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Alternate compact online, read both documents

Editor, Thank you for publishing letters on both sides of the debate concerning the water compact issue. This dialog is extremely important, and the letters show much confusion remains about the Flathead Water Compact.  The legislature killed the existing proposed compact for good reason. Without substantive changes to the compact, starting with its flawed assumptions, it will not garner the support necessary to reach an agreement that will work for all of western Montana.  With this in mind, several legislators approached Concerned Citizens of Western Montana (CCWM), and requested the development of an alternative compact to show what a compact should have looked like ha...

Frustrated with council’s response

Editor, This letter is in response to the Valley Journal article concerning the Ronan City Council Meeting held on July 22, 2013. I attended this meeting to ask for clarification on the application we submitted to Ronan City Hall for our annual street dance held on Friday and Saturday nights of Pioneer Da...

FJBC wasteful, destructive

Editor, Recently I received an unsigned email from the Flathead Joint Board of Control touting their decisions to file suit against the four Water Commissioners of the Jocko and Mission Districts, as well as additional “sand box” commentary. Here is my response: 1.  Put the “Indi...

Candidate believes in transparency

Editor, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Heather Knutson, and I am running for mayor of Polson because I believe in a positive future for our community. This is the town I was born and raised in, and I believe I can effectively connect both our past and our future. My responsibility is to the ...

DOVES, SAFE Harbor merge

Editor, Summer has reached its full glory, bringing fresh crops, hot days and magical Montana sunsets. The water is warm and every weekend provides new adventures, as well as those special local celebrations that mean so much. Hopefully, the season is going well for you and your family.  Over the ...

Polson needs responsible leadership

Editor, After years of hearing our citizens discuss corruption in our local government and our city being run by a “good ol’ boys’ club,” catering to special interest groups, I decided to start attending the city council meetings and would like to share just a few personal observat...

Thankful for help yet concerned for future

Editor, The Second Chance and the Pheasant Lounge would like to thank everyone that made our Ronan Pioneer Days street dance a success: Bill Webster and the Ronan Telephone Co. for the cable stools and construction fence, Bryan Bohn for the trailer, Wayne Peterson and John Neiss for the construction of th...

School thankful for new additions

Editor, As we approach another new school year at the Mission Valley Christian Academy, we are excited about a number of new additions to our school. We have been blessed to hire five new educators to help us move toward accreditation. We also have many new families joining us and a new mentoring program ...

Unhappy with park, unsightly junkyards

Editor, I have a daycare and on occasion like to walk the kids to the park and have a picnic and play. But with the lack of garbage cans, there is nowhere to put our garbage. We have to contend with dirty diapers on and around the tables and in the grass. McDonald’s and Subway and Dairy Queen empty ...

Unhappy with lack of professionalism

Editor, This letter is in recant to the news article that was printed in the Valley Journal in regards to the Ronan City Council meeting held on Monday, July 22. The reason that many of us establishment owners attended that council meeting was to ask for a review of our yearly Pioneer Days application for...

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