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Brower right for County Commission

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I write to endorse the candidacy of Ann Smith Brower to the Lake County Commission.

Most of my close observation of Ann Smith Brower has been in her capacity as a Ronan City Council member. In that role she has been consistently caring and conscientious. Elected office involves having to make hard choices, and in this county most particularly in the areas of land use and budget. Ann has, in my view, been able and willing to step to the plate when hard choices are necessary. She has clear vision, a level head, hears what the people have to say and makes her own choices. She takes counsel of opposing views, eschews drama, grinds no personal axes and has sought only the public good. In my mind that’s a good resume for an elected person.

Your alternatives are unknown to me. None of their campaigns have contacted me to seek or discuss my own views about county government and what they may have to offer. I assume they are men of integrity. I offer no criticism of their persons or platforms.

I think Lake County voters may have reservations about a woman in the County Commission. And Ann is a relatively young woman, yet wisdom is not reserved for only men or those with gray hairs. 

Odd as it may seem for a former Polson Pirate to support a former Ronan Maiden, it is my view that Ann Smith Brower is the best-qualified candidate for the coming vacancy on the Lake County Commission and I would urge my many friends in the community to take a serious look. 

James Raymond


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