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Hunters reminded to check regulations

Hunters should check hunting regulations for the area they plan to hunt as deer and elk hunting season approaches. Seasons are as follows: • No youth antlerless elk hunt this year in Region One. Youth hunters must follow the standard regulations for elk in Region One hunting districts. • Special youth deer hunt: Thursday, Oct. 18, and Friday, Oct. 19.  This is for deer only. Youth hunters must be accompanied by a person 18 years of age or older who is not hunting. In this statewide, two-day hunt, youth hunters with a general deer license (A-tag) or deer B-license may take deer species and sex otherwise available on their license the first day of the general firearm seas...

Invasive species threaten Mission Valley Invasive species threaten Mission Valley

MISSION VALLEY — According to the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Agriculture Library, invasive species are defined as, “non-native (or alien) to the ecosystem under consideration and whose introduction causes or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm t...

Mack Days fishing tournament begins

POLSON — Lake trout were illegally introduced to Flathead Lake in the 1920s. While it remains unclear as to who put them into the lake, it is clear they were brought from the Great Lakes region via the trans continental railroad.  “It’s called ‘bucket biology,’” sa...

Macman celebrates 28 years in business Macman celebrates 28 years in business

Fishermen, We are coming up on Mac Attack weekend, so I’ll give you what help I can to increase your chances of placing. For the last three years, late August fishing has been poor, so this year, we began fishing radically deep (300-320 feet). The fishing still hasn’t been spectacular, but i...

Bison Range shortens visitor hours for fall Bison Range shortens visitor hours for fall

It seems as though summer just started, and already we’re heading towards the Labor Day weekend, with fall just around the corner from there. However, this does not signal the end of the fun at the National Bison Range, only the start of some changes in hours of operation. This is reflected in the B...

Hatchery spawns unusual albino trout

ARLEE — In spring 2009, the Jocko River Trout Hatchery got a colorful surprise after spawning roughly 250 albino trout. The last time this happened was in 1992. “It’s an indication that the stock is still good and variability is still strong,” said 25-year employee Ron Snyder. &ldq...

Kids enjoy blue skies, free flights Kids enjoy blue skies, free flights

POLSON — The sun shone on Saturday morning, and local pilots flew with young passengers ages 8 to 17 as part of the Young Eagle program. Brianna McGuinness was one of the Young Eagles. She enjoyed the flight and had questions for pilot Carmine Mowbray about the compass and magnetic north.  A...

Keeping count

Why does the turtle cross the road? While this sounds like a joke, it really isn’t. Hundreds of turtles are run over each year on U.S. Highway 93 south of Ronan. Painted turtles, the only native turtle species on the Flathead Reservation, cross the road because their nesting ponds are on the east...

Mack Days best ever, management efforts continue

BLUE BAY — Area anglers reeled in nearly 37,000 lake trout and more than $150,000 in prizes during the Spring Mack Days Tournament. “This past event was the best we’ve ever had for numbers and for people that were out there fishing,” said Cindy Bras-Benson, a fisheries specialist w...

Annual Buttercup Run draws hundreds

ARLEE — To the south, clouds hung low, skimming the treetops covering Evaro Hill. But the early afternoon sun pierced through the overcast sky, uncovering a brilliant blue sky and warm sun as runners from near and far flocked to the 2012 Buttercup Run in Arlee to bask in the spring day. “It wa...

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