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Restoring America involves active participation

Editor, This letter is in response to Sheila Bell’s letter published last week. As one of the founders of Calling All Conservatives (CAC), I wanted to answer her question about the change of name. It changed because the group has new leadership, and had nothing to do with the Hamilton group as Sheila surmised. It became very clear after our first two successful events that several people on our planning committee disagreed on how to move the group forward.  Some thought we should take advantage of the upcoming elections to become a forum for candidates, pushing political issues, while others believed that we should adhere to the original mission of educating citizens. Wh...

Enjoy student artwork on display

Editor, We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Polson School Superintendent, David Whitesell and Communications Director, Marsha Anson for allowing Polson businesses to display student art in their offices and stores. When you are shopping in Polson, please take the time to locate a...

We'll all experience a resurrection

Editor, A short time ago, I participated, by sharing my condolences, in a memorial service for a Polson High School acquaintance from the 1940s; his grieving widow was a classmate of mine. This thought crossed my mind and perhaps has crossed the minds of others attending memorial services: will I see him ...

There's money in the ditches

Editor, Again, we spent a few hours picking trash along Highway 93. And for the first time were blessed and surprised to find dollars. Not just $1, but $10, then $20, then another $20.  It doesn't take long to pick trash when there is a reward along the way. Maybe more people would help keep the h...

Fire Board actions are not fiscally responsible

Editor, As a Polson Rural taxpayer and a former career firefighter, I am very concerned about recent actions by some members of the Polson Rural Fire Board. At the March 10 meeting, Trustees Alison Meslin, Paul Laisy and Jim Manley voted to hire a consultant to advise them as to "the best use of the new R...

St. Luke provides economic vitality

Editor, With the conclusion of 2009 and spring 2010 approaching fast — growth and renewal come to mind. To that end, St. Luke Community Healthcare would like to extend a hearty thanks to the residents of Polson, Ronan, St. Ignatius and those throughout Lake County for all of the growth that we exper...

Hopefully our senators will listen

Editor, In a letter to our Senators, I wrote: Gosh. Where to begin? There are so many repugnant things going on in D.C. that I find it difficult to sort them out. One thing is for sure, though, I'm fed up with sending notes/questions to, especially, Sen. Baucus and receiving condescending stump speeches i...

Private health insurance causes tax burden

Editor, The health care problems in America spark a passionate debate with no easy solutions. Finding a solution that ensures everyone and is cost effective is a goal we must achieve. It is vital to the health and security of us all and a financial must to balancing the budget. Health insurance compani...

It's heartening to see healthy discussion

Editor, Calling All Conservatives met on March 9 in Ronan and are now calling themselves Citizens Acting for Liberty. Why the name change? Nobody explained, leaving some to surmise there was a break away from Mona Docteur and her CAC followers. Perhaps the reason is related to the emotionally charged m...

Let's clean it up

Editor, Every year when the buttercups start blooming, the pussy willows bud out, the crocus peep their heads out, and the young calves start dotting the landscape, one believes we live in the most beautiful part of the world.   That is until you drive the highways, the back roads, even your ow...


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