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Letters to the Editor

Landlines are valuable

Editor, I read with amusement the article by Jill Pertler about the evolution of the telephone. She is a good writer and told the story pretty accurately, as far as I can tell, as far as it went. The most important thing for me, though, thinking about it, is the security I feel about still having my good ol’ landline. We actually have an older phone in our house that is still tied to the phone jack in the wall. We also have cordless phones that are dependent on electricity to work, but they are not the security blanket my tied-to-the-wall old timer is. If there is a disaster such as a hurricane or a tornado (neither of which we are apt to have here), cell service can be down for da...

Kindness during time of loss appreciated

Editor, We, the family of Bud Fitzpatrick would like to thank everyone for their kindness, support and prayers during our time of loss. Thank you to the doctors and staff at CMC Billings Clinic for finding Bud’s heart problem and giving us a few more precious days with him. Special thanks goes to...

Addressing water compact concerns

Editor, In the last few months, the answer to address the final water compact in Montana has been put out: The People’s Compact. This addresses the constitutional concerns and quantification of water in western Montana, the Flathead Reservation and the Flathead Indian Irrigation Project, brought on ...

Sharing the rest of the story

Editor, In a recent obituary column for Tom Needham, there is a paragraph about Tom doing a memorial service for his brother Robert at the Ronan Cemetery 72 years after his brother’s death. Unfortunately a key part of the story was omitted and the “closure” mentioned would not have been ...

Giving thanks for the concert

Editor, The Big Arm community was treated to a wonderful Christmas concert by the Polson High School Choir under the direction of Kaylee Schubert on Friday evening, Dec. 14. The “older generation” very much appreciated the “younger generation” giving up a Friday night to share thei...

A gift for all to celebrate

Editor, A gift has been presented to all the people of Montana. The gift is a simple solution. A solution that may, should it be the will of our heavenly Creator, lift the dark cloud of uncertainty that Montana has endured ever since the partial, one-of-three-party passage, of the Confederated Salish and ...

United community is powerful

Editor, “We the People, exercising our God-given unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; to form a more perfect union and come together as a united community, set forth this new, fair, equitable, and final resolution of the federal reserved water rights claims of the Unite...

DNRC support for Water Compact not appreciated

Editor, Predictably, the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation’s John Tubbs is in full mutual defense mode of the government’s non-negotiable, “negotiated” settlement (for the Montana-Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribe’s Water Compact). We get it. The deep pock...

Remembering human values

Editor, A wave of nostalgia swept over the nation as citizens observed the pomp and ceremony during funeral activities honoring our 41st President, George H. W. Bush. The motorcades, the honor guard, the arrival of Air Force One (4141), the music, the distinguished guests, the cabal of past presidents, th...

Respect shared for 41st President

Editor, I participated by TV in the memorial service at the Washington National Cathedral this past week. As I watched, listened and responded with a few tears of my own, I prayed the Lord would touch the heart of every person attending and everyone across this great country who was watching with a renewe...

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