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Deadline nears for infrastructure grant supporting governments, schools

Homeowners know that when a leaky roof is spotted, it’s important to act quickly to find and fix the leak. If left unattended, that slow drip overhead can turn into a ceiling that collapses – costing far more to repair and threatening the integrity of the entire home.  The same should be true for our public buildings such as schools, city halls, police stations and tribal government buildings. But the reality is that many of Montana’s aging public facilities are far behind in keeping up with routine maintenance, and the result in some places is that a slow leak from the ceiling left to fester has turned into an expensive and dangerous situation.  According ...

Slices of Life

During the summer months, I enjoy going barefoot and dipping my feet into the lake. My husband and I experience our own version of a pedicure when we wade in a shallow sandbar and the minnows swimming there nibble on our toes. It scared me at first and grossed me out to be honest. But it only tickles and is ...

Enjoy free movies, crafts, computer classes at library

It took a while but summer finally got here, and at the library we are in the last month of our summer reading program. On Thursday, Aug. 15, at 10:30 a.m., we will have a special showing of the 30-minute documentary, Earthrise. This story is told solely by the Apollo 8 astronauts and recounts their experien...

Savor summer vacation with family

There aren’t many weeks of the year that can rival a summer vacation. Except maybe a winter vacation, but hey, it’s summer so let’s stay in the here and now. Vacations, no matter what time of year are preferable to a regular old non-vacation week. But in my opinion, summer beats winter a...

Slices of Life

My grandbaby has started talking. One of her first words was “water.” It’s a multi-tasking multi-purpose word in her life. When she’s in the bath, she’s surrounded by water. When she’s in the lake, she swims in water. When it rains, water falls down on her from the sky to ...

Ben there done that

You have likely heard about the Oxford comma at least once. As a writer, using it is a habit I have grown quite fond of. There is something about that little extra comma in a list that just feels right to write; however, since starting my column, I have learned that this practice is not welcome everywhere.&n...

Thoughts from a mama bear

The media has us fired up about lots of things. And that’s good. We should be fired up. Fired up equals interested and engaged. We should all be interested and engaged. An observation: our culture is ever changing (hallelujah to that). We often need culture changes. They bring about good things and ...

What does it all really mean?

With the advent of texting and instant messaging there has emerged a huge set of online abbreviations to make messaging faster. For those of us who aren’t immersed in messaging lingo, getting a message with a bizarre term or shorthand can be annoying and confusing.  First off, how did this come...

Liking versus loving

I love my family. We all do. Or most of us at least – on most days, at least. Loving your family is a given. You anticipate loving your spouse even before you meet him or her. This is exponentiated with your children. You love them fully and completely well before they are born. There is nothing that c...

On shaky ground

Shaken up. Rattled. Unnerved. While lives weren’t lost in the two large quakes and more than 4,000 aftershocks that recently hit Ridgecrest, California, what was lost was an emotional sense of security. The ground is supposed to be firm. Terra firma. Standing on solid ground. And when that won&rsquo...

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