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Father, son share stage at Aber Day Reunion Father, son share stage at Aber Day Reunion

POLSON – Sam Riddle grew up in New York City, but Montana is in his blood.  Riddle, who performed with his father Steve at last Saturday’s Aber Day Reunion concert at the Regatta Shoreline Amphitheater, was born in Missoula but spent the first 13 years of his life in New York.  The Riddles summered in Polson, however, and that never left Sam.  “We’re definitely Montana boys,” Steve said, noting he and his wife Mary Ann have a cabin on the lake in Polson.   “When I was in New York City, people thought I was ‘super country,’” Sam said. “When I was in Montana, everybody thought I was from ‘the hoo...

Montana meth cleanup laws lag behind Montana meth cleanup laws lag behind

It was a perfect home for their growing family. James and Josephine Slack had purchased a small house in a rural neighborhood on Mill Road just north of Helena, Mont. The home had a big yard surrounded by mountains in the distance, ideal for the Slacks’ two young daughters and soon-to-be born son. ...

Veteran Spotlight Veteran Spotlight

In 1944, Jim Sivelle, a 17-year-old California high school senior, was sure he was going to be drafted. Because he had wanted to fly since he was eight years old, and to be sure he wouldn’t be drafted, he went to see an Army Air Corps recruiter to enlist. The recruiter said, “OK, but you have to ...

The Meth Effect The Meth Effect

The myth of meth is that following the crackdown on over-the-counter ingredients in 2005, things got better in Montana. But on the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation, people will tell you different. Here it never really went away.  “Getting high in your car in front of the store - that ain&rsqu...

Veteran Spotlight Veteran Spotlight

Sometimes a soldier finds a best friend in military service – Bill Hocker already had a best friend who went side by side with him into military service. From first grade, into college and then into WWII Bill and Phil did things together. Bill says in those early days nobody around Ronan had been ve...

Meth addict finds new hope in drug court Meth addict finds new hope in drug court

The courtroom exudes formality. An ornate chandelier looms in the space over Bella Dally. Above it is the intricately detailed ceiling of Judge John Larson’s court.  For Dally, this intimidating room with its gold columns and rich wood is a place where she feels welcomed and respected.  ...

Suicide prevention plan brought to community Suicide prevention plan brought to community

CHARLO – What do you say to a person experiencing suicidal thoughts? The National Council for Behavioral Health directed a grant to Lake County to fund a Mental Health First Aid class to help people answer that question.  The class was led by Nate Chute’s Foundation Director Joan Schmidt,...

Native American flute making a ‘labor of love’ for Kalispell-area man Native American flute making a ‘labor of love’ for Kalispell-area man

POLSON – What began as a hobby quickly turned into a labor of love and a business for David Webb. It all started when Webb, a native of the Black Hills of South Dakota, received three Native American flutes as a gift from a friend in July 2009. He bought a flute in Keystone, South Dakota, the next d...

Veteran Spotlight Veteran Spotlight

Jim is not sure why anyone would want to know stuff about his time in the military – it all happened so long ago. He didn’t think he had any stories to tell, but agreed to answer some questions about his time in the service. When asked if he was in the “Korean War” or the “Korea...

Drug courts offer addicts a path to get clean Drug courts offer addicts a path to get clean

Lauren Pope struggled with drug addiction for more than a decade.  In 2013, things were so bad that she thought getting arrested would be the only way to clean up, so she stole a bottle of Worcestershire sauce from a Rosauer’s in Missoula.  “I made sure that that security lady saw...


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