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Taylor has earned Senate seat

Editor, I can tell you why to vote for Janna Taylor for Senate District 6 in the November general election.  Janna has learned it; Janna has earned it. Janna Taylor has served eight years in the House of Representatives, served on both the Appropriations and Taxation Committees, the Interim Finance Committee and worked on zero-based budgeting systems. Selected by the House of Representatives as Speaker Pro Tempore, Janna has a plan to reduce property taxes, use some of the surplus to remove the 95 mills that goes to the state from each of us. Most important, she works for us and the good of our state.  Serving as your representative for eight years proves Janna Taylor ...

Lindsey stands for education

Editor, I plan to vote for Democrat Nancy Lindsey for State Senate District 6 for many reasons. The main one is this: Nancy believes in investing in our education system, stabilizing school funding and working hard to retain good teachers in Montana.  One of Nancy’s stated priorities is ensu...

Who does Taylor represent?

Editor, Janna Taylor has been a representative in the state legislature since 2005, but just who she was representing all those years? Check her voting record. Janna has abandoned our veterans by voting against the construction of the Southwest Montana Veteran’s Home in Butte (HB 296). She voted ...

Elections matter, vote wisely

Editor, In this “silly season” of election politics, there are many exaggerated or disingenuous accusations being tossed around, ad nauseam. Just listen to the news or read the newspaper, especially this opinion page. However, regardless of your politics, there are a number of incontrovertible...

Do you remember Juanita Elliott?

Editor, I am a New Mexico-based freelance writer working on a book about Juanita Elliott. I am looking for any information or contacts who may have known her and her family in the Polson area during the 1950s and ’60s. She was an early record-setting aviatrix, a charter member of the Silver Wings cl...

Save Montana from humiliation

Editor, Nowadays whenever you see US maps on TV, Montana is red. If we elect any in the Republican litany of lemons running in Montana, we should all turn red-faced with shame. Consider recent history: 1. Senator Conrad Burns (R) lost reelection because of relations with criminal lobbyist Jack Abram...

It’s time for a ‘do-over’

Editor, The current status of the Reserved Water Rights compact for the Flathead Reservation is about as distorted as an image in the fun zone mirrors at a county fair; we couldn’t be further from the truth.  Media reporting, with wonderfully tainted articles full of half-truths and non-truths,...

Les Schwab helps food pantry

Editor, Mission Mountain Les Schwab Tires has joined Town Pump’s match program by offering $2,000 in match money. The Polson Food Pantry, Loaves and Fish now has $9,500 of available match money that can be captured by donations from individuals, businesses, or community/service organizations. Rec...

No more excuses

Editor, Free kittens, free puppies — we have all seen the signs and ads in the papers. For people who work tirelessly in animal welfare, it is enough to make you throw up your hands in defeat. The overpopulation of cats and dogs is a serious issue in our country and in Lake County, with serious cons...

Why are you laughing, Joe?

Editor, This is an open letter to Joe Biden. Our nation is in financial peril, and you are laughing.  Our nation is in a worldwide war with those who would destroy our nation, and you are laughing. Our Constitutional rights to religious freedom are under attack by Obamacare, and you are laug...

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