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Family support for judge

Editor,  Kim Christopher is the best candidate for District Court Judge of Lake and Sanders counties. She has excelled in this position for 18 years. She is steadfast, honest, fair and professional. How do I know? I’ve watched her in action, and I’ve seen her behind the scenes. You see, Kim is my big sister.  When Kim puts on her robe and sits at her bench, she becomes the fair, stern, tough, experienced judge that resembles the judges we see on TV or in movies. Behind the professional is a warm-hearted, caring woman who has raised three amazing boys on her own. She is loving, caring and so incredibly generous. She takes her generosity to work. She cares about th...

Hoping for respect

Editor,  On Oct. 10, I was disturbed to find that three political signs, one each for Jon Tester, Kathleen Williams and Caroline McDonald, had been removed from the lawn of my residence on U.S. Highway 93 East in Polson. During this period of such partisanship, we must be respectful of one another. ...

Thinking about the future

Editor, People of Montana, it’s time to start thinking of the future for Montana and how we want to live and do here, look at what is happening in California, New York City, Chicago and Portland with out of control crime, law personal being blamed, open borders and sanctuary cities and guns being ba...

Deciding on a political party

Editor,  As a “committed” political independent, I have voted for candidates of all stripes and colors over the years. Some say that committing to “independence” is more a commitment to sitting on the fence, not so. It states that I reserve the right to evaluate candidates bas...

Healthcare unaffordable, complicated

Editor, Wow. Today’s healthcare conundrum. In my growing up years on our Wisconsin farm, I had chicken pox, whooping cough, measles, mumps and bad bumps. Doctor Doughty was immediately there. All medical bills were handled directly between Dad and the provider of the care. It was all handled even wi...

Supporting water compact

Editor, We (the Lake family) and most of our neighbors on the Flathead Indian Reservation support the CSKT water compact. It protects our state-based water claims, it provides certainty that we will have water to continue farming, it provides money to improve the aging infrastructure of our water project,...

Why we need Decker

Editor,  It’s interesting to read the letters to the editor here in Lake County. The mantra from Professor McClellan et al is that we need someone as county commissioner who can bring cooperation back to the county. That would imply there is currently a ‘lack’ of cooperation. My tru...

Looking for answers

Editor, I have in the last two years had some fruitless interactions with the Lake County Commissioner’s Office. Each time they were either unhelpful or misdirected me to the tribe when it was clearly their jurisdiction. I am tired of this default answer to any inquiry. It doesn’t seem to matt...

Meeting with political candidates

Editor, We bumped into Senator Jon Tester in the busy Salt Lake City Airport recently. Obviously in a hurry, he nevertheless spent ten minutes with my husband and me, listening to our concerns and answering our questions. He showed us, two strangers, kindness and respect, qualities that are sorely missing...

People need to consider the facts

Editor, There have been so many ads directed to gun control. It seems that some people think gun control is gun prohibition even though gun control activists have repeatedly said they do not want to take away guns used for hunting or defense. I have heard that activists want to take away second amendme...

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