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Seeking justice

Editor, Once again the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes are at crossroads and it appears CSKT members are on a slippery slope.  The tribes negotiated the Hellgate treaty with the United States in 1855. From the start, treaty negotiations were plagued by serious translation problems.  Now 2014 it appears there is again serious translation problems within tribal members and the elected council members.  The translation problem lies within the 10 elected members of CSKT. If only the tribal council would take time and ask CSKT tribal members “if they could use $10,000.” The answer would be — 99 percent out of a 100 — yes, we the need mon...

Water compact takes property rights

Editor, Does it concern anyone that Compact Commission Member Senator Dick Barrett continues to mistake what is actually in the CSKT Compact documents? In a Jan. 20 letter Barrett says he can’t find any language in the Compact that takes away property rights. Oh really? Irrigators on the Flathead...

Film festival classy event

Editor, Thank you, FLIC board of directors, committee members and volunteers. We had a fabulous experience and we encourage those of you who missed this event to be sure to put it on your calendar next year. From the opening night party tribute to “The Great Gatsby” on Friday to the “...

Fear versus facts

Editor, A curious thing happened in Helena on Jan. 6 at the meeting of the Water Policy Interim Committee (WPIC): proponents of the Compact could only offer fear, while Compact opponents offered facts. Let me explain. Instead of proclaiming the benefits of this Compact, the proponents repeated over and...

Fix the Compact, avoid litigation

Editor, There are so many problems with the proposed CSKT Compact that passing it as is will most certainly invite even more lawyers to town for endless litigation.  The easy way to avoid litigation is to take the time to fix the Compact. This can be done by conducting the environmental, economic,...

Issues are ripe for resolution

Editor, This is a letter to the Tribal Membership, on behalf of myself, spokesperson for The People’s Voice, Inc. As most of you have heard by now, the referendum complaint filed in Tribal Court has been dismissed by B.J. Jones Pro Tem, hired by the tribes to litigate this complaint. In his final...

Stop blaming, start solving

Editor, An open letter to Republicans:  If you want to have any chance of making inroads toward the office of President of these United States of America in 2016 you must immediately do these three things: 1. Stop bashing, trashing, and trying to smash the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. It...

Crucial to voice support of compact

Editor, In 1979 the Reserved Water Rights Commission was formed by the legislature in order to negotiate — not litigate — the federal reserved water rights. They did this after seeing the results of years of litigation over federal reserved rights.  Seventeen compacts have been ratifie...

Well, that’s a deep subject

Editor, Did you know that the loudest and most outspoken proponents of the CSKT Compact, who favor giving away their neighbor’s water rights, actually use more ground water from wells than surface water they are giving away? Some of these compact proponents have wells that pump more water on a per g...

One word used to deny private property status

Editor, On page 8 of the proposed Federal Reserved Water Rights Compact for the Flathead Indian Reservation can be found the definition of a very special term: “Flathead Indian Reservation” or “Reservation” as it will be applied to the Compact and the ownership/control of the water...


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