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Editor, Ryan Zinke is at it again. He’s trying to erase his debacle as Interior Secretary, in which he erased national monuments, reduced hunter access to public lands and handed the keys to our best hunting and fishing to the oil industry. Zinke blames President Biden for gas prices, but that’s happening around the globe. In truth, oil is a global commodity, and Big Oil cut production to drive up prices – and of course their profits. In fact, the Biden administration has approved more new wells in its first year than Trump did, something Lyin’ Ryan conveniently forgets. Biden also actually is taking a look at where we should drill, not just throwing out permit...

A message for the senator

Editor, I would like to address Senator Daines. I was horrified as I watch the news showing a Ukrainian man kneeling in front of a Russian tank trying to stop it and a Ukrainian woman sweeping the broken window glass in her apartment from Russian bombing while singing the Ukrainian anthem. It is heartb...

Inspiring thoughts

Editor, Deviating from my usual style of letters, here’s one that offers some inspiring thoughts. Hope you find them meaningful and even perhaps helpful in these present very trying times for us all.  Offered by Dr. Debasish Mridha of Saginaw, Michigan, a physician, philosopher, poet, and au...

Power rates

Editor, As the largest electric power user on the Reservation, I am interested in hearing the position of the Tribes regarding the new tier rate approach and the substantial rate increase proposed by Mission Valley Power. I believe it is very important that other users of MVP hear as to the way the Tribes...

National efforts

Editor, Once upon a time, Republican and Democratic politicians endeavored to present a united front to other countries during times of conflict, regardless of political differences. But Steve Daines has joined the ranks of other Republicans, including Marjorie Taylor Green, Mathew Gaetz, and Jim Jordan, ...

Stand up for democracy

Editor, The U.S. has successfully spearheaded an extraordinary international response among nations to support Ukraine as it suffers unprovoked attack by Russia. Why the support? Ukraine is a democracy. It voted out its former authoritarian government and began a democratic government. The U.S. and many o...

Montanans spend too much on rent

Editor, Montana has become a prime destination for out-of-state residents looking for homes in a state that has close access to pristine rivers, stunning hiking trails, and abundant wildlife. Between 2010 and 2020, Montana’s population grew 10%. Housing availability has not caught up to this rapid i...

Maybe it could be simple

Editor,  I was happy to read all the contributions to last week’s paper in regards to building community (An Evolution in Community) and other generally quality contributions from community members. These last few decades, we have seen a massive erosion in social capital in our country. That me...

Protect the ecosystem

Editor,   The Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Act is a piece of legislation that needs immediate attention. This legislation would help secure the peace of the Blackfoot River by permanently protecting its most crucial tributaries. This bill will not only provide a protection of important ecosystems...

Responsibility for feral cats lies with us

Editor, This is a copy of a letter sent to the City of Polson, Polson City Mayor, personnel overseeing city workers and to the Valley Journal. I am a Polson city resident and taxpayer. I don’t feed the gulls at the city lake park – I feed the feral cat colony – one of 4 city groups lo...

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