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New law for an old drug

If you believe what you hear on the street, it takes little more to acquire a medical marijuana registration card than to make any purchase of $150 — the going rate for a doctor's evaluation at a Montana Caregivers Network clinic. And if you don't feel like attending a clinic or convention in person, just sign up for a "TeleClinic" on the group's Web site, and a doctor will visit with you via webcam and decide whether to recommend you to the state's medical marijuana program. While such practices seem to treat the issue flippantly, “in all walks of life, people take advantage of something,” said James Dale, owner of a medical marijuana dispensary based out of the Jette ...

New law for an old drug

While the Montana Medical Marijuana Act is an easy read, it doesn’t take long to figure out that the issues involved are much more complicated than one might think. After the state legislature passed Initiative 148 in 2004, change came slowly until last fall. The recent boom in Montana’s medic...

Hausermann spearheads Baskets and Blessings event

Last year Nancy Hausermann handed out 363 Easter baskets in the Super 1 parking lot the Saturday before Easter. Guess how many kids showed up? 363. Hausermann said she thought that was a sign from God.  This year Hausermann planned her Baskets and Blessings event for April 3 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at...

New law for an old drug

“Last dance with Mary Jane, one more time to kill the pain,” Tom Petty sings in his hit song “Mary Jane’s Last Dance.” The song was released in 1993, just three years before California would legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes and 11 years prior to its legalization in Mont...

Behind blue eyes

Braylin Coville’s twinkling baby blues give no sign of the battle raging behind them. He giggles when his mom tickles him, just like any other 6-month-old, squeals, and hides his face in a baby blanket. He doesn’t even seem to notice a plastic tube attached to the port in his chest. Today, a b...

Local boy wins pet poetry contest

POLSON — “This is my first poem,” Zack Mathias said.  It’s a good poem, too. The Montana Veterinary Medicine Auxiliary chose Zack’s poem as a winner in the fourth grade division of its poem and essay contest. Zack won a $100 savings bond. The topic for the contest was...

Reum Xtreme

POLSON — It took Carlie Reum 41 hours to get home from his job in February. Kind of makes a half hour or an hour commute look downright small, doesn’t it? Reum flew from McMurdo Station in Antarctica to New Zealand, to Sydney, Australia, to Dallas, Texas, to Minneapolis, Minn. to Missoula. Reu...

McCracken supports healthy lifestyles, positive changes

PABLO — Sam McCracken’s message is clear — everybody leaves a footprint. So leave a positive, healthy footprint on your community.  Last Wednesday, a wide array of students and community members came to listen to McCracken, a general manager at Nike and the brains behind the Nike N7...

Bowling benefits Big Brothers Big Sisters

POLSON — Last year Bowl for Kids Sake raised $15,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Not a small feat for the two-day event, in which businesses form teams for a friendly bowling competition. This year, Executive Director Julie Williams hopes they can raise a similar amount to help fund the non-profit...

Worth overdoing

"Happiness is the color orange” was posted on Carl Rohr’s son’s blog. After reading that quote, Rohr knew he had to make his son an orange quilt. And Rohr said he smiled all the while he was cutting and piecing that orange quilt. English quilter and fabric designer Kaffe Fassett inspired...

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