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Answer questions

Editor, The Missoulian published a Voter Guide for 2022 on Oct. 9 that provided at look at Montana’s Legislative candidates. Each candidate in several western Montana counties was asked to provide a brief bio as well as answer the same five questions. This information gives us, the voters, information about our candidates’ background and insight into how they might vote while in office. As I am from Lake County, I was interested in the candidates in those districts. Surprisingly, Linda Reksten, the Republican candidate for House District 12, and Joe Read, the Republican candidate for House District 93, both did not respond to the questionnaire. Conversely Shirley Azzopardi...

Consider Azzopardi

Editor, There could not be a bigger difference between the Democrat and Republican candidates running for Montana House District 93. Shirley Azzopardi has shown that she cares what is on the minds of voters in her District. Shirley has personally knocked over 1,000 doors since May. She is currently knocki...

Keep out partisanship

Editor, Montana is full of many folks with many opinions and beliefs. We live in a very partisan times and our state is no different than many places across this great nation. While there is a place to express one’s political beliefs, the Supreme Court of the State of Montana is not that place. We m...

Respond appropriately

Editor, Our nation is in political crisis. In my view it is due to the unusually dangerous divide within the Republican party. This divide is actually threatening the continuation of our normal democratic system of government.  Within the Republican ranks, some of the most negative aspects of huma...

Need to know

Editor, It’s unbelievable how irresponsible some candidates can be when it comes to sharing their qualifications, views, and issues they support with the voters. Annie Bukacek has refused to face John Repke in various communities in PSC 5 that have attempted to expose her and her beliefs to the vote...

Azzopardi represents

Editor, Shirley Azzopardi is running to represent Lake County’s district 93. As a deeply caring and experienced educator in our community, she’s gained many skills that would be useful in the legislature. She’s worked with and taught people of different backgrounds and needs and has been...

Consider Schoening

Editor, This is a letter of support for Rick Schoening, candidate for Lake County Justice of the Peace. Mr. Schoening has proven himself as a dedicated public servant for over three decades. His career experience as a Game Warden, followed by his desire to continue serving his hometown of Polson in its...

Consider Zinke

Editor, There are many reasons to vote for Ryan Zinke. He believes in borders, he knows that this out-of-control spending by congress and the current administration has to stop, he knows killing fossil fuels is not the answer for the planet, he knows that girls should compete against girls in sports, he k...

Consider Azzopardi

Editor, I’m sure Joe Read is a nice guy, but he also seems pretty good at wasting taxpayer money during his time in Helena. He supported convening a special session this year, an unnecessary expenditure of taxpayer funds since the issues will be considered during the regular session. He voted for un...

Trust Azzopardi

Editor, Our votes in the Nov. 8 election will shape the years ahead - for better or for worse. Who cares enough to work across divides? Who will do a better job of protecting our right to vote? Who understands the reality of climate change, and can reason based on the truths before our very eyes? For H...

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