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Polson food pantry needs your help

Editor, Most everybody in the Polson area is aware of the remodeling/renovation initiative underway at 901 1st Street East (across from Woody's/WBC), which will shortly be our food pantry's new operating location. The new facility will provide greater capacity, service, and privacy for our community's growing client need. This remodeling initiative has received appreciable community support thus far and now we have a great opportunity to potentially capture some out of the area grant dollars from the Allan Shawn Feinstein Foundation Challenge. Non-government agency donations (food, cash/checks, or pledges) made before May 1, specifically designated for the challenge will help our p...

Political advertising must past muster

With the election season comes a lot of questions about candidates, where they stand and what they claim. That's politics and newspapers are particularly effective in passing on important messages to the public about the candidates who run for office. We realize the Valley Journal is an important and popu...

Women’s Club extends thanks

Editor, The Round Butte Woman’s Club would like to extend their many thanks to those who attended and supported our spring brunch held Sunday, March 21. Because of their participation, the brunch was a success. I personally would like to thank the ladies who prepared and served the meal. It is a ...

Consider these health care facts

Editor, Healthcare facts - the new law states the following: 1- Requires health insurance. 2 - Insurance tax credits for incomes one-four times poverty rate. 3 - Prohibits cancellation or exclusion. 4 - Existing plans are grandfathered in unchanged. 5 - Limits premium rates. 6 - Prohibits federal funds fo...

Health care legislation could harm life

Editor, To Senator Max Baucus, the great humanitarian, you have just helped pass legislation, which indirectly will pay for the destruction of the very lives you claim to want to benefit. “All men are created equal, endowed with certain inalienable rights; among those rights are life.” When...

It's the whip, not the rod

Editor, Bob Hanson's letter in the March 18 Journal is right on. We both have the same problem with our Congressmen: lack of response. It is frustrating to see our Senators vote for something that most of us are against. Why do they do it? Blame it on the Whips. We've all heard references to the Majori...

Channel anger in a positive way

Editor, I have just heard reports that Members of Congress who voted for the just-signed-into-law health care reform bill are being targeted in violent ways. Such behavior is terribly wrong. House Minority Leader, John Boehner, has urged people to take their anger at the new law and “channel it into...

Ronan's firefighters enjoyed sharing breakfast with you

There's nothing like breakfast together for a family and last weekend's were pretty special. Members of the Ronan community came together, along with some friends from Polson and Charlo, to share a pancake or biscuits and gravy with the members of the Ronan Volunteer Fire Department.  The Ronan Firem...

Webb leaves Polson with many heartfelt memories

There is so much to visit with you about. As most all of Polson knows our Honorary Downtown Police Beat Officer Barry Webb has left us. We know he is looking down and no doubt frowning at times about the way we are handling things. In my eight years, Barry worked his way into my heart and my wonderful mem...

Charlo Ghost Out was a great success

Editor, I would like to take this time to thank everyone who participated and helped in the Charlo Ghost Out. It was a great success and I’m glad that I was able to have this program brought to the Charlo High School to teach the students about drinking and driving. I would like to send a special...

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