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Lawsuit meant to scare into acceptance

Editor, In a recent article, Education vs. Litigation, it appears as compact opponents and the individuals named in the CSKT lawsuit are responsible for, or worse yet, wanted to litigate concerning ownership of the land and water within reservation boundaries. The article left out the most important part of the Mountain States press release that said: In their lawsuit, the Tribes claim all water and land within the boundaries of the Reservation, and thus challenge the validity of the original homesteaders’ patents—signed by the President—and seek to acquire those lands and their water rights.  The parties named in the lawsuit were not given a choice except to re...

Private lands not part of reservation

Editor, I seem to have come across an inconvenient truth: In 1912 the United States Supreme Court in the case of Clairmont v. U.S. held that where the Indian title to lands within the original Flathead Reservation had been extinguished they could no longer be considered a part of the reservation. Now, ...

Stop chasing gophers

Editor, The almost weekly news articles about the profound incompetence of the city of Ronan employees and elected officials led by their mayor Kim Aipperspach have triggered me to write and point out the failure of the voters in the community who continually re-elect the mayor. I compare Ronan politic...

Party questions beg discussion

Editor, There are two questions I’d like to see take front and center in the media and in public and private gatherings, conversations, dialogues and debates. Question 1: What is it going to take to change our American political landscape from one of Big Money Greed-Power to We The People Growth-...

Ronan needs trained law enforcement now

Editor, Dan Yonkin and Don Bell and others have tried to help Ronan in providing Ronan citizens with 24-7 professionally and well-trained police department services, yet Ronan Mayor Kim Aipperspach and some of the city councilmembers still wouldn’t listen to their recommendations. Ronan was given an...

Tribal election date is July 12

Editor, As spokesperson for The People’s Voice, Inc., I am writing this note to remind Tribal members the election date is July 12, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. at your regular polling place.  Eligible voters include all enrolled members of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes who are l8 yea...

Treaties, rules thrown out window?

Editor, Today, June 26, I watched the CSKT Compact Technical Work Group of the legislature’s Water Policy Interim Committee WPIC live on my computer. I listened to Stan Jones with DNRC/Compact commission as he told everyone in the room that all treaties, rules, regulations, precedents, etc. were ...

Research before you write

Editor, Forty-three years ago the Reservation was settled in Federal Court. No one who has a deed to property on this reservation has any need to worry about confiscation. To confirm this look up 437 F.2d Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes vs. The United States. Many of us enjoy living here very...

Increase should be equitable

Editor,  The city of Polson has proposed a water and sewer service rate increase that would cost city residents $93 per month. The plan is inequitable and basically unfair in that it proposes to reduce cost for “Snowbirds” when they are not using city water and sewer facilities. When comp...

Ride along before cutting budget

Editor, I’m writing this letter to let the citizens of Lake County know that our K-9 dog Sole is asking for our help in donations to help pay for a Bullet/Stab Proof Vest to help keep her safe. Donations go directly to and checks should be made payable to: Lake County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Fund...


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