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Some left out of negotiations

Editor, Water rights concern everyone. How is it that we, in the 21st century, can’t work it out and share these rights to our mutual benefit? How is it that we find it necessary to lie, cheat and steal – after all these years, decades, centuries? We pretend to act civilized, for the camera I guess, but always seem to resort to underhanded skullduggery and backstabbing. Cheating, lying, perverting the truth and intimidation tactics appear the best we can do; ala Alan Mikkelsen and Jon Metropoulos and their endless “you don’t want to litigate.” Given the choice of negotiating a lie or litigating the truth, I’m for litigation; bring it on. The CSKT wa...

Democrat Party now ‘godless’

Editor,  The DNC national convention has become quite refreshing for its spontaneity. Gone was all mention of God, Allah, or a higher power in the Democrat party platform, which is a mission statement for the party and president. Our country was founded on Christian principles, but our founding fathe...

Settlement akin to ‘cheese in a trap’

Editor, To C.S.K.T Membership: The “$150,126,000 fiasco” – Case 1:06-CV-02239-T.F.H. Nez-Perce Tribe v. Kenneth Salazar was filed 12-28-06. C.S.K.T. was added as a plaintiff to this case on 12-08-08. How long prior to 12-01-08 did Tribal Council and the legal department secre...

Museum remains open year-round

Editor,  Due to the many inquiries we have been receiving, I would like to alert the public about the shortened hours at the Miracle of America Museum. Several museums around the state do either close or diminish days open after Labor Day. The Miracle of America Museum is open all year; however, f...

Take your hate away

Editor, From the beginning of time until the end of time, this land has and will always belong to the Salish, Kootenai and Pend d’Oreille people. When you purchased or inherited land here, you knew it was the tribes’ lands. Why did you come here if you don’t like our people? When you did...

Bank’s donation will feed many

Editor, Polson Loaves and Fish Food Pantry was the recent recipient of a most timely and gracious gift of meat from our local Glacier Bank. This meat donation was most welcome as the community’s need for assistance is increasing significantly. Thank you, Glacier Bank. Glacier donated half of a pi...

A nation is its people

Editor, I take issue with a statement in the Aug. 29, 2012, issue of the Valley Journal, which reads, “What many people don’t understand is that this court case dealt with mismanaged lands and resources belonging to tribal nations, not individual tribal members, as in the famous case of Cobell...

School’s decision on coach ‘regrettable’

Editor, I graduated from Ronan High School in 1996. Gale Decker was my math teacher in the seventh grade, my basketball and track coach through high school, and has remained a friend over the years. I have great respect for Mr. Decker as a teacher, coach, and human being. He is skilled and knowledgeable a...

Carter, Bop-A-Dips maligned

Editor, My name is Michael Glicksberg. I was the first bass guitar player for the Bop-A-Dips back in 1973-74. Greg Carter was one of the featured singers at that time.  Greg has kept a version of this band going for almost 40 years. This band has always been available for benefits, fundraisers and...

Humanity behind on social evolution

Editor, As we consider Thoreau’s maxim about quietly desperate lives and his admonition to the masses to simplify, we should also contemplate the current state of the body politic: contentious. Hopefully the leadership class will find the paths of compromise that can lead us back to fiscal stability...


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