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Life’s lessons Life’s lessons

Everything I ever needed to know, I learned from my sister. I have just one sister. A “little” sister. She is two years and five days younger than me. When we were girls, it felt like a big gap. Eons of time separated us. She was always the little sister; I was the big one. She was expected to learn things from me. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I was learning just as much from her. Growing up and growing into adulthood, my sister has taught me many life lessons worth noting. Some of them are: Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. When the tar gets too hot on a summer day and you are barefoot, get someone who is bigger to carry you acros...

Elusive sleep: where art thou? Elusive sleep: where art thou?

Toss and turn. Turn and toss. I’m willing to bet we’ve all done our fair share of both. Wakefulness when wakefulness is unwanted. Wakefulness when others are sleeping. Wakefulness when we are supposed to be sleeping, when we will ourselves to sleep, but to no avail. Wakefulness when we know we wi...

Food for Fines program offered at library

National Library Week is April 7-13. We are offering our annual “Food for Fines” program during this week. If you have a few nagging library fines, this is your chance to clear them up. For each item of food brought in, we will waive $1 of your fines (not applicable to lost or damaged materials)....

SB 52 would improve sexual assault response, make communities safer

Sexual assault knows no boundaries of age, race, or social class. It is a plague on our society, endangering people from all walks of life. For more than two decades, my professional career focused on helping survivors of sexual assault in various ways: hearing stories of violence as a YWCA domestic viole...

Dreams pondered Dreams pondered

My husband has the most exciting dreams. They are action adventures like something out of a James Bond or Tarzan movie – oftentimes both. They involve racecars and roller coasters and swinging on vines throughout a rainforest. He’ll often describe them in detail the next morning. Sometimes I c...

Grizzly council exemplifies how Montanans solve problems

Gov. Steve Bullock’s order creating a grizzly bear advisory council exemplifies how Montanans work together to solve the difficult issues around wildlife. The council is needed, creates an opportunity to bring Montanans together, and can help shape the future of managing an expanding population of this...

Preschool about kids, state’s future, not political fight of the day

Last summer, I met a woman in Lewistown who told me she made too much money to qualify for Head Start but couldn’t afford to have her son in the kind of quality program that would give him a great start. I met parents in Wibaux who had to drive thirty miles away to take their kids to the closest childc...

Familiarity breeds contempt – or confusion

I saw someone familiar at the store today. I knew that I knew her or at least that I’d had cause to interact with her on several or perhaps a few occasions. Problem is, I couldn’t pinpoint exactly which occasions. I was at the grocery store and she wasn’t a person from the grocery store....

Things your mom never told you Things your mom never told you

I’ve got a newsflash for the naive among us: your mom didn’t tell you everything. This comes with the territory of motherhood. I’m talking about real lies about important things. Listed here are some of the things your mom probably never told you (and probably never will, but you didn&rsquo...

New elk management plan needed

There’s an old saying in Montana that elk make people do stupid things. There’s a lot of truth to that saying. Whether you’re a dedicated elk hunter, a landowner with 400 head of elk on a haystack or a wildlife manager seeking to balance the needs of both interests, elk have a way of making...

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