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Birthday memorable

Editor, A special thanks to everyone who attended my special birthday and helped make it a memorable occasion. Lila Faye Krantz St. Ignatius  

Reid allowed to be tyrant

Editor, Mary Milheim’s letter, “Replace Harry Reid,” is right on. In my opinion, Harry Reid is “Mr. Do Nothing,” and is not qualified to be a United States Senator—certainly not the leader of that body. However, Mr. Reid does what he does (or doesn’t do) becaus...

Thankful for community support

Editor, We would like to thank all those who supported one of our recent efforts to raise funds for the Fijian Community Development project via a chainsaw raffle. Many thanks to those who donated or took a chance on one of the saws.  The winner of the Stihl 290 saw was Shaun Mills of Polson, and ...

Time to discuss issues

Editor, Regardless of our political views, here are some questions in my opinion we each should think about, discuss among ourselves, and look at as we consider whether we live or die as a democracy, as an empowered nation, and as a free people. How far are “We The People” going to be pushe...

Overpopulation leads to dwindling resources

Editor, It’s appalling that in recent years the only discussion of population is in countries worried that their birthrate won’t support the older people. Meanwhile, the exponential growth rate, worldwide, is well on its way to the self-regulation as predicted by Malthus, i.e. famine, plague, ...

Lawsuit costs born by irrigators

Editor, To Flathead, Mission and Jocko District Irrigators: You received a letter last week, “We’ll Reap What You’ve Sown,” explaining the consequences of the legal actions of the Western Water Users, LLC, the Flathead Joint Board of Control and the Flathead Irrigation District. Th...

Dedicated workers impacted in Compact squabbles

Because of the actions of two Mission Irrigation District commissioners, two Jocko Irrigation District commissioners, and their local adviser, the Bureau of Indian Affairs has assumed operation of the Flathead Irrigation Project. These commissioners had no exit plan for voting their districts out of the Flat...

Replace Harry Reid

Editor, To end gridlock in Congress, Senate leader Harry Reid should be replaced. In 2013 the Republican-controlled House of Representatives passed nearly 150 bills, with more than 40 dedicated to putting people back to work and improving our economy. Of the 40 there are 19 bills stuck in the Senate that ...

Public’s challenge of open government law violation still ongoing

Editor,  Cause No. DV-13-265 filed on October 15, 2013 against the City of Polson was intended for injunctive relief and a speedy resolution. However the City and its insurer MMIA have turned it into a full blown factual trial. MMIA f/k/a The Montana Municipal Insurance Authority, is an organization ...

Jesus is ‘the Lamb’

Editor, Last week as Joyce and I drove north from St. George, Utah on I-15, we enjoyed seeing the newborn calves and lambs in the fields. Our parents were ranchers; we were in 4-H activities in Ronan and in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, before our teen years. Joyce’s parents had their Hereford ranch on Mud ...

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