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Raymond a man of integrity

Editor, I’m writing this letter to give your readers some facts regarding my son, James Raymond, who has served as the City Attorney for Polson for several years. I understand that anyone in public office knows and expects that not everyone will agree with what they do, and they will face criticism. However, in the past months I have been very disturbed to see letters attacking his personal integrity, and accusing him of wrongdoing. Let me assure you, James is a man of integrity and complete honesty. He lives by a code of honor, which he considers inviolable. He would never do anything dishonest or unethical, either in his private life or as City Attorney. If you doubt my wor...

Knutson enthusiastic leader

Editor, One of the most rewarding aspects of being a teacher (even a retired one) is watching your former students transform into successful adults. These amazing people become respectable business owners, organizers of charity events, presidents of community organizations and willingly give back to the c...

Community being torn apart

Editor, For those who weren’t paying attention, we just watched the definition of insanity played out in real life on Sept. 13 at a special irrigation meeting in Arlee for the Jocko and Mission Irrigation Districts. If you didn’t attend, you missed a real opportunity to witness the adage of do...

Do I want to be informed or entertained?

Editor, There are such a bunch of serious issues dividing the Republican party now that it is not at all certain the party will be able to launch a sensible and coherent primary which will galvanize its constituency. Presidential hopeful Junior Senator Ted Cruz from Texas could be one of the reasons. His ...

Need tribal candidates who listen, represent membership

Editor, The 2013 Tribal Council Primary Election will be held on Nov. 2. Membership, we need to get involved and show up at the polls. We know we have problems within the Tribal government, many of them due to the poorly written CSKT Constitution. Our survival both economically and culturally depends on u...

Water documents dictatorial, oppressive

Editor, One hundred years ago my great grandfather brought his family to Dixon, Montana. Our family has ranched and farmed here since then. This seems to qualify me as a “multi-generational” irrigator. I oppose the Flathead Reservation Compact, the Water Use Agreement, and the Unitary Manag...

Thankful for street improvements

Editor, I want to thank the City of Polson Street Department for re-striping the pedestrian crosswalks around our schools just before school started this year. As a parent, I highly value my children’s safety and the safety of all our children in our community. Clearly marked pedestrian crosswalks a...

Pay attention

Editor, Some concerned irrigators recently wrote about the trials and tribulations of the Flathead Joint Board of Control as though all that is, and has been, is the fault of the current board members recently elected from the docile silent majority. Interesting how the truth is manipulated and reshaped t...

Bake, yard sale benefit The People’s Voice

Editor, There will be a bake sale and yard sale at the Ronan Indian Senior Center, Saturday, Sept. 14 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Any and all people may donate baked items or items for a yard sale. If it is raining, we can hold the sale inside; if not, we will set up tables outside. Marie Cowan has agreed to m...

Time taken to calculate winner questionable

Editor, As a first time guest, I found the Round Pen Shoot Out held Aug 9 and 10 to be interesting and educational. The training made common sense and has “transfer” analogies to everyday family life. I especially liked the slow and tender way the horses were trained. I am also appreciative...


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