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FJBC stand means litigation

Editor, The FJBC is trying to convince irrigators they do not want to litigate water rights, but the positions they are trying to sell will lead exactly to litigation. First, they are trying to lay claim to the water right on a federal Indian irrigation project, located on a reservation, with trust lands intermingled with fee lands. They cannot cite a single case under these circumstances where state irrigation districts or individual landowners owned the irrigation project water right. This position means one thing: litigation.   But the Water Use Agreement (WUA) provides a legally secure right to use Project water for all water users, Indian and non-Indian. And the WUA doesn...

What really happened at meeting

Editor, This is to clarify statements made in the Char-Koosta newspaper regarding the Quarterly meeting of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes Oct. 4, 2013.  The meeting began, and departments gave their reports with a time limit imposed upon them.  Pat Pierre took the floor and st...

There is a way

Editor, Most people involved with the Flathead Indian Irrigation Project want to avoid litigation of FIIP water use. But the Flathead Joint Board of Control has outlined three positions, two of which will lead to exactly that—litigation over FIIP water use. They have taken positions over ownership o...

Incidents raise questions to be discussed

Editor, Just a couple of very recent events that show both our politicians rather arrogant and insensitive rhetoric on one hand and what our attitudes and actions in America are teaching our young people on the other hand.  Friday, Nov. 1, 2013: The president of Iraq, Nouri Maliki, had talks with ...

Heart & Soul thankful for support

Editor, As Polson Heart & Soul Co-Coordinators, Darlis Smith and I would like to thank all community members that attended the Polson Heart & Soul Community Values Summit on Oct. 28. We appreciate your gifts of time, thoughtfulness and energy to help us begin the work of crafting value statements ...

Polson Youth Soccer says thank you

Editor, On behalf of the Polson Youth Soccer Association (PYSA), I would like to thank the Live Locally Race Committee and Polson Running for choosing PYSA as the beneficiary of proceeds from the race this weekend. How heartwarming it was to see the dedication and enthusiasm these committees showed for ou...

Vote for the referendum

Editor, Now that the Court has rejected the anti-democratic attempt by four commissioners to prevent irrigators from voting in the FJBC Referendum, the “Fear and Smear” campaign they have been running will grow more desperate. The current proposed Compact gives ownership of the Irrigation P...

Defending referendum, let irrigators decide

Editor,  On Oct. 16, the four Flathead Joint Board of Control commissioners currently controlling the Mission and Jocko Valley Irrigation Districts — Paul Wadsworth, Jerry Johnson, Kerry Doney, and Roger Christopher — held official meetings of those districts, which they closed to the pub...

Thumbs up or down?

Editor, In a more pure democracy, all 200 million or so eligible U.S. voters would gather in the middle of Kansas and when a motion was proffered, such as tax the rich people more, everyone would hold a thumb up or down to register their vote. Think of all the bureaucrats who could be hired to count th...

VFW thankful for support

Editor, Ronan VFW Post 5652 would like to thank Westland Seed for allowing us to cook and serve lunch as a fundraiser at their sale on Oct. 19. Also, thanks for their donation of the binoculars as a raffle item. Dan Hall VFW Commander  

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