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Prevention Specialist speaks out against nicotine

Today marks the 35th anniversary of the Great American Smoke Out. Though the event has encouraged many tobacco users to quit the habit, every former smoker has followed their own path to cleaner lungs and a healthier life. Prevention Specialist for Western Montana Addiction Services Julia Roberts is hesitant to tell her story. She is the quintessential example of heath and healthy lifestyles, but she struggled to quit smoking for years.   Despite her affliction with asthma, Roberts snuck her mother’s cigarettes as an act of rebellion at age 13.  It wasn’t just the cigarettes she smoked, it was the friends she attracted and the lifestyle she chose that kept her...

VFW honors Women’s Army Corps veteran

RONAN — For Helen Smith, waiting to join the Women’s Army Corps at age 21 seemed like a lifetime of anticipation.  But after signing up and basic training on Daytona Beach, the native of St. Ignatius found herself an ocean away on the shores of Wales in the United Kingdom.  &ldquo...

Society offers haven for veterans, families

According to the United States Department of Defense, more Native Americans per capita have fought for their country than any other ethnic group. That also means there's a high percentage of veterans among Indians.  In tribal tradition, warriors returning from conflict were ceremoniously welcomed hom...

‘Gluten Free Mama’ publishes 2nd cookbook

POLSON — “Gluten-free Mama went from helping my little girl to helping people all around the country,” Rachel Carlyle said, smiling but looking slightly surprised. Carlyle is the original gluten-free mama and founder of a business by the same name. Since her daughter’s diagnosis wi...

Six steps help owners sell homes

In today’s flailing housing market, showing your home could be the make-it or break-it deal for perspective buyers. Here are some tips for making your home feel as homey to other families as it is to yours. 1. No nonsense, neutral colors. As your friend, I love the personality that comes out in y...

Simple dreams fulfilled by family-owned restaurant

RONAN — When Karen Joslin was first approached with the idea to run a restaurant in Ronan, she scoffed at the idea.  “No way. I ain’t (sic) moving to Ronan,” the native Californian exclaimed. In 2006 Joslin’s father and brother were visiting the Ronan area and spotted...

Go Melinda go

Montana should be proud, and the Mission Valley even prouder. Our own Melinda Owen, a 2003 Polson High School graduate, trains daily (six days a week) for the chance to represent the United States in the 2012 summer Olympic games.  She seeks to earn a place as one of three women pole-vaulters who ...

Quilting group retires after a century

RONAN — After nearly 100 years of sewing, mending and quilting for their families and for the community, the Sew and So group is about ready to throw in their pins and needles and give themselves a much deserved break.  For as long as anyone in the club can remember, the dozen or so ladies have...

Group publishes 'dream book' on Lake County schools

POLSON — “Lake County School History, Volume 1” has been a labor of love as will Volume 2. The book has required the hard work of many people and lots of time. Joyce Decker Wegner, who was the Lake County superintendent of schools for many years, is one of the co-authors and tireless worker...

Afternoons are for art

Eight pairs of eyes watched and eight pairs of ears listened to Edna Lemm as she explained the watercolor landscape the 9-to-14-year-old students would be painting on Oct. 14. Lemm, a local artist who teaches art classes for the after-school crowd, equipped each student with watercolor paper taped to a bo...

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