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Focus on making our democracy better

Editor, Robert Starks’ letter in the June10 Valley Journal issue repeated the common right-wing shibboleth to the effect that our country is not a democracy but a republic. As the rest of their catch phrases, this is utterly without substance and easy to refute. First, ask yourself what the word republic means. You, of course, can’t come up with a clear notion of what it means for the simple reason that today it doesn’t have a clear meaning. To the founding fathers however it did have a very precise meaning. Words change. If you will read James Madison’s contribution on the subject found in No. 39 of the Federalist papers, Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man, an...

Remember high school years

Editor, Graduating from high school is a major accomplishment. A few days ago I attended a party celebrating Christa Red Crow’s graduation from Polson High School. Not only did I enjoy being with her family, I enjoyed hearing Christa’s expressions of excitement at having achieved her goal. Tha...

Starving artists get fill of support

Editor, We would like to thank everyone that supported The Second Annual Starving Artist’s Show and Ronan City Library Fundraiser at Willard’s Bar.  It was a fun event that was well attended. We raised money and awareness for our library. We would like to thank the paper for its covera...

Subsidies create smoke screen

Editor, Regarding Janna Taylor’s farm subsidies, didn’t some of we poor city dwellers learn that the farm subsidies given to the Twin Creek Ranch in Petroleum County – remember that amount now: $1 million – are part of a Federal program and we city dwellers just don’t underst...

Tar sands issue needs attention

Editor, Letters to the editor can help bring awareness to the tar sands issue. I was reminded recently while attending a discussion at CSKT that our letters can help bring powerful awareness to folks where there is a genuine concern that affects us here in Montana. Complaining and not doing anything do...

Taylor’s subsidies understood

Editor, Janna Taylor, recipient of more than a million dollars in federal subsidies for her corporate ranch business in Winnet, explained in a letter to the editor that “city dwellers” have a hard time understanding how these things work.  So let’s see: it’s okay for big go...

Thanks to Ronan firefighters

Editor,  I would like to thank Tom Bartel and everyone in the Ronan Fire Department for having their water truck on standby during my barn burning. Thank you everyone for helping.  Harlen Gerdes Ronan  

Notices to be served for weed violations

Editor, I’d like to address the Polson area property owners. Please take the time to mow the tall grass and weeds on your property so that they do not become a fire hazard. I am sure that if you do not take care of the tall weeds and grass, your neighbors will complain.  Starting July 1 I...

Americans need to work together

Editor, With the obviously serious nature of the catastrophic situation in the Gulf of Mexico and President Obama’s attempts to look very presidential and in-charge, one must not overlook a few other catastrophes or catastrophes-in-the-making in which our nation is intimately entwined. To name a few...

Soup’s On appreciates donations

Editor, Soup’s On at the Wander Inn would like to thank the community for contributing to our free food program during the Feinstein Challenge. From March 1–April 31, the Alan Shaw Feinstein Foundation matched your donations, and added one dollar per pound for any gift of food that we received...

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