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First of all, I want to say congratulations to Saint Ignatius High School Junior Spencer Horn for claiming the state’s singles tennis crown for MHZ. Way to go Spencer. 

Now I would like to say congratulations to the girls softball team for making it all the way to divisional. Your classmates, school, fans, and parents are all very proud of you all. To the boys and girls basketball teams, to the girls volleyball team for going to divisional as well, and to the football team your fans, family, classmates, and your school are all very proud of each and every one of you for an extraordinary season during the school year. 

To the 38 graduates of Mission High School class of 2010, congratulations on your achievement of graduating from high school. Now you will graduate, enjoy the freedom, hang out with your friends, and enjoy your summer vacation. 

Then after all is done some will go to college, and some will join the military. So whatever and wherever your future takes you, just remember how hard you all worked so hard to get this far. So I say go out and enjoy life. I also say congratulations to the classes of 2010 at Mission, Arlee, Charlo, Ronan, Two Eagle River, and Polson High Schools way to go.

Lynn Delecaris
St. Ignatius

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