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Local author provides tips on how to ‘bite back’ when facing personal vampires

POLSON — “A vampire can’t just walk into your house and start sucking your blood. First, it has to be invited,” Claudia Cunningham read to a packed house at Page by Page Books on Sept. 17. Cunningham is the author of “Biting Back, A No-Nonsense, {No-Garlic} Guide to Facing the Personal Vampires in Your Life.” Cunningham was not talking about vampires with fangs who sleep in coffins during the daytime, wear capes and can be killed only by a stake through the heart or a silver bullet. On her blog, The Practical Vampire Slayer, Cunningham defined vampires. “What we’re talking about are the relationships that so many of us have with peopl...

Saddlemaker tools works of art

Welcome sunlight shines through the windows onto saddlemaker Jeff Morrow’s worktable covered with mysterious tools and heavy saddle leather.   Morrows’ business, called Shooting Star Saddlery, is named for the shy purple wildflowers he and his wife Joanne enjoy, since the flowers are a su...

Righetti discusses backcountry medicine

POLSON — Dr. Michael Righetti spoke to a packed lobby at St. Joseph Medical Center on Sept. 16 from 6 to 8 p.m. about backcountry medicine.  Righetti is a horseman, hiker and backpacker so he understands the need for a lightweight, emergency first aid kit.  For a first aid packing list ...

Emergency responders honor Ann Ross

POLSON — “They don’t make Ann Rosses any more,” Steve Stanley, Director of Lake County Office of Emergency Management said.  Stanley was part of the group honoring Ann Ross for her 20 years as a Red Cross volunteer before a Tribal Emergency Response Committee/Local Emergency P...

Musical family strikes community chord

RONAN — The Pettit family insist they’re ordinary people, but with just one look at their yard, it’s clear that that isn’t the case.  Vegetable and flower gardens fill the grassy area with every flower and vegetable that is able to grow in northwestern Montana. The perfectly-m...

MME introduces telemedicine to treat mentally ill

RONAN — At first, the flat screen television delivering telemedicine to patients served by Mission Mountain Enterprises elicits some unusual reactions.  One patient lifts his shirt to see his belly displayed back to him on the screen. Paranoia sets in for another, and the staff must attempt to ...

Fire lookout enjoys peaceful summer

Perched high on a ridge between the Mission and Jocko Valleys, she raises a pair of military-issue binoculars to her eyes and slowly turns, scanning the hillsides.  “Nothing new to report today,” she says, squinting into the sun. It’s a beautiful late summer day — especiall...

Peaceful gathering promotes harmony

It’s hard to imagine a more peaceful gathering than the one at the Ewam Garden of 1,000 Buddhas Saturday. As the global sounds of the Drum Brothers filled the air, prayer flags fluttered in the breeze and young and old reclined in the grass and danced in the sunshine, it was clear that the sixth annual...

Finishing touches put on Eagle Scout project

POLSON —Instead of dogs frisking, sniffing and jumping in the river at Travis Dolphin Dog Park on Sunday afternoon, a crew of Boy Scout rakers and shovelers were busy building paths.  Clay Frissell, Dylan McCrumb and Jake Raymond, all members of Scout Troop No. 1947, were completing work on the...

Pet dental care often overlooked

POLSON — Most people schedule teeth cleaning for themselves on a fairly regular basis, but the patient getting her teeth cleaned on Aug. 20 was Mika, a nine-year-old German wirehaired pointer mix. Spring McKee, D.V.M. and co-owner of VetCare Montana, cleaned, scraped and examined Mika’s teeth and...

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