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Gallagher is best candidate

Editor, I am supporting former Polson businessman, Bill Gallagher, for public service commissioner.  Decisions made by the Public Service Commission influence energy policy in Montana, regionally, and nationally, and have a very real impact on Montana families, taxpayers, rate payers, and employers. Unlike his opponent, Bill is not a career professional politician. He has real world businesses experience, much of it from right here in Lake County. His local career with Farm Bureau and his former ownership of one of Polson’s hotels makes him keenly aware of our agricultural, business and tourism issues. He knows our economy and our people. As a former County Commission...

Prevent addiction by connecting

Editor, September is National Recovery month. What can we, as parents, do to help prevent our children from a future of addiction?  We can provide positive experiences for our children; ones that they can succeed at; ones that make them feel good about themselves. We can communicate with our...

Fall brings changes to community

The beat goes on; however, it’s at a somewhat lesser pace as Polson Schools are now in session.  Nick and Rae Dentler, our heartfelt love and prayers are with you and your family. The Dentlers lost their precious Cylus 23 days into his life. We cannot even fathom the mental and emotional pain t...

Help is available to overcome anger, fear

Editor, Addressing the recent report from the Labor Department on jobs, Robert Reich wrote recently for Common, “The last time we had anything of this scale was in the 1930s. The last time we did anything about this on the scale necessary to reverse the trend was in the 1930s and 1940s. I...

I just want to ride my bike

The feel of handlebars beneath your eager fingers, the wind rushing through your hair and the sense of sweet freedom with nothing but the open road in front of you... few moments in life rival the exhilaration of your first bicycle ride.  After receiving a bike as a gift for a recent birthday, I have...

Study constitution to keep politicians playing by the rules

Editor, Do you remember playing a new game with a friend and they would tell you the rules of the game as you were playing? If their objective was to win, do you think you would be really getting a fair shake? Did it seem there were also two sets of rules? I believe that is what is happening in Washing...

Look within to solve anger issues

Editor, I heard a very interesting comment in a news interview today. The lady being interviewed said, “The Tea Party has mobilized anger throughout America.” This really caught my attention. I had never thought of this movement in quite such a succinct manner. There is a wonderful saying w...

American legislators should follow British fiscal measures

Editor,  The following is a letter I sent to our Montana Congressional Delegation. I think it would be great if other Montanans would send a similar appeal. It has recently come to my attention that in England, where the economy is at least as sorry as ours, the British government has taken a numb...

Attacks on tea party movement are unfounded

Editor, The first amendment to our Constitution reads:   Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Governme...

Thanks to all who helped with ice cream social

Editor, Although wind and rain eventually cut short the annual Susie Hanson Ice Cream Social at St. Luke Extended Care on Aug. 18, it was fun while it lasted. We want to express deep appreciation to Ronan Harvest Foods for providing the ice cream; to Joey and Ryan Dresen for providing the music; and to...

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