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Sunshine Week reminds public of right to know

It isn’t often that Montanans can say, “Thank you, Florida.” This time of year, however, the Big Sky owes the Sunshine State a tip of the cap. Not because we envy the warmth of its spring (although it certainly is enviable in Montana in mid-March) or its renowned entertainment attractions (although Daytona and Orlando play roles in this story.) Florida deserves our thanks because that state’s newspapers stood up against government secrecy and, by their example, inspired a national movement. The year was 2002. Florida’s legislature was primed to restrict access to a host of public records as a response to 9-11. Led by the Orlando Sentinel and its editor...

Republican agenda prioritizes job creation

My first Town Hall – Thank you all for filling Polson Library’s meeting room last Monday for the Q and A session with us, your legislators. It was great to get reacquainted and hear your many concerns. Conversation ranged widely – from the problems with the current Big Sky Rx program all th...

Community discussion was fruitful

It was great to be home last weekend during our mid-session break. I saw lots of my constituents at the question-and-answer session in Polson last Monday. Great points were brought out about workman's comp reform, tort reform on some lawsuits and defensive medicine reform. There was talk of how we’...

$32 million removed from higher education

It was great to be home last weekend and sleep in my own bed. I’d like to thank everyone that showed up at the town hall meeting we had on Monday. The questions were very good. If you have more, email or call me. We are right back at it. Still debating the revenue estimate with the governor. Who kno...

Job creation focus of legislature

Jobs for Montanans – This was a good week for job prospects in Montana. It’s income taxes from private sector earnings that pays salaries for government employees. Funding for state agencies, our highway department, those who serve the Department of Health and Human Services, our prison staff, ou...

Accountability needed in law enforcement

I would like to start off by making an apology to the people for what they are seeing in law enforcement in Montana. It breaks my heart because I have worked so hard to be the best that I can be for the people. I am proud to serve them and I am proud of what I have accomplished, but yet I feel like I have fa...

Parental notice of under-16 abortions passes Senate

The highlight of my week was introducing the large group of local Republican women and their spouses who traveled to the Capitol to observe us at work. They hosted a dinner and sack lunch for us and sat through committee meetings and House and Senate sessions. I really appreciate your time and effort. The...

Public meeting with local legislators planned for Feb. 28

By the time you read this we will be on our way home. We have a four-day break called transmittal. This is when the house bills go to the senate and vice versa. The last week has been grueling. Some days were 12 hours. It will be great to be home. If you can, come to the library meeting room in Polson nex...

Hendrickson was right for PHS

The school board meeting held Feb. 14, determining Shawn Hendrickson’s contract renewal, was one of the most unethical and cowardly decisions made. As a senior at Polson High School, I have seen nothing but positive actions made by Mr. Hendrickson during the three years he has been at PHS. Students ...

Abolition of Montana death penalty to be debated, voted

There is incredible energy in the capitol during the session. It’s truly the people’s place. This week the gatherings rose to a hubbub among the marble walls, with standing-room-only hearings on major life and death issues.  • Montana’s death penalty - abolish or not? The ol...

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