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Irrigation project management: ball is in irrigators’ court

Editor, Next to the weather, farmers and ranchers complain most about Bureau of Indian Affair’s (BIA) poor management of our irrigation project. Local project managers also are frustrated with the BIA’s cumbersome hiring and procurement policies and the fact that they get blamed. Some irrigators recall the good old days, from 2010 to 2013, when an irrigator-tribes Cooperative Management Entity (CME) managed the project. Unfortunately, in 2014, conflicts among irrigators, related mainly to differences over the water compact and opposition to the CME, forced BIA to resume control over project management. Something needs to be done to improve irrigation project performance...

Solutions to county crisis offered

Editor, Last October, for the third time in seven years, Lake County was informed by independent auditors that its criminal justice system is in a crisis. While a need for a new jail facility exists, the need for visionary leadership from a sheriff with new ideas and solutions is equally important. My dec...

Continued support will allow additional progress

Editor, Citizens of Lake County, as your sheriff since 2015, it is hard to believe another election season is upon us. For as many accomplishments as we have had at the sheriff’s office in that time, it feels like we are just getting started. I know there are many more things we can accomplish toget...

Thank you to Providence staff, Partners hospice

Editor, We would like to express our family’s gratitude to all of the doctors/nurses/CNAs, discharge planner, cafeteria and housekeeping staff at St. Joseph’s/Providence in Polson. The care and attention that our mother (Midge Stevens) was given in her final days and the accommodation of the f...

Polson Boys and Girls Club a worthy cause

Editor, The Lake County Commissioners would like to congratulate the Boys and Girls Club of the Flathead Reservation and Lake County on the very generous donation they received from the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribal Council. We wholeheartedly agree with Chairman Trahan when he expresses what an ...

Thank you for your support, vote

Editor, Dear citizens of Lake and Sanders Counties and the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Reservation, as we approach the Primary Election on June 5, I have little else to say or to write except thank you for your support, your confidence and your trust. My life has been one of service to my country, my...

Reasons for dispatch management move clarified

Editor, The Lake County Commissioners would like to clarify the reasons for moving management of the Lake County 911 Dispatch Center from the Sheriff’s Office to the Office of Emergency Management.  Darlene Lester’s letter to the editor in the Valley Journal last week asserted that the mo...

Pascal’s Wager exemplifies circular thinking

Editor, Pascal’s Wager (Jim Loebbecke’s letter, May 9) is a wonderful example of circular thinking. It has been criticized by many philosophers. The Wager states that if you believe there is a god, and if there actually is a god, then you might reap great rewards. This formula is not unique to...

Right, who is managing Montana’s budget?

Editor, Hypocritical Hertz repels responsibility as easily as he tells an audience one thing and does another. Montana paid a costly price to avoid having a special election performed as a write in ballot. Our state constitution allowed one in the situation if our legislature voted to have it. The Senate ...

Why I will not be supporting Sheriff Bell

Editor, Being sheriff here means you will enforce the laws, all the laws. Three years ago, I met with Sheriff Bell in St. Ignatius and showed him where drugs were being sold in plain view and on a daily basis. I had previously witnessed vehicles from Idaho and Washington coming in to sell meth, heroin, an...


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