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Health care legislation could harm life

Editor, To Senator Max Baucus, the great humanitarian, you have just helped pass legislation, which indirectly will pay for the destruction of the very lives you claim to want to benefit. “All men are created equal, endowed with certain inalienable rights; among those rights are life.” When do you think life begins, at conception? At birth? What must we do to defend the right to life? Rita Senkler Charlo  

It's the whip, not the rod

Editor, Bob Hanson's letter in the March 18 Journal is right on. We both have the same problem with our Congressmen: lack of response. It is frustrating to see our Senators vote for something that most of us are against. Why do they do it? Blame it on the Whips. We've all heard references to the Majori...

Channel anger in a positive way

Editor, I have just heard reports that Members of Congress who voted for the just-signed-into-law health care reform bill are being targeted in violent ways. Such behavior is terribly wrong. House Minority Leader, John Boehner, has urged people to take their anger at the new law and “channel it into...

Ronan's firefighters enjoyed sharing breakfast with you

There's nothing like breakfast together for a family and last weekend's were pretty special. Members of the Ronan community came together, along with some friends from Polson and Charlo, to share a pancake or biscuits and gravy with the members of the Ronan Volunteer Fire Department.  The Ronan Firem...

Webb leaves Polson with many heartfelt memories

There is so much to visit with you about. As most all of Polson knows our Honorary Downtown Police Beat Officer Barry Webb has left us. We know he is looking down and no doubt frowning at times about the way we are handling things. In my eight years, Barry worked his way into my heart and my wonderful mem...

Charlo Ghost Out was a great success

Editor, I would like to take this time to thank everyone who participated and helped in the Charlo Ghost Out. It was a great success and I’m glad that I was able to have this program brought to the Charlo High School to teach the students about drinking and driving. I would like to send a special...

Health care bill is a good start

Editor,  I am relieved that the national health care bill passed and will be put into law this week. There are people living without health care coverage right now, and more losing it every day. This bill is by no means perfect — but it is a very good start to keep people from losing insurance ...

Restoring America involves active participation

Editor, This letter is in response to Sheila Bell’s letter published last week. As one of the founders of Calling All Conservatives (CAC), I wanted to answer her question about the change of name. It changed because the group has new leadership, and had nothing to do with the Hamilton group as Sheil...

Tap into our web site calendar to plan your spring and summer

Signs of spring surround us and that means we're just going to get busier and busier. All this warm weather has got us heading outdoors more and more, whether it's to take care of chores we've put off until the snow melted or to get some shirt-sleeve fishing in while the sun is out. Events also begin to p...

Enjoy student artwork on display

Editor, We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Polson School Superintendent, David Whitesell and Communications Director, Marsha Anson for allowing Polson businesses to display student art in their offices and stores. When you are shopping in Polson, please take the time to locate a...

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