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Holding heaven Holding heaven

You forget how tiny they are. And helpless. So utterly, completely helpless. And exhausted. And hungry. And explosive. So literally explosive. Eat, poop, sleep, repeat. Cry, but not often if you are lucky. Babies – of the human variety. They are born helpless and remain dependent on parental care for 18 (or sometimes 40) years. Animals of other species are born helpless, but don’t often stay with mom and dad nearly as long. Chimpanzees are one of the closest and with good cause. They share 98 percent of their DNA with humans. Either we are like them or they are like us. I guess it depends on whom you ask. Chimps are dependent on their mothers for at least five years and...

A summer for the books A summer for the books

School’s out! Summer stretches out before us like a long and indulgent novel. We pull out shorts, flip flops and bathing suits and stock up on sunscreen and bug spray. We plan for time on the boat, days on the beach, bonfires at night, barbecues in the backyard and the activity I always look forward...

Wildlife Habitat Improvement program is good for Montana

Montana’s farmers, ranchers and hunters have been partners for decades in conserving and managing our treasured wildlife. For years we’ve shared this working relationship because we’re neighbors and we understand that together, hunters and landowners can achieve positive results for both wi...

Who are the people in your neighborhood? Who are the people in your neighborhood?

Mr. Rogers made the most of his neighborhood. I try to do the same – by walking the different streets in the name of “exercise.” As a bonus, along the way I make interesting and not-so-interesting observations. You can learn a lot by walking the neighborhood, which is completely different f...

Winding down at the end of the season Winding down at the end of the season

It’s a wrap. Another school year complete – in the books. TGIF: Thank Goodness It’s Finished. Because I am tired. It happens every year. Let’s face it, being a parent can be taxing. Being a parent with kids in school can be exhausting. We start out strong in September – am...

Seven wonders – of life Seven wonders – of life

We’ve all heard of the Seven Wonders of the World. Most of us couldn’t name them all. I couldn’t so I Googled and discovered I hadn’t even heard of some. Embarrassing, I know. Unfortunately I’m more familiar with embarrassment than the Seven Wonders of the World. Actually, it...

Community input sought for ‘Rural Thinkscapes’

The Best Beginnings Children’s Partnership (BBCP) serving the Flathead Reservation and Lake County is a group of like-minded individuals who believe that the first years of a child’s life are vitally important in determining successful outcomes. We work to ensure that those years are the best tha...

Tips for recreating a historic garden Tips for recreating a historic garden

Every state in our nation has a number of historic sites. The oldest are locations of Native American habitation dating to times before the Colonial Period—these are termed “prehistoric” rather than “historic.” In order to recreate or restore a very early Native American garden,...

Outworking worry Outworking worry

I worry. We all do. We all have things to fret about and fixate on. Real and legitimate things that could and may go wrong that will mess other things up big time. And lately – oh, lately – doesn’t it seem there are more major, huge and catastrophic issues to occupy our brain space? It s...

Three uncles

They’d be the first to admit they are more adept at handing off a football versus a tiny human being, but during the last week they’ve certainly given the latter their best efforts. At exactly two minutes before midnight on a recent Sunday, soon-to-be Monday, my three sons became instant uncle...

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