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Back to basics of life

Editor, Some of us only require 350 words, at a time, to expose the graft and greed guiding those charged with negotiating (if that’s what it’s called) the current Reserved Water Rights Compact for the Flathead Reservation (as in “land reserved by the federal government, from the public domain”). It seems that other members of the public require (and are granted) about 1,290 words to display their racial hatred for “old white men” and anything non-tribal, while screaming Mr. Gale from the rooftop.  I find it interesting that an individual would take great pride in having been a part of perpetuating the addiction to gambling, and the destitution...

What about city wells?

Editor,  The proposed water rights agreement which is scheduled to go to the state legislature in 2013 does not seem to address wells the DNRC (state) permitted the City of Polson that were subject to a negotiated decision with the Salish and Kootenai Tribes. The Supreme Court told the state in 1996 ...

Tribes’ expenditures should be examined

Editor, This is in response to a letter to the editor, “A nation is its people,” sent in by Geraldine Roullier. She, like thousands of tribal members, wants a 100-percent payout of the $150 million windfall that was awarded to the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes. What I would like t...

Country seeing too much ‘bust’

Editor, The problem with “boom, bust” capitalism is that lately, for a variety of reasons, there has been too much “bust” and not enough “boom.” Reagan gave us the Laffer curve, and more than a few people were not laughing. Bush 41 raised taxes, and we wound up with ...

Education, research vital to our future

Editor, In this era of austerity and budget-cutting, two budget items that should not be decreased, and for our long-term future should even be increased at all levels of government, are education and research. Our international competitiveness depends on it, and unfortunately, we have been losing ground ...

Booth best JP choice

Editor, Here are reasons why I support Alan Booth for Justice of the Peace, and why Lake County should too. Alan’s 11-plus years in law enforcement, coupled with his integrity, credibility and his belief of being accountable in all areas, will ensure a seamless transition into the Justice of the Pea...

Public comments sought for Polson High School roof

Editor, I am writing to inform local Polson residents that their input is requested at a public forum to be held at 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 25, at the Polson High School library. The focus of this meeting is the PHS re-roofing project. John Norton of Temp Right, Missoula, will present multiple option...

Donations double through November

Editor, The Polson Loaves and Fish Food Pantry once again has a great opportunity to realize significant “match” money ($7,500) from Town Pump to help support its food outreach activities. The Pantry needs monetary donations from individuals, businesses, and service groups to capture the &ldqu...

Racism alive and well

Editor, In light of Mr. Elliott’s response to Kale G. Thomas (Sept. 19), I am perplexed by his position. Mr. Elliot, in one light, you claim Mr. Thomas’s assumption that only a few in the white race carry bias against Native Americans. On the other hand, you take offense by his words. As a ...

All life is sacred

Editor, Once again our nation is justly outraged. The woven fabric which is the symbol of our nation has been torn apart and burned… Innocent lives of men representing our nation have been taken. And once again, I would like to say that every day in facilities such as the one in Kalispell and th...

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