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Coffman most qualified

Dear Editor, Dave Coffman is the most qualified candidate for Lake County Sheriff. My name is Shad Anderson and I was born and raised in Lake County. I am writing this brief letter to inform the people that know me who I believe would be the best candidate for Lake County Sheriff. Dave Coffman may not be “From Montana,” but he has retired here and we should put him to work as our Sheriff. Simply being the hometown guy does not mean that it qualifies a person as the best Sheriff candidate. Look at Coffman’s training hours and different types of law enforcement experience that he would bring to our county.  Without a doubt, in my mind, I will be voting for Dave Coffm...

Lady Pirate Paige Noyes gets a hit. Lady Pirate Paige Noyes gets a hit.

Fishermen:  As waters warm, the fishing opportunities are on the increase, but some of the best fishing is only temporary. For optimum results there are three area bodies of water that you should plan to fish in the near future.   Last Sunday, Roger Smart and I went to Lake Mary Ronan after h...

Adventuring through life

Life is supposed to be an adventure. That’s what they tell us, anyway.  Thing is, what type of adventure isn’t specified so I guess we are left to our own devices.  Most of us would welcome a non-stop, exciting, inspiring all-expense-paid and anything-but-banal adventure. Truth is...

Consider human effect of overcrowded Lake County Jail

In this column I would like to address the Lake County Commissioners and the general populace residing in Lake County. Has anybody really addressed the human effect of the current problem concerning the overcrowded jail in Lake County? Let us first consider the duties of the county commissioners concerning t...

Getting ready, being ready, baby ready Getting ready, being ready, baby ready

She is going to have a baby. The little pink bundle we carried home from the hospital but a blink ago is soon going to be a mother herself. My baby girl is having a baby girl. It seems too good to be true – and scarier than heck, all at the same time. I’m the one who’s scared, not her. W...

Who is managing Montana’s budget?

Governor Bullock and his surrogates, most recently Lieutenant Governor Mike Cooney, have been pushing the narrative that Republicans are the ones to blame for Montana’s short-term budget problems. The Montana Legislature has only one constitutional requirement and that is to establish a balanced bud...

Library offers classes on digital magazine, music apps

Spring has finally arrived in Polson, and everything is so green. Here at the library we are gearing up to celebrate the upcoming royal wedding with an Adult Coloring Program on Thursday, May 17 at 2 p.m. Angela has her fascinator picked out and is preparing a coloring party fit for the Queen. We even have t...

No good arguments to keep DMRs regulatory

On April 24 the Lake County Commissioners voted 3-0 to repeal the Lake County Density Map and Regulations that had been in effect since 2005. Controversial when enacted, the repeal was also controversial. Although the majority of public comment was in favor of retaining the DMRs as regulatory, the Commission...

Contemplating love Contemplating love

Today I ask that we consider the concept of love. It’s a universal human characteristic; we all want to love and be loved. It may not be as essential as the air we breathe, but it’s close. Love is a dichotomous entity. It’s neither up nor down, but perhaps a little of both. Love is funny...

General April gardening notes General April gardening notes

This winter was a “longie” with lots of snow, a situation which voles love. In our market garden we discovered damage from voles on Campanula medium (Canterbury bells) – just the ones stored in pots in sawdust, but not those in the ground. Also some potted Primulas, strawberries, and Echina...

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