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Even with technology and the Internet, libraries remain important

There are debates on certain issues where the most desirable outcome dangles delicately in front of voters. There are also debates where the wrong decision lurks like a concrete roadblock. The ultimate choice, depending on which path is chosen, can either define or doom a community’s chances for success. Such a scenario faces North Lake County residents. At issue is whether North Lake County should have a library district in order to fund services and library programs primarily for the Polson Library. Many have expressed the viewpoint that the library needs to have the levy if it is to sustain itself over time. Others contend that the library doesn’t need the extra reve...

Journalist’s latest move encompasses the best of both worlds

In the fall of 2003, I boarded an Amtrak train in New Orleans bound for Chicago. My ultimate destination was Seattle, a breathtaking metropolis and a place where the temperate climate suited me well. That first leg on the City of New Orleans, a passenger train immortalized by singer Arlo Guthrie, proved f...

Understanding fireworks regulations

Welcome, summer. I trust all are done praying for rain. At least not the kind we had from May to mid-June. Having been overseas with my wife during May, my appreciation for this country is beyond words. I truly missed the Polsonites, especially those who (in a fun way) love nothing more than to deliver ho...

Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to serve you

It’s been a long, slow goodbye and I apologize for that. But this, I’m sorry to say, is my last editorial at the Valley Journal. Just about six years ago a small group of us were sitting around my porch enjoying a few cold beverages, wondering how we could all collectively jump off the cliff t...

Thanks to Ronan firefighters

Editor,  I would like to thank Tom Bartel and everyone in the Ronan Fire Department for having their water truck on standby during my barn burning. Thank you everyone for helping.  Harlen Gerdes Ronan  

Being better informed just got easier

Ain’t technology wonderful? Oh, sure, sometimes it becomes a bit overwhelming and maybe even overhyped. It seems that constant communications and worldwide information at our fingertips has become a must-have ability that we couldn’t possibly do without.  Clearly, technology advances make...

Community theater wows audience, cast members

When I interviewed Rita Tingey in September, she had a dream of Ronan’s very own community theater — where local people with some creative talent could band together and create something magical. She was banking on all the closet thespians to come out of the closet.  She laughed and ga...

Advice to graduates begins long before the ceremony

Around this time every year we hear bits and pieces of advice that are shared with our graduating students. Some are sage and some are just fluff.  And some will actually stick. The recent advice passed on to graduates by First Lady Michelle Obama to “Remember that you are blessed. Remember ...

Faces may change, but the Valley Journal will carry on

Change happens, whether you plan for it or not. And I never thought I’d be planning around this kind of change. At the end of June, I’ll be leaving the Valley Journal. It’s not going to be a joyful occasion for me. As a matter of fact, my last day at work might be the roughest I&rsquo...

Community theatre prospers in Polson

Nervous anticipation, heart-rate rising, sweaty palms, my mind goes blank. I can’t think of my lines moments before going on in my opening role as David Polson. “Stop!” I think to myself. Take a deep breath. Shake your arms down to your fingertips and relax.  Thankfully I have Neal ...

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