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Tribal Council should consider legacy

Editor, Tribal Council: have you ever considered what your legacy will be once you are gone from office?  Obviously, some of you, during your service on the council, have had some positive accomplishments for the tribe to your credit. Sadly, these accomplishments probably won’t be what you are first remembered for. Likely, you will be remembered for some of the following:  The issue of the Salazar Settlement — It appears you have shamed your membership by totally disregarding the overwhelming support of 100 percent payout voiced by the members at the packed district meetings of 2012. You appeared to dishonor/disrespect our tribal constitutional rights by commi...

Substance abuse treatment could decrease crime rate

Editor, As I read the paper or watch the news I continue to see the main cause or our rising crime rate. It’s no mystery at all. There are lots of very unhappy people out there who are looking for some form of happiness. Unfortunately they are looking for an easy fix through getting high or drunk.&n...

Pool a success for the whole valley

Editor, First I must say I am a swimmer who loves to swim. I learned at a very early age … that’s the best time to learn. As a yearly member of Mission Valley Aquatics I get to use the newest and best facility in our Valley, quite often. This week I was privileged to be there when the first o...

Cantlon’s good works made a difference

Editor, It is still difficult to accept that Chas Cantlon is no longer here with us in the Mission Valley. His lifetime of good works have been seen and felt by so many in this valley over the last 35 years. Although he and Margie moved to Idaho a couple of years ago, they both continued to support many w...

Opposed to unopposed

Editor, With the filing deadline date of June 27 quickly approaching, I would like to give the citizens of Polson an update as to the progress of the upcoming campaign for the mayor position and three ward positions. As of this writing, Polson has three candidates still unopposed and if gone unchalleng...

Shepherd’s Table thankful for donations, facility

Editor, Volunteers with The Shepherd’s Table would like to thank the Western Montana Water Users Association for their generous donation of chicken, buffalo and pork to the Shepherd’s Table dinner Tuesday evening, June 4. The churches that served are most grateful and the people that attended ...

Welcome back, Sarah Palin

Editor, FOX News has announced that Sarah Palin has agreed to rejoin them after their recent split.  Both parties are very pleased, with FOX News expressing their unconditional respect and confidence in the Alaskan’s views and news appeal.   For Sarah Palin’s part, she has said...

Citizens United decision should be overturned

Editor, At the bottom of our common sense, we all still know that corporations aren’t people.  Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives of every party, even Tea Tasters, know this. It is not our fault if five oafs on the U.S. Supreme Court do not share common sense with 80 percent of the Americ...

When will they ever learn?

Editor, The recent and yet another debacle in Polson’s costly efforts to establish a city manager form of government would almost be funny if it wasn’t so costly, and brings to mind several quips. “Taxation without representation is tyranny” seems to go on in all levels of governme...

Dig deeper into Heart and Soul’s agenda

Editor,  As a relative newcomer to the Polson area, I have been following with curious interest the enthusiastic Heart and Soul activities and projects.  Of course there is unanimous agreement about Polson’s calendar picture beauty of the lake, and the friendliness of the people, which ...


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