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Constitution and justice

Editor, Andrew Speer suggested in the Sept. 2 issue (letters) that we study the Constitution. Good idea, but such a study should be broader than just reading it. Rightwing extremists have somehow concluded that they have common cause with our founding fathers. The facts don’t bear them out. The context and origins of the Constitution should also be considered. One should especially add the Declaration of Independence and a great deal of history. Reading the Constitution and the declaration together is a bit jolting. They are very different works. One, the Declaration of Independence, is a product of the enlightenment, whereas the Constitution was a compromise between principals ...

Be sure to vote Nov. 2

Editor, This letter is for all of Lake County, The Confederated Salish and Kootenai tribal residents, businesses, fraternal and service organizations, governmental entities, volunteer groups, chamber of commerce members, ministerial associations, members of all faiths, or none, the homeless, high schools,...

Polson traffic study bypass is best option

Editor, I attended the Polson library meeting Sept. 9 where Jeff Key of CDM in Helena explained their study of our growing through traffic problems here in Polson. The study is split into two categories:  local commerce and our parking issues, and the sensitivities due toward the Tribal, and surround...

Thank you, six years worth

As the Valley Journal prepares to celebrate its sixth birthday, I am filled with immense gratitude. We have thrived because you, our readers, advertisers, news contacts, have welcomed us into your daily lives. Although we publish weekly, it takes all six days in between to gather your news and share your sto...

Hearing concerns public participation issues

Editor, A human rights hearing concerning a complaint against the city of Polson will take place in the Polson City Library meeting room Sept. 14 at 9 a.m. The hearing addresses the first amendment issue involving freedom of speech. A city resident, Murat Kalinyaprak, filed several complaints against the ...

Political parties serve agendas, not people

Editor, Parades, who doesn’t love them, the fire trucks, antique cars, horses and riders, marching bands and veterans, the children, oh the children and then into view come the signs, those political signs of the Democrats and the Republicans.  Suddenly my love of parades is dimmed, my thoug...

Our crossing is nearly complete

Editor, Members of the Polson High School graduating classes of 1949-1951 came together this past weekend in Polson to celebrate. I had been asked to do the invocation at the dinner on Saturday evening so I did a brief search of PHS yearbooks to assure myself that I knew the mottos of our graduating class...

A sense of urgency

Editor, Hello fellow citizens of Lake County. One of the more interesting points of human behavior is that we tend to take everyday things for granted. We have all caught ourselves driving to work or other destinations and suddenly a beautiful sunrise or other majestic sight will catch our attention. M...

Gallagher is best candidate

Editor, I am supporting former Polson businessman, Bill Gallagher, for public service commissioner.  Decisions made by the Public Service Commission influence energy policy in Montana, regionally, and nationally, and have a very real impact on Montana families, taxpayers, rate payers, and employer...

Prevent addiction by connecting

Editor, September is National Recovery month. What can we, as parents, do to help prevent our children from a future of addiction?  We can provide positive experiences for our children; ones that they can succeed at; ones that make them feel good about themselves. We can communicate with our...

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