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Take care of our children

Editor, April is Child Abuse Prevention Month.  Family Matters would like us to remember what precious gifts we have with our children. Look at their unique qualities, and praise them more than reprimand them.  “Realizing a healthy community by nurturing families” is the mission statement of Family Matters. In this we all must take responsibility to care and nurture happy, healthy and safe children.  Polson Family Matters is our community Resource Center where we offer many opportunities for children and their families. Little Cherries, Roll and Tumble, Rhythm and Rhyme, Messy Play, Mix and Measure and Out and About playgroup, are interactive literacy ...

Community support for shelter heartening

Editor, The Safe Harbor Board of Directors would like to thank everyone who attended our St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon fundraiser. A special thanks goes to Marvin Bauer for the great entertainment and Ronan Telephone Company for sponsoring the luncheon. It is heartening to have the community supp...

Thanks for Total Home donation

Editor, On behalf of the Salish Kootenai College Writing Center, I would like to thank Total Home of Ronan for the donation of a couch to the Center. Your commitment to helping the Writing Center at SKC is greatly appreciated.  SKC's Writing Center is a fairly new addition to the campus. The Cente...

I stand corrected

Editor, A couple of weeks ago I sent a letter in which I mentioned the Health Choices Administration as an example of a new bureaucracy under our new Health Care laws. I have since discovered that this new Administration, which appeared in early versions of the legislation, was not included in the final v...

Don't let the rural fire board become one-sided

Editor, To the concerned people of Polson's Rural Fire Board area: I have followed the happenings within the Rural Fire Board for the past five to six years. As a taxpayer I was offended by the price paid for the purchase of the new fire truck. Why were the bid specifications written to fit only one compa...

Stand up for truth

Editor, This letter is in response to the letter from Mr. Clapp and Mr. Nelson. How relieved we are to see great support for the rural fire station at Big Arm. Though there have been many sordid statements made about the way our city and rural fire fighting efforts work, this much is clear: some that h...

Vote for those who consider all the facts

Editor, To Polson Rural Fire District citizens, the upcoming rural board election will effect fire and rescue service delivery for many years. I have worked with Mrs. Meslin and Mr. Laisy in my capacity as a rural fire volunteer and I find them both to be engaging, intelligent, and able to accomplish task...

Yes, there are two fire departments

Editor, This letter is in response to Jodi O'Sullivan's letter in last week's Valley Journal. Yes, there truly are two fire departments, the Polson City Fire Department and the Polson Rural Fire District. They act together pursuant to something called an "interlocal" agreement, but their interests aren...

Thank you for highway cleanup

Editor The Big Arm Association once again offers a big round of applause to the many local residents who volunteered this past Saturday morning to clean a six-mile stretch of Highway 93.  We filled dozens of garbage bags with all kinds of trash and junk. We did have fewer bags this year so we also...

Don’t confuse anger with fear

Editor, Fear is a very powerful emotion. Anger is one of the resulting behavioral patterns coming from the emotion of fear.  We are seeing this all over America today — the Tea Party movement being one example. People are simply fed up and angry with how things are going in their lives. They...

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