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Game officials see increased meth cases

FLATHEAD RESERVATION –  Tribal, state, and federal game authorities are feeling the effects of a resurgence in methamphetamine usage in the Mission Valley. Tribal Game Warden Mike McElderry pointed to his bulletproof vest in a meeting with the Flathead Reservation Fish and Wildlife Board last week as one result of more armed users taking to the forest. “We’ve come across more of these guys just carrying handguns,” McElderry said. “We came across two incidents already where folks pulled their handgun, but they were talked down. It’s changing.” Some of the meth users camp illegally in the forest. Others gather firewood. One of the indivi...

New mercury guidelines for Flathead Lake trout being rolled out

FLATHEAD LAKE — Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks and the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes are in the process of rolling out new uniform guidelines about how many Flathead Lake trout meals people can safely consume per month.  “We noticed our fish consumption advisories for Flathead ...

Watercraft confusion results in game warnings

PABLO – More than 40 written and verbal warnings were issued to people who blew past the watercraft checkpoint in Pablo last summer, and law enforcement officials say ignorance about what constitutes a “watercraft” likely played a part. “A lot of it, quite frankly, is people with k...

Agencies work together to enforce game laws

FLATHEAD RESERVATION – The multi-jurisdictional checkerboard of private, public, and tribal lands creates challenges for catching violators of game laws on the Flathead Reservation, but cooperation between the agencies last year led to prosecution of several wrongdoers. “We have a great workin...

Tribes to begin netting lake trout in spring

FLATHEAD LAKE – After the conclusion of a years-long process of environmental assessment, the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes will begin netting efforts this spring to reduce the number of invasive lake trout in Flathead Lake, in hopes of promoting a rebound of the native and threatened bull tr...

Tribal research project examines elk movements, habitat

News from the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribal Wildlife  Management Program POLSON — Tribal Wildlife Management Program initiated a research project to document seasonal elk movements and habitat use on the Flathead Indian Reservation in 2012, with the capture of 15 elk in the Ferry B...

Bighorn sheep head to new home Bighorn sheep head to new home

BIG ARM — Wildhorse Island is an incubator for bighorn sheep, and for the past four out of five years, Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks have removed excess bighorn sheep to other areas in the state.  Bruce Sterling, Montana wildlife biologist from Thompson Falls, said during an aerial wildlife s...

State sees high bobcat trapping numbers State sees high bobcat trapping numbers

LAKE COUNTY – High fur prices created a lucrative pull for trappers to take to the woods last year and more incentive to break the law. “We saw more steel out in the woods this year trapping than anyone has seen in recent times,” Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Captain Lee Anderson said....

Winter wonder: mystery snowballs show up on ponds Winter wonder: mystery snowballs show up on ponds

CHARLO — A winter phenomenon called snow rollers have been cropping up on local ponds, drawing curious onlookers to wonder how these natural snowballs were created. Snow rollers form when a light layer of snow falls atop ice; the wind picks up the layer and literally rolls the snow up across the sur...

Hunting educators to be awarded

Hunting educators  to be awarded   News from Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks LAKE COUNTY — Hunter and Bowhunter Education instructors will receive service awards from Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks at the annual Region 1 Instructor Workshop Saturday, March 1 at Flathead Valley ...

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