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Disagreeing shouldn’t be labeled

Editor, Whatever happened to the notion of men sitting and discussing important issues without slinging mud by attaching inappropriate or offensive labels to those who may disagree with them?  Because I and others oppose the CSKT compact for various reasons, we are labeled “anti-government” or “anti-Indian.” What is meant by the term  “anti-government” and “anti-Indian?” What does disagreeing with a person have to do with their ethnicity? Should anyone who disagrees with government policy or law on a specific issue at any time be considered “anti-government?” Don’t we all, at one time or another, disagree with...

Referendum is bully tactic

Editor, On October 16, 2013, the commissioners of the Jocko Valley Irrigation District and the Mission Irrigation District filed a lawsuit against Lake County in an attempt to block the Flathead Joint Board of Control from intruding into the self-governance of the two irrigation districts. The FJBC and th...

America Recycles Day was Friday

Editor,  Nov. 15 marked the 16th America Recycles Day. More than ever, recycling is something to celebrate all year in Montana. A 2004 study by Montana D.E.Q. found that recycling generated nearly $90 million in revenue, paid over $9 million in wages and benefits, and sustained more than 300 full-tim...

Time for change

Editor, First of all, thanks to those of you who voted for me. Next election I will be more prepared and since I have worked off the reservation for the last several years, many of you didn’t know me.  That is going to change.  Second, all I hear is change is needed in our present go...

Stop arguing over distraction points

Editor, I am continually amazed when members of our society clearly believe our constitution can be avoided with carefully chosen ideas representing delusions of grandeur. A realtor says everyone get in the Unconstitutional boat with us and you can get out, if you choose, just before it goes over Niaga...

Taxpayers: attend school board meetings

Editor, I encourage voters in School District No. 30 Ronan to attend the monthly school board meetings. These meetings are held the second Monday of each month in the high school library. I know many residents feel that since they no longer have kids attending school in the District, there is no reason fo...

Warren, Clinton good choices

Editor, Lately we have been hearing more about Elizabeth Warren, the present senior Senator from Massachusetts elected in 2012 and first female senator from that state, as a possible candidate for president of the United States, running against Hillary Clinton.  Let’s assume that both Hillar...

Council files appeal to recall

Editor, Many Tribal members are asking what happened to the BIA-approved petition to hold the secretarial election on the amendment to the CSKT constitution for the membership through the petition process, to recall any tribal councilman from office for malfeasance (official misconduct). The Tribal Cou...

Water Use Agreement: reflecting, respecting diversity

Editor, The debate over the water use agreement on the reservation in recent months has grown increasingly ugly and pitted neighbors against one another in the process. As commissioners from the Jocko Irrigation District we favor settling this matter as quickly as possible and look forward to being able t...

Thankful for source of harvest

Editor, The 2013 harvest in Lake County is accomplished; vegetables are frozen, the cherries are canned, hay is bailed, grain and potatoes binned and stored for the winter. Thanksgiving is happening in the homes and hearts of neighbors and friends who gather in the churches across our valley. This is the ...

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