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School board’s behavior was inappropriate

Editor, As a general rule, I make every effort to stay out of my adult children’s business. However, after sitting through a Polson School Board meeting last Thursday, I am sorry, I cannot “turn the other cheek.” The treatment my daughter received was extremely rude and I can’t help but wonder if this is the “norm” or was it personal? After jumping through all of the “hoops” to get my grandson enrolled, we were still unable to enroll him because he was being treated as an out-of-district transfer. He was finally accepted upon approval of the board but we felt it was an unfair acceptance. My daughter asked for the opportunity to share her...

Shop downtown during construction

Change is a good thing. And the changes being made to Polson’s Main Street are a very good thing — not only for downtown, but for the entire community. As Main Street undergoes a major improvement project, please remember to support downtown businesses by continuing to shop in their stores.&nb...

Be accountable for what you write

We made a mistake. There, I said it. In last week’s Valley Journal we ran an incendiary letter to the editor attacking Lake County Sheriff candidate Jay Doyle with a fake name signed at the bottom. Maybe it was naiveté and trustworthiness on our part, where we didn’t think we had to che...

Research candidates before Election Day

Editor,  Well, I for one as a citizen, non-tribal member and civil servant of the people of Lake County have no concerns about Jay Doyle’s integrity or abilities to lead this county regardless of his recent enrollment status. Racism and ignorance such as Mr. Rew has plainly displayed in his col...

Good eats offered at Farmers Market

Editor, If you have not been to the Polson Farmers’ Market, you are missing one of the best and well-planned events of the week. Located on Third Avenue West in front of the Cove Deli and First Citizens Bank, it is open on Fridays from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.  Vendors offer the most delicious ...

Vote Salomon for Montana values

Editor,  We are writing to strongly support the candidacy of Dan Salomon for House District 12.  This year the contest is very clear — Dan Salomon, conservative Republican, or his opponent, a liberal Democrat incumbent.  Please help to reaffirm Montana values: individual responsibi...

Constitution is supposed to reign in government

Editor, I am surprised at Harold Young’s response to my letter in which I suggested that people need to read and learn the Constitution because Washington is disregarding what is in the Constitution. I repeat, the only way we can keep Washington on track to following the law, is to make sure we have...

Cooperation in government is needed

Editor, Obviously, the surprise primary winners in some races are confounding the political arena, and for good reason. The last thing that the entrenched politicos expected was such a visible and demonstrative uprising signaling a repudiation of Washington politics as usual. And this is repudiation of gr...

Vandals should repaint eyesores

Editor, I’m writing this letter to say how disappointing it is that people can go around St. Ignatius and spray paint graffiti signs on the door to City Hall, Silver Dollar Bar, a propane tank and the door of the old bicycle shop. The graffiti is really bad for business and is an eyesore to the peop...

Race shouldn’t be brought into sheriff election

Editor, In a day where we have a black president I was hopeful that this country was finally able to move past our racial issues. I think a majority of the Americans have, but then we have a few like Mr. Bob Rew. In his letter to the editor he talked a lot about the history of the American Indian, the ...

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