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Consider the debt ceiling

Editor, With a crisis looming over the debt ceiling, you’ll be hearing that Republicans, the party claiming to support fiscal responsibility, are just trying to keep reckless spending in check. Don’t be fooled. There is a process where legitimate debate occurs about what the government funds, how much it spends, and how we should pay for it. It is called budgeting and appropriation.  Raising the debt ceiling allows the government to pay for commitments already made (about equally by politicians from both parties, by the way). Refusing to pay debts incurred is no more responsible than refusing to pay your credit card bill because, in hindsight you wish you’d not ...

Thank you

Editor, On Jan. 20 my husband and I were at our church at Second and Diamond in St. Ignatius and my husband couldn’t start the pickup. A gentleman from Two Rivers Auto Body was there in five minutes and got it started for us and didn’t charge us a fee. Thank you so much from these grateful sen...

Remember courtesy

Editor, To the lazy, inconsiderate cattlemen who moved cows up Stinger Rd mid-day Saturday, Jan. 21. You evidently managed to lift my gate out over the snow drift to close off my driveway (thank you) however when I got home, I could barely open my gate enough to squeeze my little subaru through. I am shor...

Thank you PHS

Editor, We recently had the opportunity to watch the Polson-Ronan basketball games in the ‘new’ Linderman gym. The support the teams had from the pep band, cheerleaders, dance team, student section, faculty and parents was truly amazing. It was awesome to see so many positive things going on w...

Water rights

Editor, The Montana legislature is considering SB 72, sponsored by Sen. Fitzpatrick. The bill would make significant changes pertaining to “the powers, duties, terms, designations, appointments, operations, and jurisdiction of the Montana Water Court.” It amends MCA 85-2-114, entitled “J...

Choose love

Editor, Our present lives as humans on earth are filled with increasing chaos, confusion, and the development of advanced methods of killing each other. This can surely threaten our continuing human existence on planet earth. There is a clear and empowering answer to all this. It involves the ‘power...

Read the bills

Editor, A recent public relations piece from the ever-ready opportunist Senator Tester announced he introduced legislation to strengthen the border. I want to point out to Senator Tester and his constituents he just voted for the massive Omnibus Bill that set spending records. In that Bill, on Page 753, t...

Live life peacefully

The only control I have in life is over myself. Regardless of the condition of my body, I am totally in control of my mind. “My thinking makes it so,” Rev. Larry King We are witnessing the tremendous advances our world is making exploring and learning about outer space. It occurs to me that we...

Concerning irrigators

Editor, On Dec. 6, the Montana Water Court extended the date to make objection to the CSKT water compact. The extension will be to Feb. 9, 2023. The Mission/Jocko Irrigation District will file an objection. It does not appear the Flathead District is going to file an objection. Understand if you do not ob...

Thank you doesn't seem adequate

Editor, On behalf of the entire volunteer staff of the Polson Loaves and Fish Pantry, Inc. and our clients, we would like to thank those of you in our community as well as several donors outside of our area, for your amazing support. Because of all of you, we were able to make our goal set by the Town Pum...

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