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You be the judge

Editor, Prior to adopting an anti-vaxx attitude in 1974, I personally ‘respected’ the vaccine concept. What did I know as a child? Being routinely jabbed by the insistence of the public schools was commonplace acceptance. The current maniacal tyrannical bullying of getting jabbed with an irrational, experimental therapy (not vaccine) has led me to review vaccines in general, and in particular the history thereof. The history is certainly less than clear and begins to look ominously scary. If we have anything for which to thank the SarsCoV-2 indoctrination is that history might clear-headedly show that a lot of people have been fooled, for a very long time. ‘Vaccine&rsqu...

Danger at Riverside Park

Editor, Around lunchtime on Saturday, Jan. 29, I decided to take 7 kids (all under 11 years old) sledding at Riverside Park in Polson. What would be better on a nice winter day? While I stood by a tree, someone from 110 or 114 4th Ave West apartments shot me in the leg with a bb gun. I knew it was a bb an...

Mil levy could help feral cat population

Editor, Since the last feral cat article, I have learned there are four in-city Polson feral colonies. I maintain only one I call “the magic 30.” I can only hope kind people are feeding these cold and starving animals. My magic 30 are as diet-spoiled as any house cat – and they deserve i...

Get involved

Editor, To those independent voters out there - in spite of the effect any of these letters have on our area politics and leadership, it is you who put people into office. This is what we are told by historical journalists who don’t have a side other than finding out why something occurs. No poli...

Montana’s rivers and lakes threatened

Editor, A Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) report in 2020 determined that 35% of our river miles and 22% of our lake acres are impaired by harmful levels of nutrients. The fact is, these figures do not even include waters being polluted by industrial waste from coal fired power plant oper...

Level the playing field

Editor, Polls showed that the Freedom to Vote Act was favored by the majority of Americans. Yet Senator Steve Daines voted against it. Last week he sent emails about his vote against it saying it was a federal takeover. While we don’t necessarily agree with every provision in the voting rights...

Thank you Ronan

Editor, I want to thank Ronan businesses and the Ronan Chamber of Commerce for putting together the Parade of Lights Raffle. I won first prize and it was very generous. I am so proud to be part of this community. Thank you so very much. Sincerely, Wanda Turner Ronan  

Unwelcoming sign

Editor, On returning home to Polson, as I approached the Polson Hill on Hwy 93, I saw a disturbing red, white and blue billboard on the west side of the highway which stated “Forced Vaccines? My Body, My Choice. No Fear...Vax Off!” Is this any way to welcome everyone to our community of &ldquo...

Save our democracy

Editor, There is a lot of talk about “Saving our Democracy.” My son told me about an especially significant article in Atlantic Magazine by Burton Gellman, a journalist and bestselling author. The article’s opening:   “Trump’s next coup has already begun. January 6 was p...

Bigger than us

Editor, As Congress deliberates voting rights, we should remind our representatives of just how bad things were in a “United” States that was segregated. I grew up, many decades ago, in Jim Crow Texas. My father was a schoolteacher with five children, but, because African Americans commanded i...

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