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Election season kicks off

To those of us that are avid political system observers the upcoming election cycle is an exciting time to be involved in the process. The current climate is supercharged with change and possibility. The effect is similar to that of any organized sport in all of its passion and excitement.  It is so easy to get wrapped up in the moment as the players square off against each other with the public assuming the role of referee and scorekeepers. The signs, the ads, the speeches, the activity is frantic and the excitement level is high. It can become easy to dismiss all of this activity as disingenuous and nothing more than mere politics, not to be taken seriously.   As a citi...

Thank you for highway cleanup

Editor The Big Arm Association once again offers a big round of applause to the many local residents who volunteered this past Saturday morning to clean a six-mile stretch of Highway 93.  We filled dozens of garbage bags with all kinds of trash and junk. We did have fewer bags this year so we also...

Don’t confuse anger with fear

Editor, Fear is a very powerful emotion. Anger is one of the resulting behavioral patterns coming from the emotion of fear.  We are seeing this all over America today — the Tea Party movement being one example. People are simply fed up and angry with how things are going in their lives. They...

Big Arm Fire Station is a valuable asset

Editor, As the only two members of the Polson Rural Fire Board to be elected by the rural residents, we are concerned about recent statements that have been circulated regarding the upcoming Fire Board election. Among other things, it has been suggested to voters that if Steve Stanley and Beth Hoel are el...

Keep the dirty politics out of it

Editor, In the past few weeks I have noticed that the political rhetoric has turned to what we would call “dirty politics of name calling, etc.”  I find this quite out of context given the nature of our Lake County.  This might be condoned back east or in the Pacific time zone ...

Firefighters are firefighters

Editor, This letter is in response to recent statements to the press made by Alison Meslin that the Polson city firefighters may not be the best “ones to control the Rural District resources.” Although I am unclear what she thinks is being controlled, I feel it is important to clarify some mis...

Invest it now, or pay for it later

Good things don’t last forever, at least not without some serious investment. What works with careers and relationships also works with the things we own and prize. We can keep using that favorite hammer for as long as we want, as long as we keep it out of the weather and out of our neighbor’s...

You can't take vote back

Editor, I would like to comment on the candidates for Lake County Sheriff. When we soon sit at home alone filling out an absentee ballot or stand alone in that voting booth we must not forget that once that vote is cast, it cannot be taken back no matter how much we would wish it to be.  Eighteen ...

We must deal with fear

Editor,  Having just returned from a month-in-the-sun trip, picking up the April 8 Valley Journal and eager to catch up on local news, I was struck by one article in particular: "Panel delves into women's issues." As Melea Burke reported, "Addiction, Social Security, and mental health were just so...

Brushfires of Freedom forms in valley

Editor, America is awakening to the fact that the “fundamental changes” being implemented by progressives in our government are destructive to our economy, security, liberties, present and future prosperity. Our country has never been more divided and the changes are coming at us fast and furi...

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