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Change is necessary

Editor, Mr. Brandt and Mr. Fulton: either of you would be a great change in city government. The third candidate for mayor seems to think things are just fine the way they are. Anyone who doesn’t recognize the outright corruption and illegal activity at city hall just must not be paying attention. I suggest that you two gentlemen team up so as not to split the vote of those of us who want change. As a lifelong resident I prefer another longtime citizen, especially considering his previous extensive experience working with the city. With one of you and Mr. Kalinyaprak, maybe we can begin to fix the current mess — starting with the city attorney. Bill Samsel Polson ...

KOA business owners support Knutson

Editor, As local business owners, we feel the need to write this letter to state our support of mayoral candidate Heather Knutson.  Our city needs to have a strong leader and Heather brings experience and qualities that our mayor needs.  Heather was born and raised in Polson and she lives and wo...

The People’s Voice members no longer affiliated

Editor, Elden White, Donna Orr, Janice Cordier, Joyce Mitchell and Joelene Frey are no longer affiliated with The People’s Voice, Inc. in any capacity, as of Sept. 27, 2013.  Jeri Roullier  Spokesperson, The People’s Voice, Inc. St. Ignatius

Polson needs housekeeping

Editor, Montana Code and Constitution require “actions and deliberations of all public agencies shall be conducted openly,” allowing exceptions only in cases where the “demand for individual privacy clearly exceeds the merits of public disclosure.”  Lately, City Council has...

Life or death treatment decision questioned

Editor, I’m writing this letter in concern of our own tribal members regarding insurance in a life or death situation. It seems the Salish Kootenai tribes don’t care for their tribal members’ well-being when it comes to a head injury or a serious cut or something of that nature because a...

Knutson choice for financial, administrative skills

Editor, A great deal of time and energy has been spent debating the correct form of government for the City of Polson. This debate will most likely continue eternally, as some citizens will always believe that a volunteer who resides within the city limits is best suited to act as our city chief executive...

Working out solutions: heart and soul of it

Editor, Recently I attended a Polson “Heart & Soul” planning meeting for the important and vital “Polson Heart & Soul Community Values Summit” later this fall, something we all should put on our calendars. The “Heart & Soul” project is part of the Greater Po...

Southerland a good choice for Polson

Editor, I would like to take this opportunity to present Jill Southerland, candidate to represent Ward 2 on our City Council. I have had the opportunity to work with Jill during the last four-to-five years and I consider her to be one of the most competent people I have ever had the experience of working ...

Selection process was illegal

Editor, The Republic is dead; long live its replacement: Social Democracy. Polson is about to have a new City Manager. The process of selection was performed outside the confines of the law, the decision on just who it would be was performed without public input and the legal, binding contract for serv...

Kalinyaprak’s tenacity exposes boondoggles

Editor, Murat Kalinyaprak is tenacious in demanding facts and uncovering information. I am in the process of posting on the details of some of the decisions that quietly went away because Murat brought information to the table the city could not minimize, or ignored.  ...


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