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Everyone reminded to recycle

Editor, This Nov. 15 will be the 15th anniversary of America Recycles Day. This day is an opportunity to recognize the daily decision we can all make to save energy and resources by recycling resources back into our economy. There will be community events in Shelby, Helena, Miles City, Missoula, Lincoln, and Dillon. Additional events can still be posted at or through A dozen Montana schools competed in this year’s national Recycle Bowl from Oct. 15 to Nov. 9, with the school recycling the most per-capita guaranteed to win $1,000, with an additional opportunity to compete nationally for funds to purchase recycling bins. This year has ...

Candidate grateful for support

Editor, I wanted to take a moment to be sure and thank those who supported me in the election for District Court judge. It was a privilege to be a candidate. While I wish the outcome would have been different, I take it all as a positive experience and very much appreciated the opportunity of introducing ...

Clean water an enormous asset

Editor, On Dec. 8, 2011, a U.S. Senate panel approved a plan for $415 million to be spent on the restoration of Lake Tahoe over a decade. This was in addition to $1.4 billion spent to restore or protect Tahoe since 1997. Flathead Lake is much the same size as Tahoe. Maintaining clean water in the Flathead...

Election reveals concerning trend

Editor, Now that the election has been decided and we have heard all the excuses from certain pundits as to why Romney did not win, something comes to my mind in all this. And this particular trend of concern was not picked up by the media, not realized, and certainly not expected.  This unrealize...

Lindsey gave great effort

Editor, We would personally like to thank Nancy Lindsey for running for the Montana State Senate against a well-known and popular candidate.  The odds were against Nancy from the outset, but she still agreed to put herself out there and present herself to District 6 as a viable alternative to the Rep...

GOP headquarters had great run

Editor, We would like to send a huge thank-you to all of the wonderful volunteers and generous supporters of the Lake County GOP Headquarters. Through the tremendous efforts of a multitude of energized and motivated local citizens who donated their time, their money, their ideas and their help, we were ab...

Letter was wrong on debt

Editor, The “Republican hypocrisy rampant” letter from Jackie Ladner is another example of anti-Republican thinking and logic. Ladner said the national debt was $12 trillion when Bush left office; the debt increased by $4 trillion under Obama; and that the debt grew by 8.1 percent under Bus...

Why doesn’t Tribal Council listen to members?

Editor, I have been carrying a petition for tribal members to sign in regard to paying out the remaining money from the recent settlement. I just want the Tribal Council to know what I am seeing and hearing from an overwhelming majority of the members I talk to.  First, I’ve seen what wonder...

Please return camera memory cards

Editor,  I am still in disbelief that someone would even consider taking my memory cards from my camera bag at the Harvest Festival in Ronan at K. William Harvey Elementary. It was a kids’ event, and while I was taking pictures of my kids, someone helped themselves to my used memory cards in th...

Our earth home needs a hand

Editor, This is not “world earth” we live on. We live on “planet earth.” This distinction speaks to the disconnect so many of us have with the realities and overall power the atmosphere surrounding our planet has upon life on earth.   We tend to think, rather narrowly, of o...


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