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‘Thank you’ to St. Patty’s pasty patrons

Editor, The East Shore Montecahto Club had another successful pasty making and selling session for St. Patty’s Day. Many thanks go out to all who supported us with purchases. A special thank you goes to: Lake City Bakery where we were allowed to use their space to make the pasties; to Bob and Roger Starkel for the donation and delivery (again for the fifth year) of 100 pounds of potatoes; to Gull Printing for the terrific posters; to Kerr Radio for several great broadcast spots; and last but certainly not least this newspaper for it’s continued community minded support. We could not have done it without all of these wonderful businesses and our public. Thanks again. Alice...

Destructive mentality threatens tribal culture

Editor, I have never been persuaded to write to your paper until today after reading Shayla Couture’s letter in the March 13 issue. Shayla, I feel you have been misguided as a “tribal member,” and there are a few points I want to make to you. You wrote it is “disgraceful and rac...

School nurses thank dental professionals

Editor, We would like to take this opportunity to thank our local dental community for coming to Cherry Valley and Linderman Schools to screen and to present information on proper oral health to our students during Children’s Dental Health month in February. Dr. Bull, Dr. Clave, Dr. Siemers, Dr. ...

Military suicide rates evidence societal problems

Editor, When our young military men and women’s suicide rate exceeds the rate of deaths due to combat during a so-called wartime, something is very radically wrong. This points to something much deeper than the military. It points to a nation’s attitudes and moral character.  This mili...

If compact passes, lawsuit should follow

Editor, The sovereign nation of the United States, through Congressional law, created the Flathead Irrigation District in 1908. The act specifically described the district as being in the “former” Flathead Indian Reservation. Homesteaders and settles purchased lands along with the water rig...

Irrigators should be treated equally

Editor, We would like to start out by saying that we fully support a water compact agreement — just not this one. We need a complete, well-written and fair one. If this compact goes through, we are still not guaranteed the efficiency cost share improvement monies. Paul Wadsworth and Susan Lake bo...

Board works to improve library services

Editor, To North Lake County Public Library readers, although our library has a wide range of services and programs, a fundamental service should consist of having the most recently processed books (fiction and nonfiction), or at least those titles, to be readily accessible to patrons. Toward that end, so...

Lake letter hypocritical

Editor, Susan Lake, how can you say you are “concerned about the emerging rift within your community” when you are backing the very water compact that will take away your neighbors’ water to irrigate their land? How about the fact that stockgrowers will lose the right to stock water? And...

Tribal Council should honor petition

Editor, The People’s Voice Inc. feels after receiving its petition, the Tribal Council committed 11 violations of secretarial standards in CFR, part 82 (12) and did not follow Tribal Ordinance 53A. The Tribal Council violated the Tribal Constitution, Article 1, Section 6, Oath of Office. Article 6, ...

Compact secures water rights

Editor, Hopefully, the state legislature will approve the water rights compact agreement this session. I also hope that farmers and ranchers will support the related water use agreement. I raise hay on a 240-acre farm that is dependent on irrigation water. I publicly opposed the May 2012 version of the WU...


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