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Thank you for the laughs

Editor, Good job Bob McClellan. I hope we see more letters like this. I hope we see more letters like this. We need the laughs and not all the depressing letters. Let’s lighten this year up. Last year was bad enough.    Ethel McCready Missoula

We are all in this together

Editor, When I first moved to Montana, decades ago, I was impressed with the level of friendly debate between friends and neighbors - something I did not often see in the state I came from. Sadly, with the extraordinary stressors that we have today, many of us are circling the wagons, thinking of others a...

Things to consider

Editor, Here is some “fun stuff” I came across.  Do you ever wonder:   - Why does the sun lighten our hair, but darken our skin?  - Why is ‘abbreviated’ such a long word?   - Why is it that doctors call what they do ‘practice’?  &nbs...

Political platforms

Editor, Looking back over the past year, I see the work that Senator Jon Tester has done.  I thank him.   He’s helped to secure disaster relief to farmers and ranchers who face drought, get federal money for MT and local school districts to procure domestically produced food during supp...

Local vs. global

Editor, I subscribe to your paper to receive local news. The article from Peace Voice makes me think you are getting away from local to a globalist view paper.  Your readers need to know that Peace Voice is a globalist “peace” organization out of Portland Oregon. A town where they can&...

Disagree peacefully

Editor, Picked up our weekly edition of the VJ today and was reminded of a conversation with some friends and acquaintances last week over coffee. I was asking about something in that VJ edition, and one response was - we don’t bother with the news. Knowing they watch OAN I would have to agree with ...

Gift between elders stolen from porch

Editor, As small as Ronan is I never thought a neighbor would steal. I’m 80 years old, on very low social security. My dear childhood friend lives in Ronan, on 4th Avenue SW. She too is alone and elderly. On the 6th of this month, post office left a package on her porch never to be seen again. It wa...

Life is made of stepping stones

Editor, How am I to view the many ‘stones’ in my pathway?  Here is one answer that has become special with me.  See what you think. The following was written by my grandmother, whom we kids called Grandma Tish.  She was a Divine Science minister and teacher in Chicago in the ...

Christmas memories shared

Editor, A word of sympathy to all of our friends in Lake County who had a sad loss of a loved one this past year. I do hope the holidays can bring a smile as you remember the wonderful, fun times with your loved one. “It’s been a tough year.” From a friend, Ethel McCready Missou...

Hegben Dam maintenance needed

  Editor, NWE and the MT PSC must do better. The Public Service Commission and Northwestern Energy (NWE) have made news, again, and yet again, for something done to—and not for—Montana. In 2014, NWE acquired the Hegben Dam from Pennsylvania Power and Light and with that purchase cam...

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