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Commissioner concerned about property tax halt on land being put in trust

The Dec. 1 edition of the “Missoulian” included an article entitled, “Lake County Targets Tribal Tax Exemption.” This exemption, granted by the Montana Department of Revenue, halts collection of property taxes for a maximum of five years while properties purchased by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes move through the process of being placed into trust. Lake County is asking for an injunction to halt the granting of any more of these exemptions by MDOR until problems in the processing of these exemptions are corrected by the MDOR. There were some points made in the article that could use further clarification and explanation. CSKT spokesman Robert McDo...

When life isn’t a bummer – not really When life isn’t a bummer – not really

It’s such a bummer when on a normal day when you have nothing else planned you get a phone call from your daughter asking if you can babysit your granddaughter for an hour or two and you, of course, say yes then proceed to spend that babysitting time just cuddling and listening to her coo and giggle. M...

Getting round to it Getting round to it

They are making the rounds on busy roadways in cities and towns across the country. Stop signs are just so last millennium. The newest trend in traffic is the roundabout and it has me terrified. The name sounds so friendly, so casual: roundabout. I’ll come to your house roundabout six-ish. Let&rsquo...

Opioid overdose still higher with regulations

On a daily basis we are inundated on both the local and national level with news of how the opioid epidemic continues to infiltrate communities across this country. Previously, over-prescription of chronic pain-relieving opioids was believed to be the main cause of this crisis. This led to state and federal ...

What’s in a smile? What’s in a smile?

It depends on whom you ask. As for Mona Lisa and the reason behind her mysterious smile, we’ll never know. But there is one thing I do know about smiles; they wield power – in a good way. If you offer a genuine smile it is guaranteed to make the recipient feel better. It’s a fact. In fac...

Lake County public library holds activities

POLSON – The Lake County Public Library will be hosting a Vintage Christmas Adult Coloring Program on Thursday, Dec. 6, at 2 p.m. Give yourself the gift of an afternoon of coloring in the meeting room at the library. The mood is relaxed and you’ll have good company. A Classic Christmas Movi...

Plumbing insights Plumbing insights

At our house, we recently experienced a season of plumbing. TGIO. Thank goodness it’s over (I hope). It started with a water heater that refused to heat water, which was a problem. Obviously. I’m not much for cold showers. Unfortunately, it didn’t end there. A cold shower is one thing. No s...

Space-themed programs planned at library

We are now into our second year of our NASA @My Library Grant and we have three exciting space-themed programs coming up. On Nov. 24 Bryce Penta will call in to talk about Phytoplankton from Space. On Nov. 26 at 12:45 p.m. join us in our meeting room for the Mars InSight Landing Watch Party. Then on Dec. 1 D...

Muddy messes Muddy messes

My kids give me gifts, often without even knowing it. This weekend, I received a pair or actually a pair of pairs. Pants, that is. Two pairs, which totaled a pair. To further play with words, the pants were paired with a request. It was one of the most simple, albeit complex, requests I’ve ever rece...

Ridgewater investigation needed

Bozeman attorney Susan Swimley was hired by the City of Polson to review information concerning the Ridgewater Subdivision. She wrote in her opinion, “as currently developed it appears multiple phases of Cougar Ridge/ Ridgewater do not meet the stated purposes of the Montana Subdivision and Platting Ac...


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