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Take a break

Amid all the negativity we are reading in the news these days, take-a-break with these: A guy walks into a lumber yard and asks for some two-by-fours. The clerk asks, “How long do you need them?” The man answers, “A long time. We’re gonna build a house.” The students walk into the classroom on their first day in med school. In huge print on the blackboard is “A patient cured is a patient lost.” The ability to speak several languages is an asset, but the ability to keep your mouth shut in any language is priceless. Be decisive. Right or wrong, decide. The road of life is paved with flat squirrels who couldn’t make a decision. For...

Call for judicial diversity

We expect a great deal from our Supreme Court - that justices apply the law rigorously, but with a broad understanding of what their decisions mean to individuals and society. It is the need for this broad, wise understanding that makes diversity on the bench so important. None of us, however intelligent and...

Thanks to all who came to club sale

Editor, The Valley View Women’s club would like to thank you so much to everyone who donated to our sale, people who attended the sale, and the women’s club members who set up and took down and helped at the sale.  The people who donated were very generous.  Our sale was a huge succe...

Dimensional thinking is a spiritual practice

Editor, Some years ago, I was introduced to a book “The Ultimate Revolution” by Walter Starke, published in 1969. It helped me change my life as I contemplated, especially, the portion of his writing I share here. See what you think.     “This is a revolution to reveal the w...

COVID causes pre-existing conditions

Editor, Many people switch health insurance companies every so often, most commonly because of a new job. In July 2020, the Valley Journal published a letter to the editor that I wrote. It began, “COVID-19 will cause pre-existing conditions. As research is gathered about COVID-19 pandemic, a sobe...

Resolve issues

Editor, This is in reference to a letter submitted by another reader, who referenced an opinion piece by Marc Racicot, former Montana Governor, “Donald Trump is wasting our time with comments on Ukraine and NATO.” The title is telling, and my question is: if this is true, as you postulate, why...

Arlee VFD receives $1,400 donation

Editor, Arlee Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Department (AVFD) was awarded a $45,600 grant from Phillips 66 in 2021 to replace outdated and worn turnouts. The grant has allowed AVFD to purchase 12 sets of new turnouts that are essential to protect the volunteer firefighters that are serving their community ...

More on character

Editor, Each person gives differing weights to issues such as empathy, compassion, and justice, and would judge a person’s character uniquely. Some would include that the person is stalwart and not to be swayed. Others, however, might define character as having the willingness to consider life&rsquo...

People must intervene on behalf of feral cats

Editor, “Now you see me – now you don’t” – and so it is with the Magic 30 feral cat colony in downtown Polson. The Magic 30 needs to be renamed to the Magic 20 due to winter casualties. It is now their season to be out and about hunting, raising young and exploring. I will mi...

Irrigation project management proposal

Editor, As reported in the Feb. 16 edition of the Valley Journal, at a special Flathead Irrigation District (FID) meeting on Feb. 8 the FID board approved an agreement that would establish with the CSKT, subject to U.S. Department of Interior approval, a Board of Directors (BOD) to operate the Flathead In...

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