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Finley remembers Army, Air Force career

Octave Finley led the grand entry at the Two Eagle River Elders Week Powwow on May 27. But before Finley became War Dance Chief and before he was chaplain for the Veteran Warrior’s Society, he spent 20 years in the service. Finley was in the army from 1951-1952 serving in Seoul, Korea, and Japan. After he returned home to the Mission Valley, jobs were tough to find.  Finley said he said to himself, “I know where there’s a bed and meals.”  So Finley went back into the service, this time the Air Force, to Lackland Air Force Base for basic training and then on to Walker AFB. Finley said he worked with cars before he went in the military so maybe because ...

Silent Sal

Ever wonder what it would be like to run a marathon every day? Mike Ehredt can tell you. But he’d rather tell you why he runs.  Since May 1, the 49-year-old Army veteran has run more than 800 miles across the Northwest, alone and unsupported. His journey won’t be complete for another 3...

Gardening made easy for the beginner

Spring has sprung and it’s time for all those gardeners to whip out their shovels and start getting down and dirty in that flower bed.  But for some garden novices, the garden/gardener relationship is a bit more complex. We would like to start digging away at that flower bed full of weeds, but ...

Library seeks mil levy approval

RONAN — The Ronan City Library Board Chairman Frank Delgado approached the city council on Monday seeking a letter of understanding for a mill levy request. The library board is hoping to have the 20 mills approved by the city council by June 14, and plans to give detailed information about the mill le...

Military book to mark Memorial Day

DIXON — Eight years ago, Beverly Hamel received a phone call that started her on a journey through Lake County’s past.  An employee at the Missoula Public Library was on the other end of the line, and asked Hamel to take on a project along with some other volunteers. Hamel’s task wa...

Polson man pens adventure novel

David “Dave” Basta had a recurring dream about an airplane crash and a pilot ending up in an underground cavern. It was a good story so he wrote a novel about this dream and titled his book “The Underside of the Mountain.” Part of the appeal of this novel is that Basta is a pilot a...

New law for an old drug

When Montana legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes in 2004, only a handful of patients registered to be legal medical marijuana patients. But in the last few years that number has exploded from 800 people in 2008 to 12,000 registered patients so far this year. The numbers are staggering and leave the...

New law for an old drug

Montana's medical marijuana law allows patients to assign themselves caregivers — someone, 18 or older, "who agrees to take responsibility for managing the wellbeing of a person with respect to the medical use of marijuana." In this article, three local caregivers explain what they do and what their jo...

Home combines contrasting decor

RONAN — The marriage of two contrasting styles is never an easy feat. In fact, it’s hard to imagine country and urban decor in a fluid combination at all. But in the home of Lee and Carlee Schnase the two styles blend perfectly – illuminating a unique style of loft and ranch that is truly a...

Remove thatch from lawns for summer jump-start

There may be more lurking beneath the surface of your lawn than you realize. And what’s hiding below the green grass could be keeping your yard from reaching its full potential. Over time, dead grass, stems, roots and leaves accumulate above the soil and below the live grass, forming a tightly woven...

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