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Proposed well restrictions will hamper land sales

Editor, The Water Compact approach to domestic wells has not received much public attention. On the positive side, all existing wells will be protected once they are registered. My concern is a “one size fits all” approach to new wells.    Under state law, automatic approval for a water permit is allowed for a new domestic well subject to the following limits: a 35-gpm pump and 10 acre feet per year. To go beyond those limits, approval must be sought from DNRC. Under the current compact draft, new well permits will be approved if within the following limits: 35 gpm, 2.4 acre feet per year and .7 acres of irrigation around a home. To go beyond those limits, a l...

Museum benefits from sitters, cleaners

Editor, I would like to thank Marge Fay and Louis Dean for giving of their time to sit at the museum. Without sitters, the museum wouldn’t be open. Also, I would like to thank the honor society kids for the great clean up job they did. The Mission Valley Heritage will be meeting at the Ronan Seni...

Research crucial to voting

Editor, I would guess that most of us, other than those with masochistic tendencies, will be delighted to see Election Day come and go. We have heard all of the truths, half-truths and downright lies during this time when hyperbole reigns supreme.   As we go to the polls, or vote early or absentee...

Big thanks to former JP

Editor, I would like to shout out a big “thank-you” to the last Justice of the Peace, Chuck Wall. My son was bullied in the public schools for five years. It started with one bully in kindergarten. By the time my son got into middle school, there were seven. These same kids pretty much ran ...

Political advertising helps economy

Editor, I know that this is on everyone’s mind. So I decided to say it. What is the good of all those political signs on Hwy. 93, those ongoing TV ads, radio spots and the mailbox full of glossy print? At every meeting, at lunch counters and home dinner tables, the complaints keep rolling in. Let&rs...

Hill offers sensible leadership

Editor, The commitment to run for a statewide office and follow through to fill the role is huge. It takes an incredible amount of self-sacrifice and energy. But it takes more. I’m voting for a governor with vision to chart a sensible course to a more robust economy here in Montana. The governor I v...

Museum now owns building, land

Editor,  As reported in the Oct. 24 issue of the Valley Journal, the Ninepipes Museum of Early Montana did, indeed, receive a $66,144 grant awarded by Montana Tourism. With the arrival of these monies, the purchase of the museum building and 3.5 acres of land becomes a reality — the “Save...

Support Taylor for legislature

Editor, I’m writing to ask folks to support Janna Taylor for our Senate District 6. Our family has known Janna for over five years, and in that time, we’ve been impressed, time and again, with her in-depth knowledge of the important issues faced by representatives and senators alike. Her perso...

Arguments citing ‘God’s will’ overused

Editor, To me, all this talk and controversy around “God’s will” is often misinterpreted and used inappropriately. For many, it is simply a way to use God as back-up to try to convince others of the great validity of their particular points of view on a particular issue.     ...

Republican hypocrisy rampant

Editor, I love Republicans; they are my favorite hypocrites. Republicans criticize President Obama for not being prepared for the embassy attack in Libya, but have no criticism for Bush, who ignored actual intelligence predicting a terrorist attack in 2001. He then led us into unnecessary wars, which h...


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