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Bank customers appreciated

Editor, Community Bank extends a big thank-you to our customers. We are very appreciative of all the support received while processing the tribal settlement checks. The extra security was provided for customer protection as well as to accommodate the increase in customer banking transactions.Your safety while meeting the banking needs of each customer is important to our business and we thank you for your patience and understanding.    Chris Jackson,  assistant vice president for Community Bank, Inc. Ronan

Non-Indians not ‘allowed’ resources

Editor, Kale Gooser Thomas’ letter to the local community of non-Indians reeks of hatred. Many of us reading your words are highly offended by your assumption that because of a few in the white race carrying bias against you and your people, all of us are of similar mind. Your chutzpah to lump us al...

Offshore bank accounts questionable

Editor, A long time ago, I asked my father why Americans would have bank accounts in the Cayman Islands or in Switzerland. His reply was that they were either gangsters or cheaters, and there wasn’t much different between the two. Peter Daniels Polson  

Raymond stands out among candidates

Editor, Never in my imagination would I have expected the number of people who would step forward and put their name up to be in the Lake County Justice of the Peace race. It reads like a “who’s who in Lake County.” That makes quite a statement, given the tenor of many citizens nationwid...

Don’t keep us in the dark

Editor, After seeing how tribal members were left in the dark about the tribal settlement money, there has to be something done so that we are all made aware of our tribal council’s decisions. It’s time for us off-reservation members to be represented as a group. What is the quota of us per th...

‘We the people’ have power

Editor, Our democratic form of government, from the federal level down into towns just like those in this beautiful valley, was conceived and formed on the power of “we the people.” This actually puts responsibility upon “we the people.” Thus, within the framework of each and every...

Election offers critical choice

Editor, Choosing a president is not a personality contest. The ability to mesmerize voters with eloquent oratory catering to special interest groups is not the criterion for leading our nation. Many examples could be given of the following points if space permitted.  The Obama administration has e...

Some left out of negotiations

Editor, Water rights concern everyone. How is it that we, in the 21st century, can’t work it out and share these rights to our mutual benefit? How is it that we find it necessary to lie, cheat and steal – after all these years, decades, centuries? We pretend to act civilized, for the camera I ...

Democrat Party now ‘godless’

Editor,  The DNC national convention has become quite refreshing for its spontaneity. Gone was all mention of God, Allah, or a higher power in the Democrat party platform, which is a mission statement for the party and president. Our country was founded on Christian principles, but our founding fathe...

Settlement akin to ‘cheese in a trap’

Editor, To C.S.K.T Membership: The “$150,126,000 fiasco” – Case 1:06-CV-02239-T.F.H. Nez-Perce Tribe v. Kenneth Salazar was filed 12-28-06. C.S.K.T. was added as a plaintiff to this case on 12-08-08. How long prior to 12-01-08 did Tribal Council and the legal department secre...


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