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Let’s restore Montana’s campaign integrity

Editor, Senator Jim Peterson is gathering bipartisan support for a bill that will close a loophole that adversely impacts Montana politics. Currently PACs calling themselves  “educational” need not disclose their source of money. We’ve seen the result: outside “dark money” influences are undermining the spirit of local representative government. Campaigns are shifting from grassroots efforts to a high-stakes, top-down process funded by out-of-area special interests. Legislative races should be about rounding up a few volunteers, meeting constituents door-to-door, costing nothing. Yard signs, print and radio ads and a mailing or two are within the bud...

Questions remain on rights of unborn

Editor, A published response to my question of how those who argue that a fertilized embryo is entitled to constitutional rights dissolves into a diatribe about a scientific report and concludes with the unsubstantiated statement of constitutional protection, offering no insight.   So again I ask,...

Community events fun, educational

Editor, Wow. What a month this has been in our little community, beginning with the International Showcase of Films, followed by Big Production’s offering concert pianist and composer Mike Strickland, and then the Ninepipes Art Group sponsoring a Valentine’s party fundraiser. These activities ...

Funeral brings reflection on afterlife

Editor, This past week I participated in my brother-in-law’s memorial service at the Terrace Lake Community church in Ronan. John Corum was a World War II Navy veteran. His body was buried at Ronan’s Mountain View Cemetery with full military honors. Thank you, honor guard. You do such a splend...

Compact bargains with landowners’ rights

Editor, It’s important to stop and reflect on the blessings we receive in our lives, especially blessings we receive without knowing they even exist. Personally, I’d like to thank the Montana State Reserved Water Compact Commission; you know, the Chris Tweetens and the Jay Wieners and the Bill...

Irrigators can’t afford to reject compact

Editor, We are irrigators in the Jocko Valley who favor the (proposed irrigation water) agreement. We endorse the sentiments of the CKST Chairman (see the Feb. 6 Valley Journal) and Mary Stranahan.  The issues have been debated at length. The Western Montana Water Users Association’s case ag...

Nuke tests raise questions for U.S.

Editor, I am writing this on Lincoln’s birthday, by the way. The underground nuclear test just completed by North Korea, and now with the great consternation, fear, and international condemning of such an action, it makes one wonder just who is entitled and who is not entitled to conduct nuclear tes...

Fish, game bills flood legislature

There was lots of candy, cookies and flowers around the capital for Valentine’s Day. A couple of my Facebook friends posted pictures of our area. Makes me homesick. Transmittal break, when bills go from the House to the Senate and vice versa, is March 1-3. It will be great to be home for three days....

Litigation not solution to water problems

Editor, There will be a ballot coming in the mail soon asking the irrigators to vote for or against the water use agreement. Get informed with factual information so you can understand the consequences of a yes or a no vote. The fate of entire compact rides on this vote. My family has been farming in t...

Thanks for helping our son

Editor, On a positive note, our family would like to thank the employees and customers of Harvest Foods in Ronan and Safeway in Polson for aiding us when our son and brother, Jake, had an epileptic seizure in your respective establishments these past few weeks. Having the disability of autism often accomp...


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