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People’s Voice thankful for support

Editor:  As spokesperson for The People’s Voice, Inc., we thank the many members who have made donations to The People’s Voice, Inc.  Thank you notes and stamps have been purchased separately by our members. We do not take money from our fund for these types of expenditures. Attorney Howard Toole is working very hard for us.  He needs to be paid, and you, the membership, have made it possible to keep up with our payments. Several members of our group have pledged to donate $100 each from our per-capitas. The tribal council, through its attorneys, have taken it upon themselves to sue us in the U.S. Court of Appeals because they do not want us to have a recall...

Referenced writer’s name corrected

Editor,  Correction: The name in my letter published in the Dec. 4 edition erroneously read “Sybil Burton,” and I should have written “Sybil Butler.”  Jeri Roullier  St. Ignatius  

Why, what, why?

Editor, I have lived on this earth and in this country for 66 years and during that time I have seen many things that have raised questions in my mind. One of those questions is: who has always benefited most from alcohol and other drug distribution? It is our government as far as I can see. Who benefits ...

Explore questions as community

Editor, A funny thing happened on the way to my daily computer news forums. Two articles appeared which spoke volumes about human annihilation.  One was “Shielding a Flickering Flame” by Chris Hedges, the other “The United States of Fear” by Tom Engelhardt. Both of these me...

It’s always been Flathead Irrigation Project

Editor, What part of this doesn’t anybody understand?  (From the cover of the document): “Repayment Contract Between the United States of America and the Flathead Irrigation District as approved by the Department of the Interior September 15, 1949 and approved by the Board of Commis...

Unhappy? Vote for change

Editor, What this CSKT election is really about: • Councilmen that believe in the member’s right to vote on vital matters. • Councilmen that follow the CSKT Constitution and bylaws. • Councilmen that listen to and represent the members from their district first and foremost. ...

Thankful for Tester’s wilderness bill

Editor, An avid outdoorsman, my grandpa, bought land up Rock Creek near Quigg Peak. It’s just a stone’s throw away from proposed wilderness in Sen. Jon Tester’s Forest Jobs and Recreation Act (FJRA). I grew up watching my father and uncles hunt deer and elk nearby, and fly fish in the sw...

Discuss allegations face-to-face

Editor, This is a challenge to all the pessimists who are doing their best to manipulate my Tribal Council candidate campaign. You know who you are, so read this with great acknowledgement. To solve this problem and bring all the negativity to a head, I invite all of you that have a problem with me run...

Director explains Shakespeare choice

Editor, As we enter the Christmas season, the Mission Valley Christian Academy will present their annual dinner theater production on Dec. 12, 13 and 14. This year’s drama will be Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. As Director of Mission Valley Christian Academy, I’ve had several people ...

Library grateful for Pizza Café support

Editor, There are a great many generous people and businesses in this valley. The kindness, talent, and giving nature of this small community deserves many “thanks you’s.” But The Friends of the Ronan Library would like to take this moment to give a very special and heartfelt “than...


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