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Earth Day event was a blast

Editor, I attended the Earth Day Celebration in St. Ignatius last Sunday, and was delighted. I want to thank lead organizer Ms. Keast, English teacher, for a well-put-on production and thank all participants for a good job as well. I learned that the recycling center near Pablo, run by Mark Nelson, accepts all types of plastics (Nos. 1 through 7) but don’t profit from that particular category. I’m so glad they do. It’s frustrating to not be able to recycle yogurt cups in Missoula through Allied Waste, for example. Mark says there will soon be more recycling bins in our area as well; great. Angela Helvey St. Ignatius

Here we go again

Editor, Two weeks ago, our local newspapers were kind enough to publish a letter to the editor in which I was critical of fellow trustees who make decisions on the basis of comments they hear from anonymous sources. The local papers, in their issues of the week of April 22, published a response from Alan ...

Many factors affect wind power

Editor, There are three things that make wind power on a par with coal; no, four. (This is only in certain areas though where the price of coal and distance to the power plant are factors. The Colstrip mine and the Billings power plant are untouchable by wind power, even in the worst of times for coal.) ...

Why are people leaving religion?

Editor, Just a month or so ago I started taking a weekly magazine “The Week.” I find it is very thorough in content yet not tedious with lengthy articles; it works great for me. In a page named “Briefing,” the subject was “The rise of atheism,” and included in the ar...

Support of CASA appreciated

Editor, A deep sense of gratitude is due to everyone who recently participated in the sixth annual CASA Golf Tournament. Participation was outstanding as usual and without the golfing support of area law enforcement, probation, banks and teachers, this event just couldn’t survive and continue to ...

America’s Holocaust happening now

Editor, I have just listened to a most eloquent pro-life speech delivered at the Holocaust Museum. President Obama spoke with seeming sincerity of the value of all life and expressed his hope that all human life will continue to be defended in our society. He praised the leaders of the times of the Hol...

Consider Mowbray for SD 6

Editor, The primary election is fast approaching on June 5. I‘m supporting and voting for Sen. Carmine Mowbray to enable her to continue to serve us in the Montana State Senate. I know she would appreciate your consideration and vote also. I have known Sen. Mowbray for almost 10 years through Lak...

Free introductory counseling really helps

Editor, Do you ever wonder what is holding you back? If you found out what it was, would you want to handle it? Well, I never understood what it was that caused me to make bad decisions, or say hurtful things, or even neglect my responsibilities. Your reactive mind stores lots of useless data and regurgit...

Miller best pick for governor

Editor, Sorry to say, I am a bit pessimistic about our federal government regardless of who will be elected to Washington, D.C. in November. That is why I am placing all my hope in Montana, and it begins now with the primary on June 5. Seven GOP candidates seeking nomination have crowded the field, but on...

‘Conservation’ ratings a joke

Editor, After reading a letter in your opinion pages regarding Janna Taylor’s “environmental rating” with a couple of Montana environmental groups, I felt compelled to respond. Seems as though she received very low ratings from two conservation groups. I am a relative newcomer to Mont...

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