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Thanks for printing anti-drug message

Editor, I would like to thank all of those involved in the creation of my Montana Paint the State billboard. The hospital paid more than $500 to have my sign printed on its billboard.  Providence St. Joseph Medical Center staff built the sign, and it was placed on Providence St. Joseph Medical Center land. The only thing I did was paint the sign on my computer.  I would like to show my appreciation with this letter. Thank you, everyone involved, for giving me the opportunity to display my artwork, win some money and spread a good anti-meth message. Kyle Joseph Butterhof Polson

Community there when needed the most

Editor, About four weeks ago, the Lord gave me an unplanned two weeks vacation. The first week I stayed where the accommodations were great and the room service was unbelievable. The second week I spent at home, where I consider myself on vacation whenever I’m there. Some special things happened ...

Oversight needed for illegally dumped toxins

Editor, There is no reason to be in this state of worry regarding sewer waste. There is a safer solution. Water treatment plants such as PPL Montana in Colstrip, and Havre Water Plant in Havre, have already transitioned to safer alternatives.  With safer alternatives available, there is absolutely...

Freedom requires an active citizenry

Editor, As a founder of a local freedom group, I would like to speak to the lack of support in our community concerning efforts to educate citizens about what’s going on in our country. As the fire heats up in Washington, D.C., attendance at local meetings is pathetic. Why? Neighbors, can you see...

Highway through Arlee hinders pedestrians

Editor, My children and I have been enjoying our summer here in Arlee, walking and biking around the town where we live almost every day. Yet our daily outings have been marred greatly by one large obstacle: The highway through town.  Since this highway was built, ostensibly for the safety and com...

The suffering brought by Hurricane Katrina

Brace yourselves, Montanans. Between today and Sunday, you are going to be inundated with images of an American calamity. Maybe you already have been. You will be bombarded with pictures and words describing the destruction caused by the forces of nature and the follies of mankind. You will be reminded repea...

‘Timberjack’ highlights area’s logging history

POLSON - There’s a fairly good chance that when everyone — and this pretty much describes everyone who was there that night — in the Showboat Theater was seen leaving the intimate establishment smiling, they had a thoroughly grand time watching the featured film. The film, Timberjack, ma...

Candidate has what it takes

Editor, The 2008 election was in many respects a call for change from existing policies. The election of 2010 can and in my view should be another change from what resulted from that earlier election. This November the voters of Lake County will have an opportunity to elect a new representative on the ...

Objections to mosque require us to look at our own faiths

Editor, Having just returned from a three-week trip to the Midwest and being mostly out of touch with the news, upon my return on Aug. 14, I was appalled to hear the great controversy, right up to the Oval Office, regarding Muslims wanting to build a mosque near ground zero in New York City.  And ...

Bank’s assistance to youth home appreciated

Editor, Glacier Bank and Todd Bassett have once again shown their community spirit and generosity. I thank Todd and the good folks at Glacier Bank for the generous donation to the Lake County Youth Home of a half 4-H beef and half 4-H hog for the freezer.  I understand that the Food Pantry was als...

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