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Elect Doyle sheriff

Editor, It has been said that austere conditions forge austere leaders. If the issues and activities at present have done nothing more, they have forged Jay Doyle into the Sheriff that the people of Lake County and the LCSO need to go forward. It has been proven, time and time again that Jay Doyle has the level headedness, and the clarity to ensure public safety, instill leadership, demand professionalism, while exercising his sworn duties to ensure the protection of this county. I have known Undersheriff Jay Doyle, in various capacities, and while we may not have always seen eye to eye, Jay has always exhibited a quiet resonance of control and compassion, along with respect toward ot...

Salomon is best candidate

Editor, Dan Salomon deserves your support and your vote for HD 12. Dan is a property owner and someone who has made his living in agriculture his entire life, and he knows the importance of safeguarding property rights for all.   I sit on the Lake County Planning Board, as does John Fleming, and I...

Freedom of speech, however abused, must be protected

Picketing at a funeral takes a special caliber of person. One of those oh-so-righteous types – so crazed by their own sense of morality and so sure they alone are carrying out the will of God that they spread hate and animosity instead of the more fruitful bearing seeds of Christianity – love and...

Projected budget shortfall is $368 million

It wasn’t all bad news in Helena last week. My committee, Legislative Finance, heard the yearly fire costs for this biennium. We spent just under $2 million dollars. That leaves $22.5 million remaining in the fire suppression account. We’ve been very lucky the last three years. The forests fro...

Be an informed voter

Editor, Do you really know this man? The Montana Conservation Voters say he supported them 91 percent of the time in 2009, buzz words used by this group are: environmental concerns, open spaces, conservation principals and so on.  How about NARAL Pro-choice Montana who say he supported them 100 pe...

Toole has earned a second term

Editor, There’s a stark choice between Ken Toole and Bill Gallagher in the race for Public Service Commission, which oversees utilities and shapes all-important energy policy in Montana. In the 1990s, Toole was Montana’s leading opponent of energy deregulation, which proved to be a disaster...

Citizens should attend council meetings

Editor, The Oct. 4 Polson City Council meeting was packed to the rafters. The community turned out in full force, which in turn had a huge impact on the council’s wise decision to pass the fiscally responsible city budget that allows for overtime and raises, as originally proposed. As a community...

Bullies form attitudes from adults

Editor, The Rutger University student Tyler Clementi’s suicide has sparked a whole nation’s attention on “bullying.” Well, I submit that trying to address “bullying” is not the primary problem we have in this nation concerning this tragic event.   Yes, “bu...

HD12 has two great candidates

Editor, I am writing out of concern regarding our local elections. I am finding it difficult to read the paper or open my mailbox when the information inside is often a disrespectful portrayal of our local candidates, and not necessarily accurate.   The race causing me most concern, and sadness fo...

Fleming is best choice for HD 12

Editor, I am a conservative who desires a more responsive, less intrusive government. One which uses our resources wisely. Long ago, I learned that neither political party embraces that agenda. There are individual candidates within both parties who do. That is why John Fleming gets my vote as House Distr...

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