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Thank you for pre-enrollment help

Editor, The Ronan Pablo School District #30 would like to thank the local businesses and media for helping us get the word out for the Kindergarten Round Up and Child Find screenings event. All were a big help in getting one of the largest pre-enrollments for kindergarten and preschool in many years. We would also like to thank Mission Valley Power, McDonald’s and Dairy Queen for their donations to our kindergarten goody bags. We had many volunteers who went above and beyond this year, including the staff of the K. Wm. Harvey and Pablo Elementary schools, the Ronan Middle School, and special mention to Naomi Dulmes and the Rocky Mountain Eye Center for their yearly support of this...

Fire board should seek legal opinion on assessing crash fees

Editor, A person reading the Montana statute (MCA 7-33-2105, Powers and Duties of Trustees) would conclude that the Polson Rural Fire District Board of Trustees does not have the authority to impose "crash fees" when the fire department responds to a traffic accident. When the board was asked if they had ev...

Report shows legislators’ hypocrisy

Editor, Here are some highlights from The Policy Institute report of March 11, entitled "Profiles in Hypocrisy." The title seems apropos when we consider the following information. As a result of the recent election cycle, the electorate made their mandate clear that they wanted their legislators to go ...

Governor’s veto branding disregards hard work

By now you’ve seen or heard of last week’s veto “branding” on Montana’s Capitol steps. I stood with several other Republican legislators in an upstairs window and watched the whole spectacle. None of us wanted to add to the crowd. We didn’t want to appear on television wit...

Double standard

Editor, If you or I lie to a federal official, it is a felony and we could go to prison. So, whatever happened to Rafid Ahmed Alwah al-Janabi, aka “Curveball” to the CIA? You remember him as the Iraqi informant who lied to our government officials at the highest level about Iraq, under Sadda...

Vote for wolf hunt, concealed carry bills

Editor, This is a letter to Montana Senators, Gov. Schweitzer and U.S. Senators Baucus and Tester. Please get the wolf population under control in Montana by voting for a bill that allows legal hunts in Montana. Federal and state legislation is needed. I do not believe that the entire populations of wolve...

Interested in forming recovery group

Editor, Greetings, fellow addicts and alcoholics in recovery. My name is Jon Denton. I am writing this letter to see what kind of response I will get in regards to starting a recovery/re-entry support group. A group for humans like myself who have made poor decisions in our past but have reconstructed our c...

Governor kills tort reform bill

I got a bitter taste of veto today when I learned the governor killed HB 531 – which I carried through passage in the Senate. It was one of several tort reform bills. It would have reduced repeat lawsuits in a civil case, such as a medical malpractice where a doctor, a surgeon and a hospital are multip...

Nk’wusm play was outstanding

Editor, The Nk’wusm Salish Language School administration, teachers, staff, and students are to be commended for their fine performance of “Rabbit and Fox.” The show was presented to the public at the Arlee-Charlo Theatre on the Salish Kootenai College campus. Narrated by an outstandi...

In honor of the brave

Editor, I wrote this poem to express appreciation for the performance and beautiful music by the hard-working cast and crew of Shenandoah. The play was a poignant reminder of the many brave and courageous men and women from all walks of life: those who stay at home as well as those who go; all of whom deser...

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