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Council’s agenda should match needs of people

Editor, It has become apparent these last few months of the importance of some of the issues facing our people today. We all hear rumors from day to day about vital issues that affect our lives, and it is hard to get a good consensus of the issues. I would like to propose that at the next quarterly meeting on April 5 that the Tribal Council put aside the agenda for that meeting and discuss with the tribal membership the following issues of concern: water compact, on and off the reservation; Salazar settlement; Kerr Dam; corporations; tribal constitution changes; sequester shortfall/funding; Cobell settlement; and gaming. Other issues that the tribal members...

Using TIF grant a mistake

Editor,  I am surprised that Polson is willing to use a TIF grant. The people behind this should have investigated the use of this grant in other states, who have used the TIF grant only to find out later it was a huge mistake. California used the TIF grant twice, and that state will not allow that g...

Council skirting law’s requirements

Editor, At the March 4 Polson council meeting, the Polson Redevelopment Agency Board asked the commission to approve borrowing $641,000 for projects to be repaid using Tax Increment Financing funds.   During the meeting, Commissioner Campbell said, “… the PRA is asking the commission ...

What happened to the ‘melting pot’?

Editor,  “About 77 percent of people living in American Indian and Alaska Native areas are non-Indian,” according to a recent census report. “Roughly half of American Indian women are married to non-Indians,” the Justice Department has said. Pretty interesting statistics, woul...

Abolishing death penalty is bad idea

Editor, The woman in a recent letters column and 10 “Republicrats” wanting to repeal the death penalty need to get their facts straight. I know two of the testifiers at the hearing wanting repeal, and they are on entitlements and wanted any so-called money saved to go to the victim’s fam...

Are Montana’s legislators in bed with 'big oil'?

Editor, According to Montana’s Board of Oil and Gas, we now have more than 11,000 active oil and gas wells in Montana, which include 750 new wells in the Bakken since 2000. It appears that the saying “If you have it, they will come,” rings true with oil and gas. Unfortunately for Mont...

FCA fundraiser a blast

Editor, The Polson High School’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes Club had a very successful fundraiser this past Friday night. It was FCA’s first annual teacher vs. student volleyball/basketball event with a spaghetti dinner and silent auction.  We are very fortunate to live in a town...

Bank’s donation enjoyed

Editor, Our thanks to Community Bank for sponsoring a bus trip to Spokane for a ’40s musical revue at the Fox Theatre and stage production of “War Horse” at the opera house. It was enjoyable. Gini Nelson Lake County Seniors

Republican party gives $32M to oil companies

Editor, Is there anyone out there who could use $32 million? Just contact the state Republican party – that’s the amount they just gave away to the big oil companies with their huge profits, in lieu of paying their fair share of taxes to help Montana citizens (SB 295.)  $32 million could ...

Prolozone therapy improved my life

Editor,  I have recently discovered a miracle remedy for debilitating pain I’ve dealt with for many years. I’d like to share this amazing remedy and my story with the valley.  In 2006 I injured my left knee practicing kickboxing maneuvers. Misdiagnosed as a sprain that would heal ...


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