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Contribute positively

Editor, These are crazy times. Is there a good answer? Read on and see what you think. Just look at our own nation. Presently we are experiencing the crises of political upheaval, angry mobs and killings. We humans immediately try to figure out who to blame. Joe Biden, as president, is of course, the chief recipient of blame. We also blame our GOP legislative branch of characters who are gripped by fear. This involves the great fear of the continuing Trump related attack process.   What creates a well-functioning and peaceful nation? This, in my view, is a most critical question right now for each of us to consider. The answer comes from ‘the bottom up,’ not fro...

Give some credit

Editor, Among the many Republican talking points on offer is the notion that Democrats have not accomplished anything important since Joe Biden became president - and certainly nothing that benefits Montanans. Let us take a look at that. Are we better off than we were in 2020? In fact, we are SO much b...

Censorship in speech

Editor, We have long been liberal democrats, and we applaud Senators Manzella and Daines for speaking out against vaccine mandates and for freedom of speech. The highly effective mandate and vaccine marketing campaign promulgated in mainstream media seems to benefit not the health or welfare of the genera...

Props to MME

Editor, My nephew has been a client of Mission Mountain Enterprises since 2008. Over the years, our family has attended many MME events. Each and every time I have been impressed by the quality of staff that work for MME.  Friday, Feb. 11, my nephew invited me to attend the Valentines party at RAC...

Our democracy

Editor, The recent whitewashing statement put out by the RNC stating that the January 6th assault on our Capitol was simply “legitimate political discourse” is reprehensible. Is this what the Republican Party has devolved into? Advocating violence and enabling hate as a means of justifying the...

Use our minds

Editor, Our present lives as humans on earth are filled with increasing chaos, confusion about life, and our development of advanced methods of killing each other. This threatens our continuing human existence on planet earth. There is a powerful answer to all this - it involves the ‘power of the mi...

Enough spending

Editor, When I read of Tester’s latest expenditure of my tax dollars it is just too much. Now he has a bill for veterans exposed to burn pits. You’ve got to be kidding me. There is no end to this blowhard’s PR stunts. There isn’t one rock, however small, that this guy won’t t...

Responsible bathroom etiquette

Editor, From the simplest bathroom to the fanciest, these two suggestions are applicable: Number one: Leave things where you found them. Number two: Don’t flush heavy papers. Gene Johnson Polson  

Qualified water board appointments

Editor, Having been an active supporter of the Water Compact, I am very pleased with the appointments to the Water Management Board. Lake County commissioners nominated and our Governor appointed individuals with strong water law and hydrological backgrounds. So did the CSKT. During the board’s f...

Time for change

Editor, I wish I was smarter than I am but since I keep being ineffective at initiating change maybe I should become a politician. For years we keep re-electing the same Lake County Commissioners despite the fact they have told us they don’t have a jail solution problem. They voice the same yearl...

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