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Irrigators: your water rights exist

Editor, On Tuesday Dec. 17, five irrigators of the Flathead Irrigation Project went to Helena to the DNRC to look at our water rights receipts. We did hold some of them in hand and received copies of all. They were filed on time with the DNRC as mandated with HB22. The CS&KT has not legally filed their water rights as Montana law requires, no change since 1979.There is a story to be told how they got there. This letter is written to tell the irrigators, your water rights exist.  We might recall in 1979 we were told the state will require all water rights to be filed, the BIA who operated the FIP at that time, assured the irrigators that they would make sure these were filed. ...

According to constitution, lands controlled by congress

Editor, In trying to review the status of those who believe they should have a seat at the table in the current Water Rights grab in western Montana, I am drawn back to a couple of legal, historical documents: the Treaty of Hellgate of 1855 and the Montana Constitution of 1972. Article I. of the Hellga...

Cost of litigation a fraction of property value losses

Editor, Our ranches, farms, orchards and lands adjoining the beautiful snow-capped peaks all contribute to weave this paradise otherwise known as the Mission Valley. We are now threatened with the garbling of this utopia by reason of the CSKT tribe’s claim of ownership along with the right to mea...

Take inventory of life

Editor, The year-end is on us. There is no time when reflection on the past seems more appropriate than the year-end. Accounts are finalized, books are balanced, inventories are tabulated and a general review is taken. Would it be proper to assume that what is done at the office at year-end would also be ...

Thankful for parade help

Editor, As the director of the Ronan Parade of Lights, I’d like to thank all the wonderful elves that helped make our Parade of Lights so wonderful. I can’t begin to name everyone that lent a hand to make this night a huge hit. The community involvement was nice to see and has been long overdu...

What's a 638?

Editor, We all know what a 38 is — a gun — that one would hate being held to their head. But there is another dangerous weapon being used to kill off property and water rights: it's a 638, held to the head of irrigators, non-irrigators, tribal and non-tribal, by the ruling elite of the Confede...

Change comes from within, from the ground up

Editor, As I visit with people about the “state of our world, state of our nation,” and the “state of our local communities,” the conversations are often filled with a sort of despair, hopelessness and comments like: “Well, things are in a real mess, but there is probably not...

Equal opportunity should be given to all candidates

Editor,  The People’s Voice requested use of the Joe/Arlee Building (SKC) for use on Oct 18, 2013 for a “meet the candidate/ guest speaker” dinner. The election board chairman sent word threatening instant disqualification should any candidates attend. Quoting the 2013 election rule...

Hospitality appreciated

Editor, The Thanksgiving weekend stickgame tournament, was again another good run tournament. It was good to see lots of friends, and make new friends. Junior Caye did a lot of hard work to make this all happen again, our hats are off once again to him, and his son who fixed the brackets and made it easy ...

Bear spray assault, response unjust

Editor,  I am advocating for our son Harold Mitchell Jr. Harold filed a complaint against a local bondsman for actions that constitute criminal conduct. Sgt. Carlson spoke with Harold in May and submitted the complaint with his report to the county attorney’s office.  The facts are that...

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