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Letters to the Editor

Working together essential to progress

Editor, Logic? “Future economic stability of Lake County depends on the election of those whose loyalty is not divided between two governments.” I think not. Both governments mentioned in the readers letter are part of Lake County. Both are sovereign nations. We need in fact to eliminate continued loyalty to just one or the other to see economic development in Lake County. And thus we need to replace those who serve with that misconception. America partners with other sovereign nations in world affairs to achieve goals that better our country. It should be that way to better our county as well. If our current and frequently reelected commissioners have in fact demons...

Decker is logical choice

Editor, The future economic stability of Lake County depends on the election of those whose loyalty is not divided between two governments. The only governmental entity that is responsible for Lake County is the County Commission, a political subdivision of the State of Montana. The government of the C...

Injustice everywhere

Dear Editor, Martin Luther King wrote from his jail cell, “Injustice anywhere leads to injustice everywhere.” In America today, injustice can be defined in how much money you have to spend on lawyers and lobbyists. Injustice can be defined on America’s court system’s judges refusin...

Enjoy gift of live theater

Editor, Our community has a true gift in Karen and Neal Lewing, who again are treating us to a summer of outstanding live theater right here in Polson. “Foxfire” opened July 26 and plays through Aug. 12. The entire production is excellent. I encourage you to bring your family and friends to...

Country’s political problem is cultural

Editor, I love it. Our fearless correspondent and knower of everything, Bob McClellan, has finally crossed the Rubicon, by comparing Trump to Hitler, and the Republicans to the Nazis. I, too, am distressed with Washington, but I think that Bob is both misdirected and carries things too far (Current politi...

Is Water Court adjudication better than Compact for irrigators?

Editor, When Tim Orr accused Compact supporters of “litigation fear” (VJ June 26), I asked him to explain “why water court adjudication would provide a better outcome than the Compact” (VJ July 4). He did not answer but asked whether I support the Compact because Moiese will get...

Irrigation Operations and Maintenance increase a necessary hardship

Editor, Flathead district irrigators held a meeting on July 23 to discuss BIA’s O&M Increase and FID FY 2018- 19 budgets. (Posted at courthouse). It would be nice to think that the FID irrigators have complete trust in their elected commissioners, or is it possible the FID irrigators were una...

Letter contained inaccuracies

Editor, Last week, Susan Lake wrote some very incorrect statements about the BIA authority to increase the cost of irrigation water. 1. The BIA does not own Flathead Irrigation Project. The United States of America does. Just like the USA owns Mission Valley Power, the CSK Tribe is the operational enti...

Make your voice heard

Editor, Voting is one of the most important things we can do to bring about change in our communities and to ensure our leaders are accountable. It is easy to slip into feeling one vote doesn’t matter - but it only makes sense that voices of people who do not vote are not heard. This is why women an...

Public discourse needed on President’s personality disorder

Editor, Donald Trump’s comments and behavior are being listened to and watched 24/7 these days. He, of course, loves the attention, regardless of its tone and timbre. The odd and totally unhealthy part of all this is that there are no discussions on the source of Trump’s unhinged outbursts and...


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