item. She wants to keep a working relationship with the Tribe and respects the values they hold. She is polite and professional and always has time to discuss any topic. She strives to bring improvements on technology (computers) and bring organization into the Commissioner’s office. I believe Ann will work hard to keep our county a place to be proud of.

Ann has had many years of county and city government experience that the other candidates don’t have and that should be greatly valued and considered when voting for her. My vote will be with Ann Brower on June 8; I suggest you do the same.

Tara Carvey

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