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Accusation of racism offensive

Editor,          I am offended that Mr. Louie C. Paul Sr. actually believes that anything I write concerning the current Flathead Indian Reservation Federally Reserved Water Rights Compact is in any way personal to him or his tribal majority. I’m offended that he chooses to single me out and paint me as anything except anti-greed, graft, coercion and corruption.  I have made an effort to expose these elements in all the involved parties to this disastrous compact (both tribal and non-tribal) and have not singled out him or his tribe (or rather, the confederated tribes) of the Flathead Indian Reservation. I’m thinking that if he had half the mo...

Divisive water fight getting old

Editor, This letter is to Louie C. Paul and others, after reading his letter directed to another letter-writer, one Michael Gale of (Ronan), who has written several letters in the recent past having to do with the water compact and its various spinoffs, as he sees them, and as to whether or not it should ...

Love reservation, or leave it

Editor, I would like to express my thoughts on Michael Gale’s recent letters to the editor. It seems to me that you are the same old coming of the same old cavalry. My curiosity is getting the best of me. I am wondering why someone who obviously doesn’t like Native Americans, doesn’t lik...

NARF deserves scrutiny from CSKT membership

Editor, This is an open letter to CSKT members. You will find on page 2 of the Dec. 20, 2012, Tribal Council meeting minutes the following statement: “Vern Clairmont and Ruth Swaney, financial management, presented for approval a resolution approving a budget for the fund established for the Nez Per...

CSKT Council should be held accountable

Editor, I read in the Char-Koosta News where a tribal member wrote that the councilmen are our chiefs and we should respect them. Chiefs don’t take from their tribal members a six-figure salary each and every year. At a district meeting, a tribal member asked why the council members get such a large...

Agenda 21 supporters stifle free speech

Editor, It’s interesting to watch people beginning to come out of the Agenda 21 closet. Penny Jarecki, who formally brought Agenda 21 to Polson, and Daniel Smith, who is one of their highly paid local facilitators, made their appearance in local media, promoting their misinformation campaign. Agenda...

Benefits crucial for seniors

Editor, It is quite obvious that our politicians cannot differentiate between necessities and non-necessities. A monthly Social Security check is a non-necessity for a retired politician and a large number of upper income citizens. That check is a necessity for the majority of average citizens.  A...

Thanks to all for supporting Morigeaus

Editor, On behalf of Cheryl Morigeau and her family, Two Eagle River School would like to thank everyone who came to the benefit to show their support. A huge thank-you to those who made cash donations, donated auction items, baked goods, food and their time. We would also like to thank Total Screen Desig...

Criticism of Jarecki unfounded

Editor, I have known Penny Jarecki since I was a 10-year-old living just west of Polson in Irvine Flats. Our family’s ranch bordered that of Penny and her husband Chuck’s ranch. Three years ago, I returned to Polson from Seattle so my kids could grow up in a smaller, more caring community. I r...

Water commission full of ‘myth-information’

Editor, It seems that Mr. Chris Tweeten, recently published scholar emeritus in the Missoulian, Dec. 19, 2012, is now our resident state expert on misinformation. Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? Exactly how is the truth, straight from the penned works of Mr. Tweeten and his band of m...

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