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Valley Views for April 7, 2021

Fairness is not a partisan issue. Fairness is the goal of the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act currently being considered in the United States Congress. The bill has bipartisan support in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. H.R. 1735 / S.673 is critically important to protecting the future of high-quality, local journalism in Montana and across our nation. Support is growing for the legislation, yet much more needs to be done before it can become law. This bill would make negotiations for fair compensation possible between publishers of news content and those who monetize the online distribution of that work. Facebook and Google are the two primary online plat...

View from the library

Due to the reduced number of COVID-19 cases in Lake County, the Library Board of Trustees voted to suspend the mask policy. Masks are still recommended and will be required of staff and patrons on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9-10 a.m. Outside of these hours our doors are unlocked Mondays – Frida...

Valley Views for April 7, 2021

Last summer, the Polson Chamber of Commerce made the incredibly difficult decision to cancel the annual Fourth of July fireworks and parade events. This generated an outpouring of impassioned opinions that — regardless upon which side of the argument they fell — were all driven by the same fundam...

Slices of Life

My toes are always the first to come and the last to go.  As the seasons change, and the weather warms in the spring, I can’t wait to get rid of my real shoes in exchange for sandals. Weeks before the warm weather actually arrives, I polish my toes in anticipation of the big event.  The...

Slices of Life

It isn’t often we have the opportunity to change someone’s life in a significantly positive way – wrong. This opportunity is available to us on a daily basis, but the problem is that most of us don’t realize it, although realization isn’t necessary for doing. We can do good with...

Slices of Life

I’m still struggling, but I know I have to step forward on a path I wouldn’t have considered six months ago. Because it didn’t exist six months ago. People all around me are walking on the paths of their choosing. I feel like half the time I’m desperately searching for mine. The ot...

Slices of Lifee

We all experience different seasons in life and those seasons are accompanied by emotions – joy and sadness and everything in between.  We aren’t always in control of how our seasons unfold. We may find ourselves in a season we never would have chosen. Sometimes life is hard.  But...

Legislature advances key infrastructure, conservation projects

In recent weeks, the Montana Legislature has advanced bills to support critical infrastructure and conservation projects across the state. Starting with House Bill 632, Republicans committed to investing the latest round of federal COVID relief dollars in infrastructure, telecommunications and economic stabi...

American Recovery Plan is good for Montanans

When we elect politicians, the hope is as they share information, they are giving us as much truth as possible. So, when Steve Daines was invited to reflect on the American Recovery Plan that just passed, also known as the COVID Stimulus Bill, it could be that he was just misinformed. So, we just wanted to s...

Slices of Life

This column continues the one from last week where Jill Pertler shares the heartache experienced after the sudden loss of her husband.    When someone you love dearly dies here on earth, they are gone. But they are not gone. They are here. They are everywhere. And if you perceive very caref...

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