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Water use agreement based on falsehood

Editor, The former “stipulation agreement,” now re-branded the “water use agreement,” is not an integral part of the Federal Reserved Water Rights Compact for the Flathead Indian Reservation – as clearly stated many times by our state commission. It was never part of any negotiations in which our state commission engaged in with the federal government or the CSKT for the federally reserved water right to fulfill the purpose of this reservation. The WUA was a somewhat shrewd product of the false-flag claim that the CSKT owns all the water within the boundaries of the reservation, a concept finally agreed to by our state commission in 2005 (after Gov. Schwe...

Tribal members, non-Indians need to come together

Editor, Giving the CSKT full control of Kerr Dam is a totally whacko idea and under no circumstances should ever come to pass. There would be the leverage they most highly desire – and sure to be, the levying of excessive electric rates on the non-Indian Lake County (Mission Valley) residence. This ...

Schnase’s column on target

Editor,  I’m sending off this quick letter to say a gigantic thank-you to John Schnase for this intelligent, well-written, thought-provoking piece in the April 24 Valley Journal. He posed so many good questions. Carol Cummings Polson

Tribal Council shouldn’t operate Kerr Dam

Editor, This letter is about the councilmen protecting our land, which they didn’t do. The conservation award that was given to them at Mission Dam last year was wrong. Jackie Tinley and myself fought to protect the Mission Mountains. After the three sisters passed on, they tried to sneak in and log...

Where are quantified water numbers?

Editor, For Alan Mikkelsen and his attempts to stifle truth with sort-of truths or not-quite truths. An excerpt from Vol. 10, No. 1 (February 2003) of the FJBC Newsletter, titled: “The Watermaster.” Remember, pay attention to the dates. “Reserved Water Rights, Quantification: In Novem...

Country Foods tour a delight

Editor, I just wanted to share with our community a very positive experience our group had on March 27 at the Country Foods factory. We were greeted by a very friendly staff and given a wonderful tour by Fred Kellogg and Whitney Cantlon. We were treated to a great cup of chai tea (produced there) while we...

Gale’s letter appalling

Editor, The ugly, overt and utterly appalling racism embodied in the letter of Michael Gale in the edition of April 10 speaks for itself, and deserves absolutely no further attention. However, to see the Journal, which I and most people I know hold in some esteem as a responsible journalistic vehicle, pub...

Senator’s response on gun registration fake

Editor, Senator Max Baucus sent out an email saying why he voted against increasing the scope of gun registration. He said “...And that is why I will oppose anything that infringes on the Second Amendment rights of responsible, law-abiding Montanans.” My question is, where does the Second A...

Council appreciates compact support

Editor, The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribal Council would like to thank the representatives and senators who came forward to support the proposed water rights compact entered into by the tribes, the State of Montana and the United States of America. The compact was an elegant solution to the compl...

Division over water rights alarming

Editor, Jonathan Denton of Charlo, even though “you’ve tried to keep quiet” on the water compact issue, you didn’t. And your letter pertaining to the water issue and directed at Michael Gale was just as ludicrous in my opinion as was his “under 6 feet of manure” letter ...


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