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How will Hill replace tax funds?

Editor, Why does Rick Hill want to cut the benefits I receive from my city and my county? Property taxes help pay for the police and fire protection I receive, along with a long list of other benefits. No one loves property taxes, but they pay for a lot of the benefits we receive locally. There are celebrities and other notables who own multi-million dollar estates here. Although they spend only a portion of their year here, the taxes they pay on those estates contribute to the benefits received by all of us. Are they the ones who are asking Rick to reduce their taxes? I keep hearing Rick Hill is not in favor of a sales tax, yet I fail to hear him saying that he would definitely ve...

Afghan conflict being dragged out

Editor, The United States has been involved in Afghanistan since 1983, when U.S. Rep. Charlie Wilson of Texas secured money for the Mujahideen to fight the Russians in Afghanistan. The money came in three increments: the first was $40 million; second was $50 million; and third was $300 million of unused P...

Taylor open, responsive

Editor, I’m writing to ask people to vote for Janna Taylor.  Janna has been an excellent, dedicated representative for the people of our area for eight years, and she will make an excellent state senator. One of the things I’ve really appreciated is her efforts to keep all of us inf...

Vote Lindsey for job growth

Editor, Nancy Lindsey is the Democratic candidate for State Senate District 6. Not only is Nancy aware that the number one priority for the state legislature should be creating decently-paying jobs for Montanans, as state senator, she will actually do something about it. Nancy Lindsey is a Polson High ...

Tribal members need to fight for children’s future

Editor, “It’s for the children.” We heard this at the quarterly meeting from Tribal Council members, cultural representatives and tribal language representatives, and even “100-percenters.” But where were you parents? Are you not concerned about your children and their all...

Don’t lose your voice

Editor, Many of us have seen the countless reports of monkey business attempts to make it harder for some of us to vote. We have seen last-minute changes to the types of identification required to vote. This is demanded even though they cannot find a single case of in-person voter fraud to justify the cha...

Art sales to benefit Honduras service trip Art sales to benefit Honduras service trip

Editor, As many of you may already know, I am a 34-year veteran dental hygienist as well as a visual artist. I have been involved for many years with Cape CARES (Central American Relief Efforts; ), an organization that provides much needed medical and dental services to people in remote ...

Experience, ratings make Taylor best candidate

Editor, Janna Taylor is an outstanding candidate for the state legislature in Senate District 6. Her experience and expertise in the House of Representatives, where she served as vice-chair of the important Taxation and Budget Committee, will be immensely valuable in crafting the next state budget and in ...

Reaffirm Montana’s Corrupt Practices Act

Editor,  How do you like political ads now that lying and corruption are legal? In 2012, conservatives dismantled Montana’s ban on lying in political ads. According to the Billings Gazette, March 23, “Conservative groups asked the judge on Friday to permanently strike the false stateme...

Ducheneaux’ argument based in racism

Editor, Franklin Ducheneaux’ article spews so much venomous racial hatred, which one who is supposed to be highly educated should refrain from espousing. There is a difference between the poisonous racial hatred spewed by Mr. Ducheneaux and Mr. Gale’s anger and strongly-worded concern over a p...


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