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Political advertising must past muster

With the election season comes a lot of questions about candidates, where they stand and what they claim. That's politics and newspapers are particularly effective in passing on important messages to the public about the candidates who run for office. We realize the Valley Journal is an important and popular medium for candidates to get out their message. Community newspapers are particularly strong in delivering local news and messages across a wide demographic of the valley population.  According to annual National Newspaper Association readership research conducted in 2009, 60 percent of adults rely on community newspapers as their primary source for local news, four times gre...

Ronan's firefighters enjoyed sharing breakfast with you

There's nothing like breakfast together for a family and last weekend's were pretty special. Members of the Ronan community came together, along with some friends from Polson and Charlo, to share a pancake or biscuits and gravy with the members of the Ronan Volunteer Fire Department.  The Ronan Firem...

Webb leaves Polson with many heartfelt memories

There is so much to visit with you about. As most all of Polson knows our Honorary Downtown Police Beat Officer Barry Webb has left us. We know he is looking down and no doubt frowning at times about the way we are handling things. In my eight years, Barry worked his way into my heart and my wonderful mem...

Tap into our web site calendar to plan your spring and summer

Signs of spring surround us and that means we're just going to get busier and busier. All this warm weather has got us heading outdoors more and more, whether it's to take care of chores we've put off until the snow melted or to get some shirt-sleeve fishing in while the sun is out. Events also begin to p...

Reinforce a valuable lesson for our students

Saturday's the first day of spring, and it appears it's going to be a nice one, one of those days where you set aside as many chores as possible so you can enjoy some other more fun activity outdoors. Not all the fun is outdoors, of course. With spring comes prom season, an opportunity for young people to...

Doing the math on BMI is worth the effort

Are you or your children part of the obesity epidemic? Is there really an obesity epidemic or is this just a new scare tactic used by health officials to coerce you into a more healthy lifestyle? Maybe the answer is a little bit of all of the above. There's no question that the weight of Americans h...

A lot of students and fans missed a good show

Apparently, there are a lot of people who don't care to watch athletes perform unless they think they're going to win. A mostly empty gym on Saturday morning proved that point to me.  Oh, there were some dedicated parents, grandparents and aunts and uncles in the stands of Glacier High School that mo...

Mining, energy bans not yet binding, permanent

The recent headlines just about said it all: "B.C. Bans Mining and Energy Extraction in the Flathead." This announcement and that of senators Baucus and Tester's to introduce similar legislation, and the subsequent Memorandum of Understanding between B.C. and Montana on the Flathead represent a huge shift in...

Seat belt use is a simple, basic rule

Every year across the United States, there are more than 40,000 deaths on our highways. While the causes may vary, one fact remains; many could have been saved had they done one simple thing: buckle the seat belt. While buckling up has always been considered a personal choice, drivers need to consider the...

Let us know about your summer activities

It's been warm and sunny enough that you can almost see the end of winter. Even though it's still three weeks away, we're already preparing for the spring and summer season here at the Valley Journal.  Now is the time that we put together those crucial spring and summer planners that valley residents...

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