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Support the theatre

Editor, Home run! The Port Polson Players hit it out of the park with their latest play, “Home Games.”  About a father-daughter connection, it was both poignant and funny at the same time. Have you ever laughed and cried at the same time? Then you know how it feels to cross home plate. The acting was phenomenal, with real-life daughter Anna showing maturity beyond her years, and father Neal giving us a grumpy yet lovable version of a parent suffering (and enjoying) his dementia. Their relationship felt very real and sweet. We also hope to see Eric Donovan again in many more roles. Our thematic takeaways include family is forever; don’t let phony people mess w...

Irrigators have options

Editor, Last week in an advertisement you were told that contact numbers and details for filling an objection to the CSKT compact to the Montana Water Court will be given soon. You have a little over four months to do this. This is your first and last chance. Contact the website www.saveyourwaterrights.or...

See the light

Editor, This is our present three-party political system: Democratic, Republican, and what I term Trumpism.      Trumpism was formed by Donald Trump’s presidency. It is ruled by fear, anger, and self-centeredness. Let’s call it FAS. These human tendencies are personal choices...

Valley Views for Dec. 22, 2021

Montana’s elk population has tripled over the last 40 years. For decades we have exceeded the sustainable objective levels in most hunting districts. FWP’s goal is 92,000 elk in Montana, but today there are an estimated 175,000. That excess elk population causes immense damage to family ranch ope...

Consider these reasons

Editor, There are strong moral and constitutional reasons to protect women’s right to choose. There are strong practical reasons, as well. If we do not support family planning and abortion when necessary: More women will die. They will die from non-medical abortions, and because our health care s...

We need to vote

Editor, Watching a famous sporting event the other day, I saw thousands of happy people lined up enthusiastically cheering the participants of the Tour de France. I hated to think of what might happen had this race been in the U.S. and the anxieties and fears such an event would evoke. I don’t reall...

Support the theatre

Editor, I was sad to see how few people were attending the Port Polson Players’ performance of the ‘Home Games’ last night. To those who didn’t attend, you still have time to go this coming weekend- July 21- 24. The production was fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! It is a heartwarmi...

Embrace a practical strategy

Editor, Do you want to reduce the number of abortions that occur? Here’s a practical strategy. Vote for universal health care. Vote for free childcare. Make education free for all so women can improve the conditions of their lives. Vote for a living minimum wage. Ensure that women make equal pay and...

Consider freedom of religion

Editor, America’s constitution does not condone abortion - neither does it oppose it.   The opposition to abortion may be from one’s personal viewpoint about an unborn life but mainly it stems from the tenets of an organized religion. Freedom of religion IS in our constitution, as well...

Come together

Editor, I was “invited” to write about issues we face. Gladly. But which ones? Extremism, white supremacy, racism? Culture wars, conspiracy theories, disinformation? Gun control, slaughter of children, power of NRA? Inflation, Ukraine, supply chain? Mental health, addiction, suicides? Women&rs...

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