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Speedsters top 200 mph in Pinewood Derby races

Hot rods streaked through the normally quiet east side of town in Ronan last Wednesday night ... and a few of them were seen over in Plains on Saturday. Though they weren't pealing rubber or revving up loud engines, Ronan and Charlo Cub Scout Packs 40 and 56 put together their best racers for last Wednesday night's Pinewood Derby. Wooden racers ranged from designs of simple rectangular blocks of wood to intricate carvings of shapes that hinted of Indy 500 cars. But all of the cars sported the same basics of wooden body, two axles with simple black wheels, and some weights to bring them up to the same weight — 5 ounces. Weights ranged from lead slabs to quarters for good luck, wh...

Firefighters flip pancakes for 1,025 diners

RONAN — A frenzy of firefighters cooked up a storm on Saturday and Sunday at the annual Pancake Feed. Feeding more than 1,000 people, the Ronan Volunteer Fire Department happily spent their weekend in the Ronan Community Center kitchen preparing a pancake breakfast that included sausages, eggs, waffles...

Census questionnaires won't be mailed to reservation residents

This is in response to a growing number of questions from Polson-area residents who wonder why they have not received 2010 Census questionnaires. Some years back, during planning of the 2010 Census, representatives of the United States Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, visited the headquarters...

Hausermann spearheads Baskets and Blessings event

Last year Nancy Hausermann handed out 363 Easter baskets in the Super 1 parking lot the Saturday before Easter. Guess how many kids showed up? 363. Hausermann said she thought that was a sign from God.  This year Hausermann planned her Baskets and Blessings event for April 3 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at...

Horse owner charged with animal neglect

ARLEE — Two horses were seized from a ranch near Arlee last Thursday afternoon, and their owner charged with animal neglect. Lake County Sheriff Lucky Larson said he and a state livestock inspector removed a mare and her foal from Ron Printz’s ranch on South Valley Creek Road north of Arlee. ...

Mission breaks ground on school building project

ST. IGNATIUS — Dump trucks, backhoes and construction workers began a transformation at the St. Ignatius School last Monday as they broke ground on a $2.5 million building project that will “help us serve kids better in a number of ways,” Superintendent Gerry Nolan said. Planning for the...

Ronan plans for new storm water system

RONAN — In the second storm water meeting in March, city council members, and engineers Shari Johnson and Collette Anderson agreed to apply for a Treasure State Endowment Program Grant for $500,000 in order to improve the city’s storm water system. Johnson reviewed the existing storm water inf...

Biologist touts benefits of wildlife crossings

RONAN — A public hazard is not the first thing to come to mind when spotting road kill along the highway — but it was an issue prioritized by the SKC Wildlife Management and the Montana Department of Transportation when they designed 35 animal crossings along U.S. Highway 93.  “If y...

New law for an old drug

“Last dance with Mary Jane, one more time to kill the pain,” Tom Petty sings in his hit song “Mary Jane’s Last Dance.” The song was released in 1993, just three years before California would legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes and 11 years prior to its legalization in Mont...

St. Ignatius company offers greenhouse kits

ST. IGNATIUS — A nationwide trend for homegrown food has resulted in more and more people taking up gardening and raising vegetables, fruits and flowers. To assist gardeners, Ed and Brenda Beachy from Montana Bird & Garden have developed inexpensive greenhouse kits. If a family has a greenhouse,...

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