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Thanks for supporting summer trip

Editor, I would like to thank everyone who was at the Charlo basketball games on Friday night and bought Indian tacos from me. I am grateful for everyone’s support as I raise money to go to Australia this summer with People to People.  With this fundraiser, I am halfway to my goal. Thanks again for your continued support.  Lisa Cox Charlo   

Reagan wouldn’t approve

Editor, It is ironic that the present Republican Party refers to itself as the party of Lincoln and Reagan. To quote Reagan from a speech of May 18, 1985, “Our tax system is complicated, unfair, cluttered with gobbledygook and loopholes designed for those with the power and influence to hire high-pr...

Irrigation proposal full of assumptions

Editor, Like most valley residents, I have followed the unfolding of the proposed Flathead Indian Irrigation Project water use agreement, along with the news releases on the overall state, federal, tribal waters adjudication process, in numbed silence. The only public meeting I attended was Feb. 5 in the ...

Water agreement all wrong

Editor, Right is right, and wrong is wrong, and there is little of what I have seen and heard of the water users agreement that is right. If the current water compact is such a good deal, why has the Flathead Joint Board of Control set aside $30,000 of irrigators’ money to defend it to the public? W...

Compact an ‘illegal grabbing’ of rights

Editor, The waters in our Western Montana mountains flowing through our streams and rivers, the crystal-clear lakes and reservoirs all are gifts of God to our residents. One cannot help but marvel at how our ranchers, farmers and other settlers, including our orchard owners, have taken advantage and de...

Thank you to all who helped ‘Share the Spirit’

Editor, Share the Spirit has been providing toys, clothes and Christmas gifts to Lake County children from needy families since 1998. We are fortunate enough to partner with Hellroaring Marine Contingent and the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program. During the 2012 Christmas season, we served 1,045 children...

Just say ‘no’ to water compact

Editor, It would be nice if those who wish to criticize, or marginalize, Michael Gale would stay on point – just once. The issue is an illegal, unconstitutionally negotiated proposed water compact agreement for general stream adjudication regarding the Flathead Indian Reservation’s federally r...

Boy’s donation a selfless act

Editor,  This message is for Ethan McCauley; it is an honor to be your local state senator. The dictionary says “selfless” means to think of others first; putting other people’s needs, interests, or wishes before your own. That is exactly what you have shown by donating 11 inches of...

Litigation over water expensive, unpredictable

Editor, Can there be any happy outcome to going to court against the tribe for our water rights? Being an adversary to the tribe assures us of no cooperation to improve the irrigation project. To start out with we have a long, ugly and protracted fight with our friends and neighbors.  Millions ...

Sheriff asking for trouble

Editor,  I see our Lake County sheriff has notified the feds that he will not cooperate in the enforcement of any “unconstitutional” federal gun laws. Other sheriffs are taking a similar position. I think that they have every right to do so. It is an axiom of law that one jurisdiction may...


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