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Crack down

Editor, With all these mass shootings in this country I think that it is time for the Federal government to put their money where their mouth is and really start cracking down on making it hard for someone to purchase any kind of firearms, whether it be an AR 15 or a handgun. Too many people in this country have lost their lives, or family members of the victims have lost loved ones. Because I can guarantee you that if something happens to a member of Congress’ kid there would be changes real quick, no question about it. Then we would see better gun laws. Lynn Delecaris Saint Ignatius  

Join together

Editor, We humans live most interesting physical lives on this planet we call earth. It is certainly filled with a lot of chaos and confusion. This exists in our personal lives and also in our collective national and international living experiences together. We humans each have a God-given healing power ...

Let’s focus

Montanans have spoken. It is clear that one thing our often-polarized voters value and agree on is our right to privacy. We have overwhelmingly decided that our government can’t mess around in our electronic communications without a warrant - that is, a reason a judge finds valid. We’ve also deci...

Support the library

Editor, A library is one of those resources essential to a thriving community. Our own Polson library got its start in 1912 when the town was in its infancy and a group of women met in a home and voted to form a library association.  The library, with steadfast support from the community, has evolved...

An observation

Editor, Recently I had an appointment at St. Patrick Hospital in Missoula. While waiting for my ride home I had an opportunity, for one hour, to sit and observe two ladies at an information desk.  Few people actually stopped at their counter, yet during that time the two ladies were so enjoying just ...

Consider Tranel

Editor, To voters still weighing which candidate to vote for in the race for U.S. Congress representing Montana’s new 1st District, I urge you to vote for Democrat Monica Tranel. Not only are you voting for the most capable candidate to represent our district, you are helping to keep the U.S. House ...

Consider Larson

Editor, Michael Larson is running for Justice of the Peace. He is currently the Polson City Judge. Prior to my retirement, I was a Montana lawyer for 40 years. I spent the last 12 years as Chief Disciplinary Counsel for the Montana Supreme Court. In that position, I headed the Office of Disciplinary Co...

Consider Zinke

Editor, A few weeks ago, a letter from former Governor Schweitzer, who is doing ads for Monica Tranel, seemed to have trouble defining a Socialist. His diatribe indicting Rupert Murdoch and his ranch revealed to me that the old adage that Socialism breeds envy and entitlement is alive and well. So, what i...

Write in candidate

Editor, It’s important that you take the time to write Paul’s name down on a piece of paper. He decided at the last minute to file for Lake County Commissioner and his name will not be on the ballot. You will have to write it in and remember to fill in the bubble beside his name under County C...

Vote kind

Editor, The pollsters are predicting, and the early voters are voting. The pundits proclaim that Trump’s party could do ok in the midterms because it’s always been that way. But this time is all about things no longer being the way they always were before, ever again. We are now on a new road,...

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