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Valley forest project discontinued

Editor, The following is an update on a project that the Lake County Conservation District (LCCD) began about five years ago. The purpose of the project is to determine if it is feasible to establish a “Conservation Forest” on Forest Service lands in the Swan Valley in Lake County. If established, the 60,000 acre Conservation Forest would be proactively managed by Montana’s DNRC for timber management yielding $500,000 in net revenues annually. The money earned would then be used for a variety of conservation projects in the LCCD, many improving non-point sources of pollution, but foremost, the money would be used exclusively in the Swan Valley for two to three decades o...

One person can make a difference

Editor, Have you heard about the existing Water Compact? Did you know that it is still in limbo? There is a new solution, fair for all. I want to invite and encourage you to learn about and support The People’s Compact. Montana Senator and doctor, Al Olszewski, will introduce this new concept Nov. 2...

Montana PBS returns

Editor, The recent restoration of free over-the-air Montana PBS service to the Flathead Reservation and beyond is a welcome addition. Montana PBS accomplished this with a substantial investment. Please be generous as the December drive begins, and join me in pledging or donating. We will have a special...

Saying thanks to community

Editor, At this time of giving thanks, the family of Rhealene Cook would like to say “Thank you” to her extended family, friends and community for the outpouring of love shown to her as she fought a hard battle of cancer. The wonderful benefit meal, the memorial and all who helped, “Than...

Thanksgiving celebration served

Editor, West Shore Community Church in Big Arm hosted its sixth annual community wide Thanksgiving Dinner on Saturday, Nov. 10. At the event, 14 wonderful volunteers served approximately 80 meals. While the event was free to the public, people donated $125 and 156 pounds of non-perishable items to the loc...

Information about the People’s Compact shared

Editor, A solution to the old Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes’ Water Compact, AKA “the government’s compact,” was recently introduced at Leon Hall in Charlo. It is a solution widely accepted by the 100-plus participants who listened to the credible panel of current Montana ...

A president for our time

Editor, I get it. I get why many don’t like our President. He’s brash, sometimes crude, very direct and can be offensive. But we live in difficult times. After eight years of being a laughingstock to the world, supporting Islamic advances worldwide and in our nation and an abysmal economy, we ...

Having compassion for the President

Editor, When a lost soul needs help, the most compassionate response is to give help. My interpretation of lost soul comes from the Collins English Dictionary. It is this: “The person seems unhappy and unable to fit in with any particular group of people in society.” It is often difficult w...

Ridgewater Drive should connect to town

Editor, This letter is about the Polson City Commission plan for the future. In reference to the Ridgewater access road, I would like to suggest another alternative. Hillcrest Road is a residential area, which already has enough traffic. I suggest the commission look to the future of Polson and extend ...

Giving congratulations to voters

Editor, Congratulations to all Lake County voters of every stripe and persuasion during this recent 2018 midterm election. You came out strong, you came out in force and probably in the greatest numbers for a midterm election in the history of the county. According to MT Secretary of State, of the 19,2...

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