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Comment inspires exercise

Editor, “Couch and pancakes”...” Couch and pancakes.” The words coming from Terry, a 70 plus yearold attorney from California, rang in my ears after he jogged on past me at the Polson High School track. I was on my usual two to three mile walk. Terry was on his usual nine mile jog, yes nine miles. He’s an inspiration for sure. As he jogs around, passing me, we usually exchange a short comment or two. He said: “We gotta keep going. It beats sitting on the couch eating pancakes.” Yes, it does. And so does any form of exercise. From yoga to yard work, anything we humans can do to consistently and habitually exercise our bodies is proof-positiv...

Singing to avoid bears

Editor, I’m sharing bear confrontation information. Almost a dozen times, I’ve encountered black and brown bears while hiking and camping. The only time I’ve seen grizzly bears in the wild was on a tour in Alaska, and they were out in a huge meadow, grazing on grass like cows, this was i...

A different opinion

Editor, Philip Barney’s recent letter is a study in irony. He dismisses others as ignorant of history then demonstrates his own misunderstanding of it, or calculated revision and misuse of it. Defending a President attacking free speech, free press and a division of federal powers, he evokes the mem...

Church truck stolen How low can people go?

Someone stole a tire and wheel from a pickup truck in the carport of the Mission Valley United Methodist Church on Post Creek Hill. Then they came last week and stole the entire truck with the snowplow on it, pulled it out of the carport and left with it. It is a 1999 Dodge 2500 white standard cab long bo...

Political opinion shared

Only someone ignorant of World War II history or having an irrational hatred for President Trump would compare the current administration to Nazi Germany. Such a comparison is an insult to the thousands of young Americans and veterans that fought and died on the beaches of Normandy and in Western Europe to d...

Election thoughts

A very important race for the Lake County Commissioner’s office has generated significant momentum that everyone needs to know about. The race involves a new and bright star who has emerged on the campaign trail. Her name is Caroline McDonald, challenger for Lake County Commissioner. In Caroline&rsq...

Tough love

Editor, What is tough love? The definition per is “affectionate concern expressed in a stern or unsentimental manner especially to promote responsible behavior.” Responsible behavior, isn’t that an admirable quality to promote? Tough love has been the cornerstone of m...

Food pantry grateful for support

Editor, On behalf of the Polson area Loaves and Fish food pantry, I’m thrilled to thank both the Greater Polson Community Foundation and the Lower Flathead Community Foundation for their generous support of our school backpack program. Their donations will cover about a third of our costs to provide...

Character matters

Editor, Does character count? Looking at our present legislative and executive branches of government, does character trump selfishness? Do members of our Republican House and Senate act out of high morality, unselfishness, and good character? Does our White House and various executive branch appointees a...

Dance support appreciated

Editor, Thank you for all your support of Cowboy Country and the Gold Dust Girls dance at the Elks. I want to express my appreciation to many of my friends (nine) for helping before, during and after the dance; to the Elks; Anderson Broadcasting Music Minute; for all who advertised for this event, eith...


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