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Consider Azzopardi

Editor, We all want Montana to be a beautiful, clean, and safe place for future generations to live and raise children. Our constitution guarantees a “clean and healthful environment,” and we want to keep it that way. We want government that will solve problems that affect our community - not foster divisions with culture wars. We want our children to be well-educated, to be able to think rationally, and to understand the rich history that we are heir to in Montana. This is why Shirley Azzopardi is a great choice for House District 93.   She appreciates the natural beauty of Montana and will work to protect it.   As a retired special education teacher and long...

Thanks for care

Editor, As an older person recovering from a difficult back surgery, I did the physical therapy at St. Luke’s where I got excellent care. Then I continued to use their machines to build back arm and leg muscles. Fortunately, I get massage work done by Sheri Todd on Cold Creek Lane in her wonderful y...

Elephant in the womb

Editor, There’s an elephant in the womb. Montana Senator Steve Daines co-signed S. Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham’s proposed bill for a national abortion ban. Traditionally the Republican party has stated they are for individual rights, and has supported keeping power in the state governme...

Shirley Azzopardi for HD 93

 Editor, Shirley and John have two adult children who graduated from St. Ignatius, and during that time Shirley was using her University of Montana degree teaching special education in the St. Ignatius School District for 28 years. Teaching special education helped Shirley to make informed decisions ...

We choose how to face challenges

Editor, Our nation is presently going through a very present political crisis. This crisis is a clear example of the outworking of our human frailties. These frailties involve anger, attack, and blaming others for our own fears in life.  Our nation went through, and continues to go through, these ...

Consider Azzopardi

Editor, Shirley Azzopardi is a candidate for HD 93 which includes Ronan, Charlo, Arlee, Moise and parts of St. Ignatius. We couldn’t ask for a better representative than Shirley. We are all tired of the politicians who really don’t listen to their constituents. They continue to preach about...

Vote no

  Editor, You gotta love our Legislature - they make Houdini look like Bozo the Clown. Most recently they introduced, for your vote this coming election, the Born-Alive Protection Act, an anti-abortion provision intended to change our state constitution from allowing to prohibiting a woman’s...

Monica represents

Editor, If a Republican was ever going to vote for a Democrat, Montana’s HD 1 is the race. Monica Tranel is about representing all Montanans, not just the Rs or the Ds. As a lawyer, Monica has a track record of fighting hard for working Montanans and has a proven record of taking on corporate monopo...

To irrigators, water users

Editor, Tuesday night at the County Community center in Ronan, a meeting was called by the Flathead Irrigation District with the Mission Jocko District attending and our Lake County Commissioners present. Subject in discussion was the collection of irrigation taxes levied twice a year on fee landowners. O...

Consider local interests

Editor, Whose interests does Ryan Zinke support? Communities? Businesses? Apparently big businesses. A report from the Dept. of Interior Inspector General office revealed that he intentionally misled investigators (who work under a Trump-appointed Inspector General) while he was the Secretary of the In...

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