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Advice to graduates begins long before the ceremony

Around this time every year we hear bits and pieces of advice that are shared with our graduating students. Some are sage and some are just fluff.  And some will actually stick. The recent advice passed on to graduates by First Lady Michelle Obama to “Remember that you are blessed. Remember that in exchange for those blessings, you must give something back,” was inspiring. And Bill Cosby’s advice to Temple graduates in 1998 to “... set goals ... set simple goals like pay off your student loan ... like get up in the morning when the bell rings,” was both humorous and cogent.  Last week I was struck by the significance of the advice I picked up...

Faces may change, but the Valley Journal will carry on

Change happens, whether you plan for it or not. And I never thought I’d be planning around this kind of change. At the end of June, I’ll be leaving the Valley Journal. It’s not going to be a joyful occasion for me. As a matter of fact, my last day at work might be the roughest I&rsquo...

Community theatre prospers in Polson

Nervous anticipation, heart-rate rising, sweaty palms, my mind goes blank. I can’t think of my lines moments before going on in my opening role as David Polson. “Stop!” I think to myself. Take a deep breath. Shake your arms down to your fingertips and relax.  Thankfully I have Neal ...

Listen to the pitch, but do your research before signing

There’s a lot to be said for engaging the brain long before engaging the mouth. The same could be prudent before putting your John Hancock on a piece of paper. Just as you can’t take back what you said, you also cannot rewind your signature.  As this year’s ballot initiatives beg...

Maybe it’s time for the election process to go postal

I admit I’m a positive kind of person. I see the glass half full and the potential to fill it.  At election time, I try to remain positive about our country’s election process, but there are times when my disenchantment seeps out. After the results from last week’s municipal and ...

Burn within the permit system

Open burning ended last Friday, but that doesn’t mean burning won’t continue for a while.  As of Saturday, May 1, open burning is permitted but only by permit. Everyone who lives on the Flathead Indian Reservation and wants to burn woody material must obtain a burn permit through the trib...

May 4 is a weighty start to the election season

School boards, fire boards and irrigation districts may not draw a lot of mainstream media attention during election season, but that shouldn't diminish the importance of the positions. On Tuesday, May 4, voters in Lake County have a lot of important choices to make with plenty of good candidates to choos...

Election season kicks off

To those of us that are avid political system observers the upcoming election cycle is an exciting time to be involved in the process. The current climate is supercharged with change and possibility. The effect is similar to that of any organized sport in all of its passion and excitement.  It is so ...

Invest it now, or pay for it later

Good things don’t last forever, at least not without some serious investment. What works with careers and relationships also works with the things we own and prize. We can keep using that favorite hammer for as long as we want, as long as we keep it out of the weather and out of our neighbor’s...

Some of area's finest will be on hand for spring scrimmage

Spring brings a lot more than flowers to the valley. This year, it brings the sound of popping pads and some college football to town. The University of Montana Western is treating the Mission Valley with its annual spring football scrimmage on Ronan High School's new football field this Saturday. This...

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