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Hendrickson was right for PHS

The school board meeting held Feb. 14, determining Shawn Hendrickson’s contract renewal, was one of the most unethical and cowardly decisions made. As a senior at Polson High School, I have seen nothing but positive actions made by Mr. Hendrickson during the three years he has been at PHS. Students can be some of the toughest people to work with, yet this is Shawn’s specialty. Mr. Hendrickson is the disciplinarian at the high school, meaning not every student is on good terms with him. But nonetheless, he is truly respected. Not many teachers can reprimand a kid then give that same kid a high five one day later. Mr. Hendrickson has taught many students at PHS that they must a...

Abolition of Montana death penalty to be debated, voted

There is incredible energy in the capitol during the session. It’s truly the people’s place. This week the gatherings rose to a hubbub among the marble walls, with standing-room-only hearings on major life and death issues.  • Montana’s death penalty - abolish or not? The ol...

Medical marijuana now a billion dollar business in Montana

Now the medical marijuana comments we’ve received are in the thousands. Here’s one from James Dale: “Say good bye to your House seat. I can guarantee you have lost your next election. You should have looked at the truth, not your GOP lies. It was a very big mistake to vote the way you did. ...

Many difficult decisions to be made at legislature

Lots of difficult decisions coming up. Each one should be a full column but here’s the short version of four problematic issues: 1. The balance between eminent domain and property rights is not as easy as one would think. For job creation we need regulatory certainly. Does a permit mean go to work o...

Outsourcing workers’ compensation debated at legislature

The pace of legislation is speeding up as bills clear committees and hit the floor. My Business, Labor and Economic Affairs committee passed the “growler bill” making it legal to bring your glass growler to a local brewery and take home a fresh half-gallon of brew. It’s a real grass- or ...

SB82 would make seat belt violations ‘primary’ offenses

It is with great sadness I write this, after Monday’s tragedy affecting the Wing family of Polson. Our hearts go out to them at the loss of their daughter Samantha Schaff. With a heavy sense of Providential timing, Senate bill 82 – making seat belts a “primary” offense – was deb...

Senate amendment to HB1 reduces costs of legislature

Last week we heard the State of the State address given by our governor to the joint House and Senate. It was televised across Montana so you might have seen it. He was very up beat and positive about Montana’s economic recovery. I wish we had more improvement here in the western part of the state. ...

Pocketbooks are powerful in a consumer-driven society

With all of the advances we’ve seen and continue to see in science and technology and the growing popularity of “going green” I’m amazed that the majority of America still drives petroleum-fueled vehicles and that we produce such an incredible amount of waste. Where are the garbage-ea...

Bill to reform Workers’ Compensation being heard

By the time you read this, Representative Reichner from Bigfork will have presented his bill to reform our Workers’ Comp system. Montana has the highest workers’ comp rates in the nation. In fact, 60 percent higher than the U.S. average. All of our neighboring states are below the U.S. average. ...

Who am I and how did I get here?

After nearly two decades of reaching you by way of the weekly Advertiser and Lake County Leader  – formerly Flathead Courier, Ronan Pioneer and Mission Valley News – I have just been appointed the honor of representing you in the Montana Senate. Montana has 50 Senate districts. If you liv...

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