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Read off on coal plant facts

Editor, Joe Read, HD 15 incumbent, stated in his campaign blip (VJ Oct. 3), that he believes the EPA has gone far beyond its call and is now hindering economic prospects (an oft-used Republican sound bite). As an example, he cites the Highwood coal plant outside of Great Falls, stating, “Millions of dollars were spent to satisfy permits. When they got done, Montana and the EPA had changed the rules so they had to start over.”  This is pure fabrication. Neither the EPA nor Montana DEQ changed the rules during the permitting process. The plant, as proposed, was a coal-fired plant set in the middle of prime agriculture land. Local farmers and neighbors objected to the pl...

National debt, economic recovery top issues

Editor, Let’s consider the Presidential election. Do we go with Mitt Romney, who even some prominent Democrats have said was a centrist, pragmatic and effective governor of Massachusetts, or do we continue with Barack Obama, who has taken a very Keynesian approach to lead us out of the Great Recessi...

If America forgets God, judgment will come

Editor, Like many Americans, I watched some of the events at both the Democrat and Republican conventions. I was not greatly inspired by either party; however, I was shocked as I listened to one session of the Democrat convention when the presiding chairman, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, was des...

Rescued cats still need homes

Editor, The Lake County Sheriff’s Office, assisted by Life Savers Animal Rescue, continues to seek suitable homes for the remaining 12 cats that were part of a rescue from an abandonment/hoarding case. The case originally involved 36 cats that were living in horrific conditions.  All were rescu...

Volunteers’ cleanup work appreciated

Editor,  On Saturday, Sept. 29, 24 residents of the Big Arm area turned out to help keep our beautiful Flathead Lake Valley clean. Armed with pick-up sticks and fortified with cookies, they set out to clean six miles of Highway 93 going through Big Arm. Within a couple of hours, the job was completed...

Details missing in Romney’s healthcare plan

Editor, What savings could be achieved when you dissolve one agency that offers the same benefits to all Americans by replacing it with 50 different agencies each offering their different versions of benefits? Fifty different bureaucracies, each with its own management team, cannot be more cost-effecti...

Vote Kendley for JP

Editor, I support Steve Kendley for Justice of the Peace. I have known him for years, and Steve is a man of who has shown impartiality and a commitment to law, rather than public opinion. He has the integrity and the professional competence as well as the judicial temperament that we so desperately need n...

Thanks, President Obama

Editor,  I would like to give President Obama a giant “thank-you.” I appreciate the opportunity to do this publicly.  Many years ago, as a junior high student, I remember enjoying a song in our music class about loving the United States of America.  I remember singing out rob...

Taylor best choice for senate

Editor, As former Speaker of the Montana House of Representatives, I know it takes experience to get things done and protect our interest in the Montana legislature. Janna Taylor will make an excellent state senator. During her time in the House, she has served on the most complex and challenging committe...

Please explain seniority

Editor,  It has become painfully clear that there are those in the Flathead/Mission Valley who believe “seniority” dictates more than just who gets water and when; they seem to believe it dictates whether you are a valued, local insider or a despicable, outside agitator. Somehow it determ...

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