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Polson’s ‘big government’ needs change

Editor, Has anyone taken headcount lately? I just did. The thriving metropolis of Polson can afford a city manager, a mayor (who smiles, frowns, giggles and watches the three-minute clock like a hawk), six commissioners (who vote as one, 99 percent of the time), a city attorney (who sometimes actually shows up at city council meetings, although will not offer an opinion on anything), a treasurer and a clerk or two; not to mention a chief of police and a fire chief and all the department heads the city can bear. The citizenry must be feeling pretty cosmopolitan with this enormous “government” at their disposal. Shoot, the city’s even beginning to compete with her larg...

Murat could be valuable asset

Editor, Murat Kalinyaprak is running for the Polson City Commission. He expects the city commission to respond to legitimate questions and provide information to support their decisions. Murat has been disenfranchised because of his insistence that city government be open and responsive. The founding fath...

John Mercer has abilities needed in U.S. senate

Editor,  I want to publicly encourage Polson’s own John Mercer to consider running for the Montana senate seat being vacated by Max Baucus. As the former speaker of the Montana house, John demonstrated a clear ability at mastering arcane legislative detail and also the skill to work across t...

The facts of life

Editor, When $20 light bulbs and other energy-saving devices cut utility company profits five percent, the price of electricity will be increased 10 percent. When automobiles average 60 miles per gallon, the price of gasoline will increase to 10 or 12 dollars per gallon. This fact of life was reinfo...

Heather Knutson good choice for mayor

Editor, I graduated from Polson High School in 1994 with Heather. After high school we didn’t see much of each other until she moved back to Polson in 2002 and our friendship picked up where it left off years ago. During these last 13 years, I have not only been close friends with Heather, I have al...

Citizens have right to bear military arms

Editor, “Obama ended the gun control debate when he decided to arm the Syrian rebels with fully automatic machine guns and rocket launchers. He proved people need guns to protect themselves from tyranny. Did he give the rebels background checks before giving them real assault weapons? Also the lates...

End the political ‘Hunger Games’

Editor, The House of Representatives is likely to vote this week to cut food assistance by $40 billion over 10 years - a cut that would threaten an adequate food supply for up to six million Americans. And while the $40 billion cut would impact a diverse range of people (including veterans), it would disp...

Enemies: people or concepts?

Editor, Have you thought about who (or what) your enemies are lately? More importantly, have you thought about why they are your enemies? Perhaps Barack Obama is your enemy. Or maybe you despised George W. Bush. Do you have any local enemies? Neighbors? Someone at work or even church? Someone in your f...

Kalinyaprak stronger on council

Editor, I support Murat Kalinyaprak for City Councilman in Ward 2. He has attended Polson City Council meetings for many years and has seen many things that need improvement. He has participated as a citizen, but found it very difficult to get public information and offer input into the decision process. ...

Conversation should be open, respectful

Editor, Recent letters have taken Dan Solomon to task for his response to Terry Backs’ criticism of the CSKT compact. Rather than taking on the substance of Solomon’s column, which might have been helpful, the authors of these letters (one of whom is Backs herself) accuse Solomon of attacking ...


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