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Returning home Returning home

My husband and I recently indulged in a couple days away as a couple to celebrate our anniversary. When we partake on such expeditions (which isn’t often) we both understand the significance of the outcome. That is, the outcome upon returning home – to a house inhabited by our three sons, some official adults, some nearly so. They try. Oh, we know they try. They even keep tabs on the exact timing of our return so they can make an attempt at a clean up. We appreciate their efforts. But we also fully appreciate there will be disarray. And crumbs. And a surprise or three. Sometimes the surprises are even good ones. They did not disappoint. First the disarray: Of the thr...

What’s in a name? What’s in a name?

It’s one of the first things new parents do after counting to make sure there are 10 fingers and 10 toes. They name the baby. Names are chosen carefully and with great attention to detail. What sort of mean nicknames could kids in the schoolyard find to taunt little Dicky with? Will a weird spelling ha...

The truth about direct primary care

Direct primary care agreements are a fee-for-service contract between healthcare providers and patients, and are meant to cover preventative, routine, or preliminary office visits. Primary care clinics are independent doctors’ offices that do not accept insurance or bill third parties. There have been ...

The lost decade The lost decade

We play a name-that-tune game in the car while listening to the radio. Whoever is first to blurt the title of a song and the name of the group or artist singing it wins. Last weekend I encountered a melody unfamiliar to me. When I fessed up to this, my husband said, “It’s a song from the '90s.&rd...

Library offers fun events, air conditioning

We hope you all had a fun and safe Fourth of July. Next week we’ll have another author visit us for readings and signings. At 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 18, join us as we celebrate Christmas in July with Bigfork author Leslie Budewitz. Leslie’s latest cozy mystery, set in fictional Jewel Bay...

We are not Pocahontas

As Indians growing up in our local communities, we know that Montanans have diverse political values. We understand and appreciate those differences. One of our state’s special attributes is that it is home to seven Indian reservations and 12 tribes. Our culture, traditions, and history are interwoven ...

Garden organic, sustainably with cover crops

Healthy, living soil is a vital component of an organic garden. Soil covered with growing things draws carbon out of the atmosphere and stores it in roots, stems, and leaves. In sustainable, earth-friendly gardening and farming, we do not allow land to fallow, but we do keep our soil covered with actively gr...

Improvements from recently approved road levy will be seen next summer

The Lake County commissioners and Road Supervisor Jay Garrick would like to thank voters for overwhelmingly approving the road rehabilitation levy that was on the primary election ballot. The funds generated by the levy will be put to good use and residents will see improvements to some of most highly travel...

Montana’s energy future: positive action plan or doomsday report Montana’s energy future: positive action plan or doomsday report

Recently, two reports have been released that tell very different stories about Montana’s energy future. One is optimistic, solutions oriented, and comes after a broad collaborative effort. The other was sponsored by industry and is unnecessarily pessimistic. The first spells out Montana’s ext...

Let’s change the conversation about wildfire

Nature is one of Montana’s greatest treasures, and wildfire occurs each summer only because we’re so fortunate to live amid millions of acres of unspoiled forests and prairies. Although wildfire plays a natural role in ecology, there’s no doubt it can also be devastating to our health, safe...

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