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Frugal fashionista finds versatility in vintage plaid

I won’t mince any words. I hate plaid. I’ve never been one to dilly dally with my emotions and this one is quite clear to me.  Yes, it’s almost tangible, this utter, undignified, unethical hatred of the material I was forced to wear every school day of my childhood. It reminds me nuns, religion classes and cool marble floors. Of blackboards and clapping the erasers after school with my best friend, David Hart. It’s the smell of sweaty kids baking in a non-air conditioned school room. The stiff, ill-fitted red plaid dresses remind me of winning games of 21 and beating all the boys in footraces after school. So I guess the memories are not all that bad. T...

Flu vaccines available early for seniors

The Area VI Agency on Aging would like to let seniors more than 65 years of age know they are eligible to receive flu vaccinations early, before flu season ramps up.   Medicare clients can get the flu vaccine at no cost. There is no coinsurance or copayment applied to this Medicare benefit, nor is it...

Toole is best candidate for PSC

Editor, Claims by Republican challenger Bill Gallagher that incumbent Ken Toole, his opponent for the Public Service Commission, has a conflict of interest because Toole has mutual fund investments in companies that are regulated by the PSC are ludicrous.   Any individual who has a retirement fund...

Thanks for supporting Farmer’s Market

Editor, As a vendor at the Polson Farmer’s Market I was very moved by the letter Maureen Theiler sent in the other week. She is a great example of the support the community has given to the market.  I would just like to take a moment to thank all those who have made the market such a success...

Polson council provides welcoming atmosphere

Editor, Over the last seven years I have attended quite a few Polson Council/Commission meetings. The atmosphere at the meetings has definitely changed for the better in the last nine months. The commissioners and the city manager listen to and answer questions from the public and engage in discussions, w...

Cold case keeps family suffering

Editor, Sept. 22 was Robert Norbert Jensen’s birthday. I know because I baked his cake. On Oct. 17, 2005, he was reported missing. Some time later, his remains were found in the forested areas outside St. Ignatius.  No one has been charged in what has been determined a homicide.  His...

Walgren supports Kendley

Editor, I, like many of you, have heard of the investigations related to the Lake County Sheriff’s Department and like many of you I wonder, who can I trust? I also know that most of the state knows and is watching what happens. So what are we to do? Many of you have come to me with your similar ...

Response from commission would bring balance

Editor, The following is an open letter to the Polson City Manager, Mayor, and City Commission.  A report in the Valley Journal, Sept. 23, 2010, referred to a letter written by the Polson Chamber of Commerce board indicating a lack of transparency and failure to communicate at recent city commissi...

Be sure to cast your vote Nov. 2

Historically speaking, one hundred years isn’t a very long time. It was even less than that, 90 years ago, when American women gained the right to vote. The year was 1920 and it had taken women’s suffrage proponents more than 70 years to win the battle. It’s difficult to imagine in today...

Frugal furniture, lifestyle inspires fashionista

This weekend I had an intimate love affair in Denver. Every night I slept and snuggled loosely in the arms of an beautifully ornate, cable-knit cashmere sweater.  The gray sweater was soft on my sensitive skin and lulled me into sweet dreams of sunshine and happiness.  It belongs to a friend ...

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