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Consider other ways to save library

Editor,  The property taxpayers and residents of North Lake County will begin voting on July 8 to see if they again would like to pay more taxes to support the library. There are several reasons why we should vote “no” on this ballot.  First, we already pay taxes to support the library. Property taxes went up 110 percent just last year - the highest in the state. Have we not had enough already? Second, the public library is close to being obsolete. With the ever-changing electronic era, we can now access the Internet from our cell phones and read any book, any time any place with e-books. The information available on the Internet is up to date and is widely av...

Bible predicts signs of the times

Editor,  When Jesus’ disciples asked him for a sign of his coming and the end of the age, he said, “You will hear of wars and the rumors of wars, but see to it you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come ... Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and ...

Disabled also deserve parade view

Editor,  We just returned home from watching the Polson parade, but unfortunately, only had the opportunity to see occasional parts of it.  My wife, who is mostly homebound, and another couple in the same circumstance were sitting next to each other - my wife in a walker chair and the couple ...

Volunteers make Search and Rescue great

Editor,  Committed, devoted, loyal, dedicated, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and heroic are only a few words I can use to describe Search and Rescue volunteers. I have been a member of Lake County Search and Rescue five years this coming August, and have met some of the finest people in our county and ...

Congrats to parade winners

Editor, On behalf of Mayor Pat DeVries, the Kiwanis, Rotary Club, and myself I would like to say a special thank you to all those citizens that participated in the parade. Winners may pick up their awards at Polson City Hall after July 8 or contact me at 883-8212 or Cora at 883-8214. Congratulations...

Mill levy benefits outweigh costs

Editor, Of course no one wants to choose to raise taxes. However, for less than what I would spend on two lattés a month, it’s overwhelming what I get in return if the library district mill levy passes. I hire staff to keep the library open later. I get access to more research materials. I...

Vote yes for library district

Editor, To be sure, the Polson City Library offers a lot of cool, free stuff: wireless Internet access, public computers, scanners, copiers, newspapers, magazines and more. Though many library users may be familiar with much of this, one under-appreciated and often overlooked service that the library p...

Library provides valuable services

Editor, As a child growing up I was incredibly fortunate, along with my brothers and sisters and cousins, to have an opportunity to spend all summer visiting my grandparents in Yellow Bay. Part of the weekly routine my grandparents had to keep this brood under control was to have my grandfather drive all ...

Support library, support education

Editor, The greatest educator begins with a book.  Where would we be without libraries? A library is a building full of knowledge open to all with no regards to wealth, race, education or occupation. A library is a building with an open invitation to come in and learn. Libraries have been on this ...

Congrats to Valley Journal

Editor,  Congratulations to the Valley Journal and staff for your 21 newspaper awards at the Montana Newspaper Association’s annual convention.  Your articles and stunning photographs are consistently well thought out and displayed. I can’t wait for Thursday to get your paper and ...


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