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You missed a powerful message

Editor, Many thanks to Toni Young, Barb Monaco, Soroptimist International of Polson, Mr. Whitesell and Polson School District #23 for bringing Ron Clem and his daughter, Carren, to speak to our community schools about drug and alcohol abuse on February 22-23. Ron and his daughter shared their firsthand experiences as a “family in crisis” when Carren became addicted to meth and was raped as a 14-year-old. In addition to our middle school and high school, Ron and Carren were scheduled speakers at St. Ignatius and Charlo High Schools and the reception at all four schools was phenomenal. Mr. Whitesell sent out a phone blast that covered over 1,900 teachers and parents of st...

Tea party gathering was not a peaceful protest

Editor, After reading Annette Schiele's letter, published Feb. 25 describing last April's tea party that she helped to organize, I had to wonder if we attended the same event. Her stated goal for the gathering may have been to "peacefully protest over-burdensome taxes and the alarming increase in governme...

Raffle winner announced

Editor, The winner of the '79 HD Shovelhead motorcycle raffle was Charles Walking Child. The raffle was in support of Sober Indian Riders and we would like to thank everyone who bought tickets. Geri Hall Polson  

What will be left of our great nation?

Editor, Wednesday I attended a meeting sponsored by the Montana Human Rights Network at the St. Ignatius Seniors Center. The speaker gave reasons why conservative groups are starting to meet in large numbers. One - our President isn’t white and two - our President has a non-Anglican last name. ...

True change comes from within

Editor, The disruptive, blatantly partisan, greed driven, angry, and combative rhetoric called news is coming so fast and furious that it must have many asking, "What is going on here. How can we change this trend? What can we do about this? When are our concerns going to be intelligently addressed? How c...

Mardi Gras fundraiser gives club financial boost

Editor, The past few days of bright sunshine have been sheer delight to our community, especially after a long siege of rather gloomy weather. The Boys & Girls Club board of directors would like to share another bright spot with everyone.  The past year and a half has been turbulent to say the...

President's words display hate

Editor, I can't get it out of my head — Barak Obama saying to John McCain at the February 25 Health Care Summit, “The campaign is over.” Could the President have said anything less gracious or more hateful? I don't think so. Carol Cummings Polson  

FCA raises funds to help local kids

Editor, What do Duford Tires, G&M Auto Repairs, Zimmerman Fishing Tackle, Wrap Shack, Cove Deli, Polson Bay Grocery, and Polson’s Town Pump all have in common? They all care about kids.  Polson High School’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) club would like to pass out a heart...

We must unite for survival

Editor, As President of the Lake County Republican Women’s Club, I have tried to plug into the different conservative groups that threaten to divide a united effort to overcome the socialist juggernaut in control in Washington. There is far more that unites us than divides us. Historically, conse...

Trash stains Jocko Valley

Editor, The last couple days we've spent a few hours in our quest to clean the highway in the Jocko Valley. Wow, someone's trash must have flown out of the back of their truck. Only the bag broke and it was blown all over and we picked it up one piece at a time. Let's see, only three diapers thrown out th...

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