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Poetic musing considers source

Editor, Comes the water from on high up where the snow leopards and mountain goats live, pretty and pure, very generous, “the living waters,” sparkling cold and clear. Alpine basins catching rain and snow, the shady creeks mossy and cool, let it down slow to hot valleys. Shaded snow banks melt all summer long. Humans are not the creators of this essential high gift, however, down lower where they dam and divert water into ditches, they call it irrigation. They fight about too much, not enough, who is the boss, who owns, who controls? Forgetting that water is from the same power that makes their heart beat; Forgetting to be humble about water, to speak softly, gent...

Residences need visible addresses, smoke detectors

Editor, Today was a quiet Tuesday for us as we were just puttering around our Polson residence when I went outside and noted the Polson Rural Fire Department at a neighbor’s house. They were knocking on the doors. Curiosity got the best of me so I started over to see if I could assist them. As I sta...

We’ll all pay price for stubbornness

Editor, On June 14, Jocko and Mission irrigation boards took a preliminary step towards withdrawing from the Flathead Joint Board of Control. In response, the FJBC has accused members of the two boards of violating constitutional rights and promoting disunity because they did not follow state law. Talk ab...

Do you truly understand agreement, compact?

Editor, Some of my friends and acquaintances are proponents of the proposed CSKT Water Compact. I strongly oppose the Compact but hold these folks in high regard. Wondering if I was missing something, I called several of them.  Frankly, I discovered plenty of confusion and misunderstanding. Many o...

Support Bob Fulton for mayor

Editor, With much gratitude, we have called Polson home for almost 10 years. Because we care very much about seeing Polson prosper, we would like to strongly support Bob Fulton’s candidacy for mayor. We have known both Bob and his wife Sharon to be people of significant integrity. We also appreci...

Mayor candidate Knutson supports community

Editor, I believe Knutson for Mayor is the first step to getting our town on the road to active living, growth opportunities and follow through. She is our connection to the past and future. She has the desire and dedication to bring great things to Polson, not to mention the heart. The goal is to incr...

Read water use agreement, see what it says

Editor, Like most irrigators and residents, I look forward to the latest Valley Journal to see what’s happening with the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Water Compact. We all look with interest to the latest opinions. Mudslinging is going to occur when different personalities and opinions clash; go...

St. Luke celebrates with community

Editor, What is a “Diamond Jubilee?” It’s 60 years of sharing, caring and love. It always starts out slowly, sharing each other’s thoughts and actions. Questioning how they work together and what they bring to this sharing is called a commitment, and that’s how it all star...

Substance abuse fuels hatred

Editor, I am writing this letter in answer to a recent letter I read in your paper regarding all the hatred happening here in this community. This person is right about this. It is a problem I have seen ever since I arrived in the area in 2002.  I worked as an addiction counselor for about seven y...

Be on lookout for shooter killing livestock

Editor, Someone is shooting and killing livestock while they stand in their fields on their property. In July of this year and on Aug. 8 of this year, two of my llamas were shot and killed while standing on my property in the northwest corner next to Grizzly Hollow Lane on top of East Post Creek Road. ...


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