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Keep the pressure on to protect North Fork

The North Fork of the Flathead River (a.k.a. the Transboundary Flathead) continues to play in the news of late. The news media report that Gov. Brian Schweitzer and U.S. Senators Max Baucus and Jon Tester are at odds over how to best protect our river, Glacier Park and Flathead Lake from upstream industrial activity. While a bit confusing to the reader, we think it's important to keep the North Fork in the news for one simple reason: Our fabulous North Fork isn't protected yet. Yes, the B.C. government announced in February a ban on mining and energy development in the B.C. headwaters of the river. Yes, our governor and the B.C. Premier signed a historic memorandum of understanding (MOU)...

More than two decades later, another drug wreaks havoc on a town

On a late, warm and muggy night in the summer of 1989, a friend and I walked up and down Bryden Road in Columbus, Ohio, believing we could change the world. The friend, Cornell McCleary, was a street-savvy individual who grew up on the tough streets of Philadelphia. Cornell understood better than most how...

Food pantry thanks donors

Editor,  The Mission Valley Food Pantry staff sends thanks to two organizations that have consistently supported our effort to provide food for those in need in our area.  Helena Diocese of the Catholic Church, which includes the St. Ignatius congregation, has again generously provided funds ...

Americans must fight corrupt politics

Editor, This headline just grabbed my attention: “Halliburton continues to flood lawmakers with contributions after oil spill.” With all the arguing and finger-pointing about every problem facing our nation, how can we expect our federal law-making system to function fairly if these obscene...

Litterbug’s trash disposal ruffles reporter’s senses

Mouth ajar and in shock, I sat up appalled.  “Did you just throw your bottle cap into the lake?” I asked. It was a statement more than a question. He threw the piece of metal over his head and into the Flathead Lake in one defiant motion of irreverence.  I couldn’t believ...

Library provides vital resources for all

Editor, Welcome to your new job on the Valley Journal. If last week’s editorial is any indication, this paper is in good hands. Your tribute to libraries made me weep. That first library card as a kid was a really big deal.  In today’s world, an email address and computer access is ess...

Museum appreciates event support

Editor, We would like to thank the local media, exhibitors and attendees that made our 20th Annual Live History Day Celebration so special. Visitors came from as far away as Scotland, Ukraine, New Zealand and Turkey. New exhibits were a big hit and the weather was excellent.  Our biggest judge of ...

Thanks for great all-star season

Editor, Thank you to the parents, players, family, and friends of the Polson 10U all-star baseball season.  This was a phenomenal season all around. The sponsors and volunteers were outstanding. It was an honor to be a part of such a memorable year. The first annual Fireball Tournament was a huge ...

Troops deserve utmost support

Editor, Amen to Jack Cummings’ letter in the July 15 Valley Journal.  Like Jack’s son, our son, John, has also served in Afghanistan – twice. Happily, he was not wounded. These patriotic young Americans deserve every ounce of support we can muster. We need to love them and their ...

Defendant’s weird behavior didn’t preclude his right to a fair trial

The image many people have of a courtroom proceeding comes straight from Judge Judy and Law and Order. One is real and entertaining, the other surreal and dramatic. A lot of people draw their conclusions on the law mostly from their living room sofas. Nielsen TV ratings aside, that’s not how it work...

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