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What is Orr’s compact alternative?

Editor, Tim Orr continues his attack on the compact but what is his alternative (VJ June 26)? I admit that “litigation fear” is a major factor that eventually led me to support the compact in 2015. And the more I have learned about MT water court adjudication risks and costs, the more I am convinced that the compact provides much greater confidence that my wife and I will continue to have access to irrigation water for our farm and well water for our home. Orr, and other opponents of the compact, should explain, in writing, why water court adjudication would provide a better outcome than the compact. Dick Erb Moiese

Narcissistic Personality Disorder root cause of President’s behavior

Editor, It seems essential in our present chaotic political environment to be willing to look at and address root causes. Root cause identity usually takes a “back seat” to the endless reactive chatter around the latest drama. Root cause identity can lead to sensible dialogue among people with...

Dispatch calls go unanswered

Editor, I would like to ask the county commissioners a question. Why don’t we have a dispatch for when we call the police? Don’t tell me we do. Because what we have is a joke. I called in a couple times and the phones ring and ring and no one answers. Last night I called four times. I sa...

‘Deplorables’ are united

Editor, In her letter to the editor, Liberty Sloan Plouffe wished more people would speak out. Well here goes … I am one of the 63 million Americans that voted for President Trump and I am proud to say so. I was taught to have respect for office of the President of the United States. I do not find ...

Rights being given away

Editor, Montana, CSKT, a group sponsored out of Arlington Virginia, called FARM (part of the CSKT and Dennis Rehburg’s “Mercury” $3,500,000 PR campaign for CSKT water compact), the Mt. Farm Bureau, which I’m sure many FIP irrigators belong, and some sportsman’s groups out of ...

Make your voice heard, vote

Editor, In working with Mission Valley Rises to get out the vote this year, I have heard from too many people that they do not plan to vote. Those who explain their position often say, “It doesn’t make any difference.” Historically, groups that have not voted have not had the power to ha...

Museum flea market planned

Editor, Due to many conflicting events, the Garden of the Rockies Museum plans to hold a one time, three-day flea market on July 12, 13 and 14. Tables or spots are $10 for all three days. This will be a good time to sell your crafts, leftovers from your yard sale or have a mini yard sale. Spaces will be a...

Class of ’68 seeks help finding classmates

Editor, The Polson High School Class of ‘68 is having their 50th reunion Sept. 14-16. We would like current address/ phone or email information for the following MIA classmates: Steve Carpenter, Glenn Denton, Jack Ingraham, Tony Korf, Pat Lyons, Laura Morigeau, Clayton Olmstead, Dennis Rathbun, Chri...

Gift basket donations appreciated

Editor, On behalf of the Polson Head Start 3-parent committee, we would like to thank some awesome sponsors who donated to the Head Start graduation. Gift baskets for the kids moving from preschool to kindergarten were purchased. Thank you to S&K Technologies, your generous gift was much appreciated. ...

Memorial Day meal appreciated

Editor, A special thank you to Stuart, Brian, cooks and waitresses for the great meal provided by Ninepipes Lodge for all the veterans and their families on Memorial Day. It concluded a special day in remembering our past veterans and family members. JC Courville Amerian Legion Commander on behalf o...


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