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Road repairs should be priority

Editor,                                                                                                       The local road situation is a major problem for people’s safety and the condition of their vehicles. In Montana, constant thawing and freezing of moisture on the surface of the road causes cracks. Asphalt and other materials are porous, which means they absorb liquid. So as the liquids in the road surface thaw and freeze, t...

Faithful reminded of savior on Easter

Editor, Celebrating Easter often reflects a broad variety of public opinion, including beautiful bonnets, baskets of eggs, fragrant bouquets and sumptuous buffets, etc. Thankfully, many folks in the valley and further afield see beyond the temporal trappings; they made their way to places of worship once ...

Toastmasters change meeting time

RONAN — In an effort to make their meeting time more convenient for potential new members, the All-Ways Talking Toastmaster club of the Mission Valley has decided to change their meeting time to 6:30 p.m. on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month. Meetings last one hour and include both prepare...

Youth center would benefit community

Editor,  Growing concern from adults about underage drug and alcohol use within Lake County led the city to consider starting a youth center for the kids and teens of the area. While the cost of a youth center might be a huge financial burden on the city, it could have a significant impact on the kid...

Combining lunches at PHS would hurt restaurants

Editor,  I’ve been attending Polson High School my whole life, and I’m a junior currently. Lunch has always been one of my favorite times of the day. How it works here, if you’re not familiar with our lunch system, is that we have two separate lunch times. Depending on the student&r...

‘Smart growth’ not so smart

Editor, “Heart and Soul” … boy, now doesn’t that sound all warm and fuzzy. Exactly what it was intended to do: make you trust. I have heard that their goal is “smart growth” for Polson. “Smart growth” is part of the United Nations’ Agenda 21, a plan o...

Potential litigation won’t be a picnic for tribes

Editor, Should the final tribal reserved water rights compact in Montana, for the Flathead Indian Reservation, fail to pass through the state legislature, the CSKT Council, legal dept and negotiating team have declared they will begin the litigation process for their 7,000-plus water claims with the DRNC ...

Landowners deserve compensation for water

Editor, The United States, through its Congress, enacted legislation in 1908 creating the Flathead Irrigation District, representing to the prospective homesteaders that the lands were within the “former” Flathead Reservation. Homesteaders and settlers bought these lands along with the atta...

Postal service depends on customers to write

Editor, Do we all remember the saying “cross your Ts and dot your Is?” It was from your penmanship teacher. The saying comes to me often as I sit down to write a letter. Yes, I sit at my computer with spell check, grammar check and instant spell correction. I look into my drawer and see two...

Irish dinner, dance great for community

Editor,  Many thanks to everyone who attended Big Arm Historic School’s Irish dinner and show Friday evening, March 22. Your support helps us to continue the school’s restoration work. A delicious feast of corned beef, cabbage with all of the trimmings was served to the community, foll...

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