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Outrage and persistence bring deposit refund

RONAN — “Not a soul on this earth cares about your money except you,” my mother said.  Mom is one of those women you can’t ignore because like most mothers, she is always right and whatever she says will come to pass.    Unfortunately, I always learn this the hard way. We were hot, sweaty, and ridiculously tired after a week of cleaning and a day of moving my furniture, boxes and clothes from my old house to my new house. On our way to the county dump to dispose of the trash that always seems to materialize when moving, she told a story about discovering her accountant’s $600 discrepancy.  I listened to the story, but I didn&rsqu...

'That's The Poop' may turn stomachs, but it's good for the intestines

If the lightning storm that flickered over Flathead Lake this past Thursday night was a metaphor for the play, "That's The Poop," beware of the water. Indeed, the play, performed by the Port Polson Players and now running through Aug. 8 (Wednesday through Sunday) at the John Dowdall Theatre on the lake in...

Big Arm celebration will help school

Editor,  The Big Arm 100-year commemoration held Saturday, July 24, was a big success. A great team of volunteers — about 40 individuals — made it a fun day for all who showed up for the fundraising activities. Lunch was a beef brisket barbecue with corn on the cob, coleslaw and dessert. ...

Thrift store relies on donations, community support

Editor, Where in Polson can one shop for quality used items? You can get it all at the Country Store in Polson, sometimes referred to as “that boutique on Main Street.” The Country Store has been serving Polson and the surrounding area in various capacities for 40 years. The store’s p...

Keep the pressure on to protect North Fork

The North Fork of the Flathead River (a.k.a. the Transboundary Flathead) continues to play in the news of late. The news media report that Gov. Brian Schweitzer and U.S. Senators Max Baucus and Jon Tester are at odds over how to best protect our river, Glacier Park and Flathead Lake from upstream industrial ...

More than two decades later, another drug wreaks havoc on a town

On a late, warm and muggy night in the summer of 1989, a friend and I walked up and down Bryden Road in Columbus, Ohio, believing we could change the world. The friend, Cornell McCleary, was a street-savvy individual who grew up on the tough streets of Philadelphia. Cornell understood better than most how...

Food pantry thanks donors

Editor,  The Mission Valley Food Pantry staff sends thanks to two organizations that have consistently supported our effort to provide food for those in need in our area.  Helena Diocese of the Catholic Church, which includes the St. Ignatius congregation, has again generously provided funds ...

Americans must fight corrupt politics

Editor, This headline just grabbed my attention: “Halliburton continues to flood lawmakers with contributions after oil spill.” With all the arguing and finger-pointing about every problem facing our nation, how can we expect our federal law-making system to function fairly if these obscene...

Litterbug’s trash disposal ruffles reporter’s senses

Mouth ajar and in shock, I sat up appalled.  “Did you just throw your bottle cap into the lake?” I asked. It was a statement more than a question. He threw the piece of metal over his head and into the Flathead Lake in one defiant motion of irreverence.  I couldn’t believ...

Library provides vital resources for all

Editor, Welcome to your new job on the Valley Journal. If last week’s editorial is any indication, this paper is in good hands. Your tribute to libraries made me weep. That first library card as a kid was a really big deal.  In today’s world, an email address and computer access is ess...

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