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Study: DUI offenders agree harsher penalties needed

It’s no secret that Montana is plagued with drunk driving. DUI laws are a hot topic in the Legislature this year as lawmakers grapple with the most effective methods of reducing the number of DUI offenders, especially repeat offenders, in the state. While some contend that harsher punishments such as longer sentences for convicted offenders are the solution to Montana’s DUI problem, others believe alternative treatment to help offenders overcome their drinking problems is the way to go. But what do the offenders themselves think would help? A recent study conducted by faculty and students in the University of Montana’s School of Social Work sought to find out just that...

Beat poets perform at Linderman’s Poetry Café

POLSON — Beat poets in berets and black shirts gathered at the Poetry Café for a poetry reading on April 1. In the dimly lit café, black tablecloths covered the small tables, and audience members snapped their finger to show their appreciation for the poets and their work. Although it ...

Family planning, tobacco education slated for cuts

POLSON — Montanans know the state legislature is carving money out of the budget, but many don’t realize just how those cuts will impact them locally. Lake County Family Planning stands to be cut entirely. Currently LCFP offers the only sliding scale fees in Lake County for contraception, breast ...

Irrigation project looking up under new management

PABLO — In August, project manager Gordon Wind compared the Flathead Indian Irrigation Project to a rusty Titanic headed for an iceberg. Formerly managed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Flathead Reservation’s 100-year-old system of canals, ditches and dams was turned over to a cooperative ma...

The greatest of these is love: Polson couple celebrates 75 years together

POLSON — When Eddie and Gracie Schumacher married in 1936, they meant every word of their vows. They’ve been married 75 years to prove it. Gracie is 92, and Eddie is 94. Their family – daughters Denise and Donna, three grandchildren, six great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and Eddie...

Growing Pains: State Legislature seeks reform for medical marijuana law

Controversy over Montana’s Medical Marijuana Act has certainly stirred the pot this legislative session, with a variety of bills introduced to regulate what many Montanans see as an out-of-control situation. Since an October 2009 statement by the Obama administration that the federal government would n...

Locals should be prepared for spring flooding

It’s springtime in Montana. While the warmer temperatures and sunny days can lead to a lot of fun activities, they can also lead to flooding as the winter snowpack melts. According to the Federal Emergency Management Association, flooding is the most common natural disaster in the United States. In ...

Green means Go: Save more by consuming lesss

Making your home energy efficient is not only a good way to help save money long-term, but also in the short term too. Rebates are available for eco-friendly appliances and fixtures. Since its induction in 2005, the Energy Policy Act has been changing the way Americans consume energy. More efficient lights, ...

Chair sales to benefit Ronan City Library

As Friends of the Ronan City Library get creative with their fundraising strategies, they’ve called on the community to get creative as well. Area residents have taken everyday chairs and given them a new lease on life by painting and decorating them for auction. A portion of the money will go towards ...

A thankful tribute: Families with military children honored

RONAN – Community members came together March 27 to honor military families at Ronan Alliance Church during a Blue Star Ceremony. The service was held during the Sunday morning worship service, led by Air Force Staff Sergeant and pastor Jeff Kingery. “We just want to honor (the families), we u...

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