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Different worldviews considered

Editor, Thanks to Gene Johnson for taking the time to respond to my letter. I appreciate the opportunity to discuss our contrasting worldviews. I understand the concept of “worldview” as any ideology, philosophy, theology (including atheism), movement or religion, which provides a way of viewing or interpreting all of reality. Obviously, Mr. Johnson and I have vastly different, even incompatible, worldviews. We have each made a choice, as every man must Biblical Christianity is a worldview that begins with God, not man. Secular humanism, with its foundational tenet of atheism, is a worldview that begins with man, not God. From my perspective, only God’s word ca...

Healthcare action needs to be taken

Editor, Montana’s Medicaid Expansion provides health insurance to nearly 100,000 Montanans and helps local economies across the board. It also keeps enough money in the system to support rural healthcare. This is of such clear benefit to all Montanans that it is not a partisan issue. In fact, Republ...

Irrigation commissioner doesn’t agree with fee increase

Editor, I don’t normally respond to editorial letters, but today I will. I send letters to educate and update Flathead Irrigation Project irrigators. Everything I write is based on fact and local history. This valley was settled by courageous men and women not bowing to threats and standing firm on ...

Election predictions

Editor, Yes, the Trump “base” is still a solid one-third. Why? Why is it solid amid such changing attitudes, allegiances and political positioning? We must first look honestly at Donald Trump the man. Number one, his personality disorder (narcissism) causes him to always feel vulnerable and...

Basketball teams inspire hope

Editor, I have been without hope for a while now. My 18-year-old son Connor suffers from a swallowing disorder, multiple GI issues and severe PTSD. He has a feeding tube and is barely stable, rarely leaving the house except for doctor’s appointments. Despondency has set in and it is hard to get out ...

Food pantry supporters counted as heroes

Editor, Who’s a hero? Not me. I’m just a regular person; so was Sully Sullenberger until Jan. 15, 2009. Maybe a hero is a regular person who sees a need and does something. That would make a lot of people in our valley heroes because the Polson Loaves and Fish food pantry met the 2018 Town Pum...

BIA isn’t the only one with issues

Editor, I think many of us would agree with some of Mission District Commissioner Tim Orr’s criticisms of the Bureau of Indian Affair’s costly bureaucratic procedures (Valley Journal, 1/23/19). But I wonder what it would be like to brief a Secretary of Interior or Senator on the refusal of the...

People need to think

Editor, Our president, Donald J. Trump, is constantly, through his words and actions, giving voice to America and the world to some of the worst of human values, characteristics and behaviors. This is not just about Trump. We each have the inner capacity to think, speak and act from fear, anger and att...

People need to adapt to a changing world

Editor, In his letter (1-2-19), Scott Kerr stated ideas regarding governments that deserve examination. First, he states that laws/ governments are born from divine/supernatural causes. This concept can easily be shown to be flawed and is rapidly declining as humans advance in understandings. Second, h...

Disagreement with water meeting claims

Editor, I attended an informational meeting a few weeks ago on the “People’s Compact.” There were five Kalispell legislators there to tell their story on why they didn’t like the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes’ compact that is now Montana law. If what they said that ...

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