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Library levy exemplifies community spirit

Editor, The voters of this community and the surrounding area are being asked to vote in favor of the formation of a library district, a service that many will and should support. It’s essential to a healthy community. This area is known for its ability to show concern for many divisive issues. However, the people turn out again and again in favor of schools and they create new programs like Friendship Dinners, a new food pantry, Soup’s On, golfing schools for children, teaching music and drama through Port Polson Players and many other programs that may not directly affect the voter. These supporters represent more than a caring community. They show a community whose i...

Library district excludes most of our community

Editor,  If the library district levy is going to be so wonderful, then why isn’t all of Lake County included?  What about the Ronan library?  Ronan has a library and should benefit from the library district levy as well, should it pass. Are we not concerned for all citizens of ...

Levy would expand funding pool

Editor, A library is a dull place if you’re illiterate. Consider the bright side – when watching TV you don’t have too much to read, other than casual words. No, a library is not the best place to learn to read, but it’s a wonderful place to expand your reading capability and your ...

Mill levy ensures sustainable library funds

Editor,  The first sentence of our library’s mission statement is a clear commitment to the belief that our library is integral to the fabric of our community: “The Polson City Library provides a welcoming, contemporary center for literacy and lifelong learning for all users.”&nb...

Supporting troops means supporting their mission

Editor, In a recent letter to the editor Bob McClellan asked, “Why are we still in Afghanistan?” He feels we went there because of “faulty knowledge”.  We initially went into Afghanistan in response to the attack on our country on September 11, 2001 by radical Islamists. Ou...

Newspaper space too valuable for ‘Bible’ letter

Editor, Wow. With all of the urgent, important issues going on in Lake County such as health care, medical marijuana, taxes, seatbelt safety, and hundreds of other political agendas, it amazes me that you, the Valley Journal, would waste a portion of last week’s letters to the editor section on a le...

Library can’t continue to rely on gifts

Editor, The Polson Library has been a valued part of the community for almost 100 years. However since 1992, the library has not received any taxpayer dollars for books, newspapers, periodicals, DVDs, CDs or online services such as the Shared Catalog Partner’s system in Montana. Only one other libra...

‘Giveback’ students grateful for support

Editor, The students and staff of the SKC Upward Bound and GEAR UP programs wish to thank the Ronan Bread Basket and Mission Mountain Enterprises’ Twice But Nice for the ongoing services they provide to our community.  SKC Upward Bound and GEAR UP, with support from the Coalition for Kids, r...

Consider other ways to save library

Editor,  The property taxpayers and residents of North Lake County will begin voting on July 8 to see if they again would like to pay more taxes to support the library. There are several reasons why we should vote “no” on this ballot.  First, we already pay taxes to support the li...

Bible predicts signs of the times

Editor,  When Jesus’ disciples asked him for a sign of his coming and the end of the age, he said, “You will hear of wars and the rumors of wars, but see to it you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come ... Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and ...

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