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Exercise ball chairs improve posture, fitness

For administrative staff in the Polson School District, sitting at a desk could be a workout.  Since early March, several members of Polson High School’s and Cherry Valley Elementary’s office staff have been using exercise ball chairs in place of traditional office chairs. And they say it’s made a significant difference in the way they feel after sitting down all day. “You’re forced to sit upright, which kind of helps your core,” Cherry Valley secretary Debbie Gunlock said. “You don’t find yourself slouching.” As opposed to normal desk chairs, which are usually cushioned and encourage bad posture, exercise ball chairs requi...

Herbs may help with sleeplessness

It’s 3 a.m. and you’re awake, mind clicking off a list of all the things you have to do tomorrow. You worry about paying the mortgage and retirement. You hope your kids are happy and can find mates and work they love. You think about your family, and your heart overflows with love. You worry abou...

Lake County athletes find winter workout solutions despite chilly weather

It may be blue skies and warm weather now, but the onslaught of snow and cold is just around the corner.  And we all know what that means — excessive food consumption in conjunction with gloomy days and indoor activity could pack on the pounds.  New studies have also found that the lack...

Polson dance instructor encourages healthy minds, bodies

Even after a hip replacement surgery, Julia Roberts exudes health. She can’t help it.  It seeps out of her pores and into the life around her, and for Roberts, it’s as effortless as breathing. “For me being healthy is helping other people be happy,” Roberts said.  ...

Spice up summer with neighborhood block party

When Community Bank celebrated its centennial this year, it brought back a forgotten, but excellent tradition — the family-friendly, beloved block party.  Reminiscent of days filled with hide-and-seek, music, barbecue and baseball games lit by the fading summer sun, the summer block party is an...

Local man develops unique relationship with Ronan

RONAN — Most days Carl Lind’s cart is full of cans, as he pushes it around downtown Ronan. He stops here and there to talk to locals and to visit businesses, who save their cans for him. “He doesn’t ever know a stranger,” explains Teena Horshor. Horshor is the social servi...

Carcass show last step for 4-H market projects

Last week, 4-H club members washed and brushed and polished their steers, lambs and pigs so they’d look their best in market and showmanship classes and at the market sale.  This week it was time to view the animals in carcass form, since 4-H market animal projects go from the initial weigh-in ...

Putting for Paws provides food, litter for pets

POLSON — “Hopefully this will last a little while,” Lake County Sheriff Lucky Larson said, patting a big sack of dog food. The sack was just one of the 3,601 pounds of dog food, cat food, cat litter, dog biscuits and two ounces of dog brownies donated to the Mission Valley Animal Shelter...

Salish and Kootenai exhibit explores the worlds of human health and healing

Chances are slim to none that a person who is being wheeled down the hospital hallway en route to surgery is thinking about anything other than the surgical equipment that is about to invade his or her body tissues. Is this going to hurt? Did my physician get a good night’s rest? Will I be put under...

Festival blends wine, auctions with scenic view

 POLSON — About 200 wine fanciers enjoyed the beautiful views from the Polson Motorcoach Resort for the 26th annual Soroptimist Wine Festival on Aug. 16.  From 7 to 10 p.m., guests could choose from 36 different wines, fill their plates at the buffet and enjoy KC and the Valley Cats and th...


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